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International Health

MSPH in International Health, Human Nutrition 

Human Nutrition Program

The MSPH program in Human Nutrition is designed to train professionals to focus on understanding and solving public health problems in food and nutrition across a diverse societal landscape. The MSPH program prepares students to assume professional, technical and management positions within public health nutrition programs or government, international or non-government agencies, universities, hospitals and private industry. The MSPH program also prepares students with a foundation of knowledge and skills for carrying out subsequent doctoral study and research in the field of human nutrition, or training in medicine. 

The MSPH in Human Nutrition, based in the Department of International Health, is focused on both domestic and international issues with a focus on disadvantaged populations. Through the practicum requirement students will have the opportunity to gain experience working with global or domestic public health organizations. 

In collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, the Program for Human Nutrition also offers an MSPH/RD program. This accredited combined program allows one to pursue an MSPH degree with a US-based dietetic practicum in public health nutrition, which prepares the student to obtain the RD credential.