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International Health

Concurrent MSPH Option for JHSPH Doctoral students

The object of this program is to provide doctoral students in other departments with the opportunity to pursue an MSPH degree in International Health concurrently with their doctoral program. The administrative requirements and certifications by the faculty as set forth in the existing Policy and Procedure Memoranda for the respective doctoral degrees apply to the doctoral degree requirements of the concurrent School-wide Doctoral/Master of Science in Public Health program in International Health.

Students must have been accepted into one of the doctoral programs at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. With the primary department's approval, the student may apply to the Master of Science in Public Health degree in International Health with a concentration in one of the following program areas: Global Disease Epidemiology and Control, Health Systems, Human Nutrition, and Social and Behavioral Interventions. Specific details about sequencing of courses, etc., will be arranged in conjunction with the doctoral program involved.


Duration: Students choosing to take the concurrent MSPH degree must be enrolled in the MSPH program for at least four academic terms (64 credits)

Course requirements: Each program areas has the course requirements listed in the MSPH Academic Guide, which must be fulfilled by the time students defend their Doctoral thesis.

Seminars: Students must attend four terms of each program area’s seminars

Practicum: The student’s doctoral dissertation research counts as their practicum requirement. No additional practicum is needed.

Master’s essay: The Master’s essay requirement is fulfilled by the doctoral thesis

Student Status: Doctoral students at JHSPH who choose to do the concurrent MSPH degree in International Health must be full time students during their MSPH degree. Part-time doctoral students are not eligible for this program.

Upon satisfactory completion of these requirements, the student is then eligible for award of the Master of Science in Public Health in International Health degree.


Interested students should request an application from Cristina Salazar, Academic Program Manager for the Department of International Health. The application must be filled out by the student, and must be approved by their advisor and department chair. The Advisor must also provide a letter indicating the student’s qualifications to the program, its applicability to the student’s career goals, and approval for student’s participation in the MSPH degree.

For further information about the concurrent school-wide Master of Science in Public Health Degree in International Health, or to request an application, please contact Cristina Salazar.