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International Health

Master's in Health Economics (MHS)

The Master of Health Science (MHS) in Health Economics will provide students with a solid understanding on how incentives affect the behavior of individuals; patients, insurers, and providers. Students will be equipped to take a systemic approach to promote an efficient and equitable allocation of resources. Students will use applied health cases from low- and middle-income countries to experience the value of economic tools in solving pressing health problems around the globe.

The master's in health economics is offered jointly by the Department of International Health and the Department of Health Policy and Management. If you're interested in a degree program with a global health perspective, you should apply to the Department of International Health.  

Students enrolled in this program from both departments will take a common core of courses, and will also have an opportunity to specialize, based on their interests and experience, through elective options.

The major components of the master's in health economics include:

The Master's Academic Guide contains degree- and program-specific information, competencies, learning objectives, and course requirements.

Antonio Trujillo, PhD, International Health

For Application or Administrative Questions contact:
Cristina Salazar, International Health