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International Health

The Ideal Applicant

Students enter this program from a variety of backgrounds. While work experience is encouraged, it is not required. As the MHS in Global Health Economics balances theory with application, the program seeks applicants who will quickly develop skills in health economics, economics evaluation and econometrics and a passion for public health or medicine.

This program is ideal for those who are interested in examining key global issues—such as migration, displaced persons, climate change, vaccine access, injuries, obesity and pandemic—through an economic lens. 

The MHS attracts applicants from around the globe and from a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds. While some may enter the program with only a solid undergraduate degree, others will enter the program with a great deal of experience. With this variety in mind, the aim of the MHS in Global Health Economics program is to ensure that all students develop a core skill set that can be applied to their own particular interests or strengths in public health.

We seek candidates from well-recognized US universities and international universities. Candidates must have an interest in global health problems and in understanding and comparing problems in low- and middle-income countries with situations in developed countries. Ideal candidates for the MHS in Global Health Economics program will have:

  • GRE or MCAT scores at least in the upper quartile
  • a solid undergraduate or postgraduate academic record
  • an aptitude in mathematics and/or statistics
  • an awareness of and/or strong interest in economics, health economics, or evaluation
  • a demonstrated interest or commitment to public health

International students are encouraged to apply. Please see the requirements for submitting an international application to the Bloomberg School.