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International Health

Rolf Klemm, DrPH

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Associate Scientist
Program in Human Nutrition
Department of International Health

Research Interests

Current Research

Evaluating Complementary Food Supplements (CFS) to Improve Child Growth and Reduce Stunting in Rural Bangladesh (“JiVitA-4”). The study is a cluster-randomized feeding trial that is testing three complementary food supplement (CFS) products for their ability to improve growth and reduce stunting, reduce wasting, and improve micronutrient status and cognition in a setting of chronic undernutrition in northwestern, rural Bangladesh.
JiVitA Journal Research Brief

Policy and Science for Health, Agriculture and Nutrition (“PoSHAN)--Understanding Causal Pathways Linking Agriculture to Nutrition thru Annual Panel & Seasonal Sentinel Site Surveys in Nepal. This study is exploring the complex pathways linking agriculture to nutritional improvements in women and children through a national surveillance and sentinel site system in Nepal.
PoSHAN Research Brief

Efficacy of β-carotene Biofortified Maize in Improving Vitamin A Status and Reducing the Prevalence of Vitamin A Deficiency among Children in Rural Zambia. This is a cluster-randomized trial that is testing the efficacy of beta-carotene biofortified maize flour consumption on vitamin A status and vitamin A deficiency levels in ~1,000 children 4-8 years of age in Mkushi, Zambia.

Malawi and Mozambique
Impact Evaluation of WFP-Implemented Nutrition Programs in Malawi and Mozambique.   These two studies, one in Malawi and one in Mozambique, are impact evaluations to assess the effectiveness of a large-scale stunting prevention program, involving the distribution of Nutributter to 6-23 month old children and a behavior change communications strategy.

Democratic Republic of Congo
Formative Research to Examine Perceptions and Behaviors about Maternal, Infant and Young Child Feeding, South Kivu, DRC.  This is  a qualitative study which explores maternal and infant and young child feeding beliefs, perceptions and practices. 
Formative Research Overview

Current Teaching

Food and Nutrition Policies

Also lectures in International Nutrition, Maternal and Child Health Policies and Programs, Health Policy II, Food, Nutrition and Livelihoods in Complex Emergencies , Critical Thinking in Human Nutrition, Nutrition Seminar.