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International Health

Jessica Jones-Smith, PhD MPH RD

Watch Dr. Jones-Smith discuss her current research


Assistant Professor
Program in Human Nutrition
Department of International Health

Research Interests

Current Research

Increased economic resources and weight-related health: A quasi-experimental study
Native American-owned casinos were legalized with the explicit purpose of promoting economic development and tribal self-sufficiency for Native peoples in the U.S. This study uses a quasi-experimental approach to evaluate whether the increased economic resources stemming from casinos has had a beneficial impact on the weight-related health of Native American mothers and children. This study focuses on Native American tribes in the state of California.

Socioeconomic status and risk for obesity
In a series of secondary data analyses, this research examines 1) early life socioeconomic disparities in risk for obesity; 2) the extent to which socioeconomic status is a risk factor of obesity within race/ethnic groups; 3) negative income shocks and their relationship with risk for obesity.

Supermarkets and dietary intake
In a natural experiment design, this study will examine whether a new supermarket in a low-income neighborhood improves the dietary intake of neighborhood residents.