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International Health

The Summer Institute in Tropical Medicine and Public Health


  • Registration starts March 2019

Tuition and Credits

Fully Online in Summer 2020

The Summer Institute in Tropical Medicine and Public Health provides multidisciplinary training in current and emerging health problems in low-resource settings. Integrating perspectives from epidemiology, biology, ecology, clinical medicine, and disease control, our curriculum offers:

For each pathogen discussed in the courses, students will develop an understanding of its mechanism of disease, its epidemiology, how it presents clinically, and how it is treated.

The Summer Institute is ideal for students and trainees who are interested in pursuing a career in infectious diseases research, practice, or medicine in a global context.

Instructors and co-instructors

The lead instructors are faculty from the Bloomberg School of Public Health with an unusual depth of experience in epidemiology and disease control. Co-instructors include infectious disease and pediatric clinicians who offer clinical pathologic case (CPC) presentations to help students understand course material in a pragmatic and useful format. Additional co-instructors include specialists with experience working for international agencies like the CDC, WHO, and UNICEF.  

Course schedule

In Summer 2020, all courses will be conducted online. Students may enroll in one or more of the week-long courses or may enroll in the complete 4-week institute. Courses are available for credit and non-credit.

Academic Year 2020 - 2021 Courses

  • 223.660.11 Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 4 credits, Mon 07/20/2020 - Fri 07/31/2020, 8:30am - 12:20pm
  • 223.685.11 Tuberculosis, HIV and Other Chronic Infections in the Tropics 4 credits, Mon 08/03/2020 - Fri 08/14/2020, 8:30am - 12:20pm