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Health Systems Summer Institute

Health Systems Summer Institute


Registration starts February 2019

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George Pariyo, PhD
Director, Health Systems Summer Institute

Melissa Reed
Communications and Program Coordinator

June 10 – 22, 2019

The Health Systems Summer Institute provides early- and mid-career public health professionals with cutting-edge skills in a variety of global health topics. The Institute is also a great opportunity for part-time MPH and other Hopkins students and fellows to learn a valuable set of skills in an in-demand and rapidly growing field of public health.

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Global Skills

This Institute is ideal for those interested in global health. Participants will develop the skills necessary to assess and improve a wide range of public health systems. Course work focuses on low- and middle-income countries, but the skills are universal.

Top Faculty

Courses are taught by leading faculty from the Bloomberg School who have extensive experience working with ministries of health, international agencies such as the World Health Organization, and local governments in countries across the world.

Courses are available in lengths ranging from one-day to two-weeks. For more information, please contact Melissa Reed, Institute Communications and Program Coordinator.