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International Health

Tuition & Technical Expectations

Students must have reliable Internet access. The school will not print or ship any materials.

The courses offered are multimedia courses. Paying by the megabyte will be very expensive and is not recommended.

Specific technical requirements are found here:


Academic credit: $1,020 per credit
Non-credit: $510 per credit

Students who are not enrolled in a degree program at JHSPH can choose to take the courses for academic credit or for non-credit.

Academic credit: courses can be valid for a future degree at JHSPH or at another university provided it accepts transfer credits. (Earned credits are valid at JHSPH for 3 years.) Courses can be taken for a letter grade or pass/fail.

Each course is worth 3 or 4 credits.


Currently, we are not accepting applications to the program from online students who reside in Arkansas or Kansas. Residents in these states may apply to certificate programs offered at any JHU campus location.

State-specific information for online students.