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Health Policy and Management

PhD Concentration in Health Economics & Policy

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Program Curriculum for 2020

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The concentration in Health Economics and Policy prepares doctoral students for conducting innovative and rigorous research on the economics of health and healthcare.

Health economics is a field of study that applies the theoretical concepts and empirical methods of economic analysis to various issues throughout the health sector, ranging from understanding underlying patient, provider and insurer behaviors to evaluating various healthcare interventions.

The curriculum stresses a solid grounding in applied modern microeconomic theory, economic evaluation, quantitative methods and econometrics applications, including PhD-level courses from the Department of Economics in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. The curriculum offers a broad exposure to the health economics literature and public health disciplines, and stresses the policy implications of these fields of research. Student research generally focuses on econometric analyses of hypotheses generated by economic theory or quantitative evaluation of the effectiveness of various interventions.

Program Director
Matthew Eisenberg, PhD