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Health Policy and Management

Financial Aid & Tuition

Departmental Scholarships

Qualifying students may be offered a wide array of loans including Federal Perkins loans and Federal Direct Student loans (unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS). The school also participates in the Federal Work-Study Program. The Financial Aid Office does not offer need-based grant assistance.

Scholarships are awarded to graduate students who demonstrate intellectual promise in the field of policy studies through past academic performance, GRE test scores and previous relevant work experience. Applicants are automatically considered for these awards when the program receives a complete application. There are no additional forms to complete.

The scholarship awards range in size and typically will not cover the entire costs of attending the program. If accepted and offered a scholarship, the details of the award will be included in the offer letter.

Field Placements

Field Placements are a valuable opportunity for public policy students to gain exposure to actual research and projects conducted at the Institute. Due to the fall semester class schedule for first-year students, we strongly encourage first-year students to hold off on accepting any type of field placement until the spring semester.

Faculty hire students to work with them on specific research projects. Assignments are made after the student has accepted the offer to study at Johns Hopkins and has had interviews with faculty members. These positions are limited and very competitive, so there is no guarantee that every student in the program will have a chance to work in a field placement.

Students interested in being considered for a field placements should follow the link below to the federal work-study program through the Office of Student Financial Services. Second-year students have opportunities to work in field placements in several core courses. The primary role of the teaching assistant is to evaluate student assignments and to be available for individual and group tutoring during the semester.

MPP Tuition Scholarship

At the time of admission, the MPP review committee awards a limited number of merit-based scholarships to eligible students choosing to enroll in our program. These scholarships are provided to cover some of the expenses in the first year of study. Scholarships will be honored in the second year of the program provided students maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in this handbook during the first year. Students who fail to do so risk losing their funding in the second year.

Helpful Links

To apply for financial aid, please visit the Office of Student Financial Services.

Tuition for the Bloomberg School of Public Health can be found here.

Baltimore Cost of Living information can be found here.