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Health Policy and Management



No. The MPP program is a residential program with two years of full time academic coursework to be completed on campus. The program includes a summer internship between the first and second year of coursework. The program is not offered part-time.


No. Required coursework is taken on campus. There are some elective courses that students can take on-line which could count toward the degree.

can i work during my time as a student?

Students are generally discouraged from working their first semester in the MPP program because of the rigorous coursework.  However, after the first semester, many students find part-time work experiences.

does the internship have to be completed during the summer?

While most students do complete the internship in the summer, it is possible to complete this requirement during the winter break or while classes are in session.  Students are discouraged from waiting until their second year in the program to complete the internship requirement.

do mpp students commute from washington dc?

While we encourage first year students to live close to campus, some students do commute during their first year.  It is more common for second year students to relocate to Washington DC in order to pursue internship opportunities.  Most students choose to live in Baltimore. Baltimore's diverse neighborhoods provide many housing options.


The MPP provides students with core analytic and critical thinking skills related to identifying, understanding and evaluating policy problems. Students in the MPP program learn quantitative and qualitative analysis tools to tackle policy issues from a variety of areas including health, urban, social, education, environmental, nonprofit and international.

The MIPP at SAIS is intended for mid-career professionals. The program offers students an opportunity to study international relations and international economics.

what does the average mpp class resemble?

Although our class profile varies from year to year, the following provides our most recent average class statistics: Median age: 24; Average undergraduate GPA: 3.5; Female/male distribution: 65% Female, 35% Male; Average prior work experience: 1-3 years; International students comprise approximately 45% of the entering class