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Health Policy and Management

Master of Public Policy

Starting with the 2018/2019 academic year, the MPP Program will no longer be accepting admissions applications. The Department remains committed to providing policy-focused education and training. The Department continues to offer an MSPH in Health Policy which will be accepting applications for the 2019/2020 academic year starting August 2018.

The MPP program emphasizes analytic thinking throughout the curriculum, from applied statistics and microeconomics to policy choices, formulation, implementation and evaluation. The program also links questions of ethics and values to policymaking.

Courses are designed to prepare students for involvement in the critical decision-making required in the development of public policy in the governmental, nonprofit and for-profit sectors.

In addition to rigorous academic training, MPP students also develop real-world skills through courses, seminars and formal presentations to policy practitioners. You can review the internship requirements, along with the program competencies and course requirements, below.


Beth Resnick, DrPH, MPH

Assistant Director and Program Information
David Earle

State-specific Information for Externship Programs

Students currently cannot conduct internship activities in Kentucky. For more information, please contact the program office. Students should be aware of additional state-specific information for online programs.