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Health Policy and Management

MHS-HEOR Program Curriculum
Academic Year 2019-2020

Student must complete at least 70 credits in the MHS-HEOR degree.  Any substitutions for the required courses listed below must be approved by the Program Director.

NumberCourse TitleCredits
140.621 Statistical Methods in Public Health I 4
300.651 Introduction to the US Healthcare System 4
313.601 Economic Evaluation I3
318.603 Applied Microeconomics for Policy 3
340.721 Epidemiologic Inference in Public Health 5
552.601 Foundational Principles of Public Health ½
552.603 The Role of Qualitative Methods & Science in Describing & Assessing Health ½
140.622 Statistical Methods in Public Health II 4
309.712 Assessing Health Status & Patient Outcomes 3
313.602 Economic Evaluation II 3
313.643 Health Economics 3
552.608 Social Determinants of Health ½
552.61 Biologic, Genetic & Infectious Bases of Human Disease½
XXX.XXX Elective(s) 3 or more
140.623Statistical Methods in Public Health III4
309.616Introduction to Research Methods for Health Services Research I 2
313.603Economic Evaluation III3
313.644Intermediate Health Economics3
313.861Public Health Economics Seminar1
313.865MHS Capstone1
552.607Essentials of Environmental Health½
552.609Psychological & Behavioral Factors that Affect a Population’s Health½
XXX.XXXElective(s)3 or more
140.624Statistical Methods in Public Health IV4
313.604Economic Evaluation IV 3
309.617Introduction to Research Methods for Health Services Research II2
313.861Public Health Economics Seminar 1
313.865MHS Capstone 1
552.611Globalization & Public Health: A Framework for Analysis ½
552.612Essentials of One Health ½
XXX.XXXElective(s)3 or more