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Health Policy and Management

Master of Health Science in Health Finance and Management

JHSPH Students

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The MHS/HFM Program is designed to give US and international students a foundation in health finance and management through interdisciplinary study. Students will focus their studies on scholarly research topics such as population health, patient-centered care, health economics, policy, data analytics and health system improvement. Students gain the skills necessary to achieve value-based health care in pursuit of continuous quality improvement.

The program is intended for students who already have clinical experience such as international medical education, hold positions within health systems or want to pursue further graduate study.  The MHS/HFM program prepares current and future health care workers to systematically address the critical and complex needs of the health care system and is specifically designed to meet the needs of students from various backgrounds and experience levels including entry-level, gap-year medical students, as well as those with ongoing careers in the health-related professions.

Students in this program will start by completing an independent development plan that will identify their career goals as well as highlight their strengths and areas for further growth. Using this as a guide, the student will complete a rigorous graduate-level curriculum that complements their goals and needs over a one-year didactic period (the degree can also be taken on a part-time basis with permission). Offered through the number 1 ranked School of Public Health in the world, students have the unique opportunity to include courses in both the biomedical and public health sciences to prepare the student for a future that relies on the ability to apply basic science knowledge to the human population. Additionally, students will gain skills in critical thinking via attendance at seminars and reading and critiquing the scientific and professional literature. Through this preparation, students enhance their competitiveness for entry into professional programs. The program also provides an excellent preparation for combining scientific knowledge with non-scientific degrees such as a J.D. or M.B.A.