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Health Policy and Management

MHA Alumni Testimonials

Asmita Salil

Senior Consultant, Deloitte
Class of 2013

Asmita SalilI enjoyed visiting various Baltimore-area hospitals during our Hospital Operations course. Over the year, we gained first-hand insight into the operations of the pharmacy, tow-line, surgical supplies, imaging, and clinical engineering divisions within hospitals such as Johns Hopkins, Bayview, Sinai, GBMC, and the University of Maryland Medical Center. We also met with leaders and executives such as Ron Peterson (President of Johns Hopkins Medicine) and John Chessare (CEO of GBMC) through our seminar field trips. These visits helped apply our classroom knowledge in a practical healthcare setting.

The Hopkins MHA offers both classroom and work experience as part of the degree, within a world-class institution, in a fast-paced two year program. My advice would be to enjoy the opportunities that are present within the MHA program and the Hopkins medical campus--it is a unique experience that really is rewarding and fun at the same time.

Brett Lee

Market Chief Executive Officer, Tenet Healthcare
Class of 2002

Brett LeeThe major differentiating factor in a program like the Johns Hopkins MHA as opposed to a traditional MBA education comes from the fact that the program is sponsored through the school of Public Health, which blends traditional business courses with didactic work that broadens the student’s perspective in areas such as epidemiology and biostatistics.  I think that this eclectic educational experience provided an excellent problem-solving framework for me to approach my work as a leader in the healthcare industry.

The tremendous work that is being done at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Hopkins is truly inspiring, just being in this type of environment and learning alongside individuals who are working to address some of the most pressing global health crises motivates you to want to make a difference in the role that you play in the healthcare industry.

My experience at Hopkins was truly life-changing, and has afforded me the opportunity to do what I believe is some truly meaningful work in my life.  I would encourage any prospective students who aspire to a leadership role in the healthcare industry to seriously consider the Johns Hopkins MHA program.

Jeffrey M. G. Collins

Administrative Director & Director of External Alliances at MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2), MedStar Health
Class of 2008

Jeffrey CollinsI would not be where I am today without JHSPH; the faculty, coursework, other students – and especially the administrative residency experience truly focused my passion for healthcare into a usable skillset that jumpstarted my career.

I rely significantly on the foundational principles from my time in the program – my time management skills were advanced, my ability to tackle problems through a team-based approach was enhanced, and my ability to distill complex issues into applicable material was honed.  Further, my residency preceptor served as an incredible mentor at a crucial point in my career; as a seasoned executive he literally took me under his wing and pulled me from being a good student to a great employee.

Eliza Medearis

Director, Alvarez & Marsal Healthcare Industry Group, LLC
Class of 2012

Eliza MedearisFrom the faculty in the program to the students, I was surrounded by a passion and commitment to improve the quality of public health. The faculty is passionate about making a difference in the quality of the public’s health and that resonated in the classroom no matter how diverse the audience.  I learned from people who know how to create change for the better in health care and are excited to do so.   Their mission is health care.  Everyone in the program shares the same mission…to create change for the better in U.S. health care.

I considered an MBA program, but I wouldn’t have been exposed to the broad spectrum of health care services, leadership and systems knowledge the MHA program (curriculum) offers. The expanded foundation serves anyone wanting to establish themselves in the health care arena.

Matthew Drohan

Senior Manager, Business Development at Emory
Class of 2013

Matthew DroganFor me, the second year administrative residency set the Hopkins (MHA) program apart from other programs.  Students are able to gain real world experience in prestigious healthcare organizations across the country while still working towards their degree.  During the residency year, students have unmatched access to senior level administrators and leaders of healthcare organizations.  While students are expected to learn and observe, a successful administrative resident will be making quality contributions, as well as bringing their passion and energy for healthcare administration to the organization.

The biggest highlight of my first year in the MHA program is winning the annual case competition.  The case competition gives students the opportunity to integrate all that they have learned over the first year and past experiences to tackle a complex, current healthcare issue.  Teams present to a panel of judges that included hospital CEOs and COOs and are evaluated on their presentation skills, supporting documents, as well as the creativity and feasibility of the proposed recommendation.  The case competition truly is an integrative experience that allows students to develop and demonstrate their practical competencies in research, problem solving, communication, and teamwork.