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Health Policy and Management

MHA Program Curriculum AY 19/20

The MHA program requires a minimum of 70 credits of didactic coursework.
All required courses must be taken for a letter grade except for courses only offered as pass/fail.

First Term (September 3rd - October 25)
Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
140.611.01Statistical Reasoning in Public Health I3
300.651.01Introduction to the U.S. Health System4
312.602.01Applied Methods for Optimizing Performance in Healthcare Organizations2
312.617.81Fundamentals of Financial Accounting3
312.867.01MHA Seminar in Health Finance and Management1
340.721.60Epidemiologic Inference in Public Health I5
Note: Students who have not met the microeconomics prerequisite, must add one of the following: (21 credits)
318.603.01Applied Microeconomics for Policy Making3
221.619.01Introduction to Microeconomics3
Second Term (October 28 - December 20)
315.703.81Leading Change Through Health Informatics3
312.601.01Fundamentals of Management for Health Care Organizations3
312.603.81Fundamentals of Budgeting and Financial Management3
312.604.01Quantitative Tools for Managers3
312.700.01Leading Organizations3
312.867.01MHA Seminar in Health Finance and Management1
313.610.01Health Economics for Managers3
Third Term (January 21 - March 13)
309.620.01Managed Care and Health Insurance3
312.623.01Financial Management in Healthcare I3
312.660.01Marketing in Health Care Organizations3
312.678.01Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety-Management Perspective2
312.675.60Medical Practice Management3
312.869.01Healthcare Consulting Practicum2
312.867.01MHA Seminar in Health Finance and Management1
Fourth Term (March 23 - May 15)
306.663.01Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Services Management3
312.621.01Strategic Planning3
312.624.01Financial Management in Healthcare II3
312.650.01Non-Traditional & Innovative Health Services Partnerships1
312.861.01MHA Case Competition2
312.867.01MHA Seminar in Health Finance and Management1
312.635.01Human Resources in Health Organizations2
312.670.01Negotiation in Health Care Settings3

2nd Year Curriculum

Term 1-3Credits
312.810.01MHA Administrative Residency16
Term 4 
312.810.01MHA Administrative Residency15
312.862.01MHA Capstone and Presentation1