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Health Policy and Management

Health Policy and Management Concentration of the Schoolwide DrPH Program

Students in the Health Policy and Management concentration may choose one of three tracks:

In addition to the Schoolwide curriculum requirements, Health Policy and Management concentration students must complete at least 26 credits of courses within one track. Students also complete at least two credits of course 311.861 Graduate Seminar in Health Care Management and Leadership to fulfill the 28 concentration credits. Below are details for each of the Health Policy and Management tracks:

The Healthcare Management and Leadership track focuses on measuring, monitoring and improving the clinical and financial performance of health services organizations, as well as training leaders for organizational change. The curriculum is based on the Malcolm Baldridge Health Care Criteria for Performance Excellence framework and targets those who have master's level training related to healthcare management. The track is relevant to those working domestically and internationally, and is well suited to those working in middle to senior-level positions in hospitals, other health services delivery organizations, consulting firms, university settings, as well as in U.S. government and international organizations.


The Public Health Informatics track focuses on training in methods and concepts of health informatics for application to public health and population health management. The curriculum is designed for public health professionals or population health managers who wish to develop an area of expertise in this emerging field. The curriculum includes a variety of specialized courses in Core Informatics, Database Methods, Biosurveillance, IT Project Management, Human Factors, Privacy and Security, and other areas.


The Quality and Patient Safety track focuses on issues related to quality of healthcare, patient safety, patient centered out-comes and performance measurement and improvement. Designed for public health, clinical and management professionals the outcomes research based curriculum focuses on measurement, evaluation and comparative effectiveness research using rigorous methodology to compare available options for treatment or prevention. The curriculum includes courses in quality, patient safety, patient centered outcomes, performance measurement, human factors and the evaluation of programs and interventions for improving the safety and quality of health care services.