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Health Policy and Management

Health Policy and Management Concentration of the Schoolwide DrPH Program

Students in the Health Policy and Management concentration may choose one of four tracks:

In addition to the Schoolwide curriculum requirements, Health Policy and Management concentration students must complete at least 26 credits of courses within one track, as per the requirements listed below. Students may in some cases substitute alternate courses for track electives, with approval from their academic advisor and track director.

The focus of the Healthcare Management and Leadership track is on measuring, monitoring and improving the clinical and financial performance of health services organizations, as well as training leaders for organizational change. The track curriculum is based on the Malcolm Balridge Healthcare Criteria for Performance Excellence framework and targets those who have master's level training related to healthcare management and/or public health.


The Public Health Informatics track offers training in methods and concepts of informatics for application to public health and population health management. The track curriculum is designed for public health professionals or population health managers who wish to develop an area of expertise or specialization in the emerging field of public health informatics.


The Quality and Patient Safety track addresses issues related to quality of healthcare, patient safety, patient-centered outcomes, and performance measurement and improvement. The curriculum is designed for public health, clinical and management professionals who wish to develop the expertise to identify challenges in these areas, implement evidence-based interventions and improve care delivery. The curriculum includes a variety of specialized courses in quality, patient safety, patient-centered outcomes, performance measurement, human factors and the evaluation of programs and interventions for improving the safety and quality of health care services. The track targets those who have master's level training related to public health, healthcare management and/or clinical sciences.


Students in the Health Policy track, which will begin accepting students for June 2021, develop, identify, and translate the best available evidence to inform critical public health policy challenges at the local, state, national, and global levels. The case-based curriculum incorporates systems thinking and rigorous scientific methods from multiple disciplines to be responsive to the needs of today's public health practitioners and policymakers. Also included in the curriculum is the conceptual foundation needed to understand complex problems and propose and critically assess solutions to those problems and propose and critically assess solutions to those problems; deep subject matter expertise in select topic areas, essential skills to effectively communicate and disseminate scientific evidence to decision makers; and the methods to assure implementation is effective and efficient. Courses will include field experience in the policy areas of Washington D.C., state, and local governments.

The track is relevant to those currently working (or who aspire to work) in public health policy and practice settings at the intersection of evidence, decision-making, and implementation; and who seek training to meaningfully impact the dialogue about how to solve public health problems.

To apply for the Health Policy track, please selected the Health Care Management & Leadership track in the online SOPHAS application and indicate in your Statement of Purpose your intention to apply to the Health Policy Track. This intention should be placed at the top of the first page and highlighted in bold text.