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Health Policy and Management

Quality & Patient Safety Track

drPH -- Quality and Patient Safety Track

The Quality and Patient Safety track addresses issues related to quality of healthcare, patient safety, patient center outcomes, and performance measurement and improvement.

The curriculum is designed for public health, clinical and management professionals who wish to develop the expertise to identify challenges in these areas, implement evidence based interventions and improve care delivery.  The outcomes research related curriculum focuses on measurement, evaluation and comparative effectiveness research using rigorous methodology to compare available options for treatment or prevention.  The curriculum includes a variety of specialized courses in quality, patent safety, patient centered outcomes, performance measurement, human factors and the evaluation of programs and interventions for improving the safety and quality of health care services.  The track targets those who have master’s level training related to public health, healthcare management or clinical sciences.


The competencies for the track in Quality and Patient Safety are met through required and elective coursework, independent research, and the process of writing a dissertation.  Upon successful completion, students will have mastered the school-wide, department and track competencies:

Foundational (School-wide) Program Competencies:

Track Competencies

Within the domain of Quality:

Within the domain of Safety:

Within the domain of Patient Outcomes Research:


Required Non-credit Courses

Required Foundational Courses

Required Data Analysis Courses

Choose at least 4 credits from the following:

Required Health Policy & Management Concentration Prerequisites

Required Quality and Patient Safety Track Courses

Sample Dissertation Titles

Selected titles of dissertations from graduates of the HPM DrPH concentration are below.