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Health, Behavior and Society

Practice Interests of Faculty

The Department of Health, Behavior and Society is solidly rooted in public health practice.

A key strength is the department’s interdisciplinary approach. At any given moment, there are more than 100 active projects in the department with implications for public health practice.

Department faculty members engage in practice from the local to global level. They work with community advisory boards and national, state and local governments and departments, and they participate in global efforts to introduce best practices in policy and program design and implementation. They also serve as advisors to policy makers—from the President of the United States to state attorneys general to local planning departments. Internationally, they advise bodies such as the World Health Organization and the World Bank.

The SOURCE Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Program, led by Mindi Levin—the Director of SOURCE and an Assistant Scientist in HBS—is a comprehensive program that engages a cohort of faculty members each year from across the Johns Hopkins University Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health for a one-year term as they become part of a JHU community of faculty who use service-learning pedagogy. HBS faculty graduates include: Danielle German (associate professor, 2016-2017 cohort), Janice Bowie (professor, 2015-2016 cohort), Melissa Davey-Rothwell (associate scientist, 2014-2015 cohort), Deborah Gioia-Hasick (adjunct associate professor, 2013-2014 cohort), and Vanya Jones (assistant professor, 2012-2013 inaugural cohort).

The following HBS faculty members regularly engage in practice.  Click on faculty members' names for more information about their specific practice interests.