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Beyond Brexit, the Elections and False News: Implications of the Changing Information Ecosphere for Health Promotion, Policy and Advocacy - May 8, 2017


Watch the full recording of the symposium, "Beyond Brexit, the Elections and False News: Implications of the Changing Information Ecosphere for Health Promotion, Policy and Advocacy."

Op-ed Writing Workshop - December 2016

Watch the full recording of the op-ed training led by John Siniff on December 7, 2016. The workshop was part of a planned series of training opportunities that aim to support efforts to advance discussion of and response to the recent U.S. election results by equipping participants with critical tools for meaningful engagement. 



Improving Access to HIV Care: Lessons from Five U.S. Sites

Available for purchase online from JHU Press.

"Compelling, well researched, and well written, this book stands out as one of the best in the field."

The availability of combination antiretroviral therapy has changed the lives of millions of people living with HIV (PLWH), for whom a once fatal infection can now be a manageable chronic disease. Yet only 30 percent of PLWH in the United States are virally suppressed, and significant gaps in access to care persist.

While programs to boost linkage to and retention in HIV care are critical to improving the health of PLWH, efforts to evaluate these programs are surprisingly scarce. Using cutting-edge implementation science, this book tackles the issue of how to better link and retain PLWH in ongoing primary medical care. A multipart case study examines successful strategies and provides detailed profiles of the organizations involved and their processes for reaching, linking, and retaining PLWH. Barriers to and facilitators of implementation are explored qualitatively, network analysis is used to assess changes in interagency collaboration among organizations serving PLWH, and evidence-based recommendations are offered for improving linkage to HIV care in the U.S.

Improving Access to HIV Care: Lessons from Five U.S. Sites was written by Kriti M. Jain, David R. Holtgrave, Cathy Maulsby, J. Janet Kim, Rose Zulliger, Meredith Massey, and Vignetta Charles.

Recent Publications

Adapting Hypertension Self-Management Interventions to Enhance Their Sustained Effectiveness among Urban African Americans

Women's Education Level, Antenatal Visits and the Quality of Skilled Antenatal Care: A Study of Three African Countries

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Determinants of concurrent sexual partnerships within stable relationships: a qualitative study in Tanzania

Mushrooms and Health Summit Proceedings

Community perspectives on parental influence on engagement in multiple concurrent sexual partnerships among youth in Tanzania: Implications for HIV prevention programming

An examination of resilience cross-culturally in child and adolescent survivors of the 2008 China earthquake using the Connor–Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC)

Genetic Literacy and Patient Perceptions of IBD Testing Utility and Disease Control: A Randomized Vignette Study of Genetic Testing

Fast-Food Restaurants, Park Access, and Insulin Resistance Among Hispanic Youth

Cameras for Public Health Surveillance: A Methods Protocol for Crowdsourced Annotation of Point-of-Sale Photographs

Measuring youth exposure to alcohol marketing on social networking sites: challenges and prospects

Early Life Conditions of Overall and Cause-Specific Mortality Among Inner-City African Americans

Using social and behavior change communication to increase HIV testing and condom use: the Malawi BRIDGE Project

The use of memoranda of understanding in fostering inter-agency collaboration: A qualitative study of health services agencies serving vulnerable populations in Baltimore, USA

Tobacco retail outlet advertising practices and proximity to schools, parks and public housing affect Synar underage sales violations in Washington, DC

Distinct communication patterns during genetic counseling for late-onset Alzheimer's risk assessment

Informal alcohol in Malawi: Stakeholder perceptions and policy recommendations

Syringe Exchange in the United States: A National Level Economic Evaluation of Hypothetical Increases in Investment

The Frequency of Company-Sponsored Alcohol Brand-Related Sites on Facebook™ –2012

Examining Fire Department Injury Data as a Tool for Epidemiological Investigation

Recent Headlines

HBS faculty members are leading experts on a wide variety of public health issues, and their research and expertise are frequently highlighted in the media.

Opinion: An 18 Percent Decline in HIV Incidence in the U.S. over Six Years is Not Enough (Huffington Post)

As More Hotels Ban Smoking, Peer-to-Peer Rentals May Draw Smokers (Reuters)

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Hopkins researchers suggest Baltimore offer addicts safe places to do drugs (Washington Post)

For Women, Heavy Drinking Has Been Normalized. That’s Dangerous. (The Washington Post)

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Enough With the Protein, America  (Bloomberg)

Safer to Puff, E-Cigarettes Can’t Shake Their Reputation as a Menace (The New York Times)