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Translational Epidemiology Initiative

Translational Epidemiology InitiativeIn summer 2017, the Department of Epidemiology launched the Translational Epidemiology Initiative, an effort across all departmental tracks to improve the translation of epidemiological results into better health outcomes. This initiative hearkens back to
Dr. Moyses Szklo when he defined translational epidemiology as an "effective transfer of new knowledge from epidemiologic studies into the planning of population-wide and individual-level
disease control programs and policies.” 

The Translational Epidemiology Initiative includes several key components:

  • Emphasizing translational efforts in the Department, including engagement with policymakers, government officials, basic scientists, clinicians, and members of the media
  • Publishing articles in the scientific literature to help conceptualize and promote Translational Epidemiology as an important component of the field
  • Developing an innovative curriculum to teach students skills necessary to become effective Translational Epidemiologists
  • Holding symposia in the School, broader Baltimore community, and scientific conferences to help forge links between epidemiologists and other key stakeholders
  • Advancing an agenda within the field of epidemiology to help strengthen linkages between the results of epidemiological inquiry and improved health outcomes in populations

View our Translational Epidemiology Seminar Series on YouTube!

We welcome partners from all disciplines to become part of this initiative!  If you have questions about the Translational Epidemiology Initiative, please contact Dr. David Dowdy at