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The Department of Epidemiology offers a variety of degree and non-degree programs to build and enhance the foundations of epidemiologic methods and research.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)Clinical Trials
Master of Health Science (MHS)Epidemiology for Public Health Professionals
Master of Science (ScM)Health and Human Rights
Combined Bachelor of Arts and Master of Health Science (BA-MHS)Healthcare Epidemiology and Infection Prevention and Control
 Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety
 Risk Sciences and Public Policy

Students can choose from eight different tracks to focus their study and research. Additionally, there are several pre- and postdoctoral training programs available.

*For applicants in Fall 2020:
JHSPH Epidemiology does not require The Graduate Record Examination in this application cycle.  Applicants do not need to submit the exam results for our application. Reviewers will not be considering the submission or the non-submission of the exam as part of the evaluation of readiness to pursue graduate training.
Additionally, JHSPH Epidemiology does not ask applicants to complete the SOPHAS optional COVID-19 questions. Reviewers will not be permitted to see information submitted in this area and it will not be considered in the evaluation of applications. If there are considerations pertaining to applicants’ academic records that they would like reviewers to see, please enter in the Personal Statement section.