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2015 News Releases

December 15, 2015
Industry-Financed Clinical Trials on the Rise, As Number of NIH-Funded Trials Falls

December 14, 2015
More Attention Needed to Results of Simple Test of Kidney Function

November 25, 2015
New Professorship Honors Desmond Tutu's Commitment to Human Rights

November 16, 2015
Public Health Leaders Urge Far-Reaching Reforms to Curb Prescription Opioid Epidemic

November 9, 2015
New Online Tool Predicts Lifetime Risk of Kidney Failure

August 25, 2015
Less May Be More in Slowing Cholera Epidemics

August 14, 2015
Hepatitis C Infection May Fuel Heart Risk

August 13, 2015
Transplant Recipients More Likely to Develop Aggressive Melanoma

July 30, 2015
Simple Mouth Rinse Could Help Predict Recurrence of HPV-Related Oropharyngeal Cancers

July 21, 2015
Poor Diabetes Control Found in Older Americans

July 16, 2015
Burden of Dengue, Chikungunya in India Far Worse Than Understood

June 29, 2015
The Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Turns 100

June 24, 2015
Needle Exchanges Can Prevent HIV Outbreaks Like One in Indiana

June 23, 2015
Survey: Many Doctors Misunderstand Key Facets of Opoid Use

May 29, 2015
Measuring Kidney Health Could Better Predict Heart Disease Risk

May 11, 2015
Acute Kidney Injury Linked to Pre-Existing Kidney Health, Studies Find

March 12, 2015
Increased Susceptibility to Measles a Side Effect of Ebola Epidemic

March 4, 2015
Two Former Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Deans Recognized for Lasting Impacts in the Field

January 5, 2015
Dean of Bloomberg School of Public Health Appointed to Packard Foundation Board of Trustees