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Environmental Health and Engineering

Opportunity: Postdoctoral Researcher (Evidence-based Toxicology Collaboration)


The Johns Hopkins Evidence-based Toxicology Collaboration (EBTC) is involved in several scientific projects that have an over-arching goal of bringing the principles of evidence-based medicine to toxicology. The EBTC is funded by Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing and is governed by the Board of Trustees and is advised by the Scientific Advisory Council, both comprised of leaders in their fields and representing toxicology stakeholder organizations: government, academia, industries, and non-profit groups.

The EBTC is running a few scientific projects that need scientific support of a post-doctoral fellow with expertise in evidence-based methodologies. We are seeking a post-doctoral researcher with experience in systematic reviews and evidence appraisal to analyze and integrate multiple data streams: human epidemiological, animal toxicology, in silico and in vitro (e.g., high-throughput screening data from the EPA ToxCast project). The successful candidate will lead the teams in a series of systematic reviews in the field of toxicology, including the preparing of the systematic reviews as papers for publication. He/she will be the methodological and project lead for the systematic reviews that EBTC undertakes. There will be close work with other reviewers, stakeholders, methodologists and toxicologists with access to a full range of academic resources at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.


The successful candidate will have:

Experience working with minimal supervision in distributed teams remotely is helpful.




Katya Tsaioun, PhD
Director, Evidence-based Toxicology Collaboration