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Environmental Health and Engineering

Support Environmental
Health and Engineering 

EHS Rising to the Challenge

The Department of Support Environmental ​Health and Engineering is committed to the education and training of the next generation of leading public health professionals. Our innovative approach to learning and discovery make our programs an excellent gateway into the field of environmental health sciences.

Whether developing interventions to prevent COPD and other environmental lung diseases in India, contributing major insights on connections between liver cancer and aflatoxins in China, developing new occupational and environmental exposure assessment methodologies,  both locally and abroad, members of the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering share a common goal: preparing the next generation of highly successful researchers and professionals who will impact the future of public health.

Many of the discoveries made by faculty, fellows and students hold great promise of translatability to the prevention and cure of diseases. Though much of our research is funded by federal grants, your gifts are particularly valued because they, unlike federal funding, typically allow considerable freedom to pursue exciting, novel cutting-edge studies with a particularly high potential payoff.

Your gift will help:

To support the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, please visit our secure Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Make a Gift Website. On the online donation form, you can indicate that you want your contribution to go toward the support of the Department of Environmental ​Health and Engineering (in the field labeled "Please designate my gift to support").

No gift is too small. Your donation of any amount is welcomed.

For more information, please contact the Department of Environmental ​Health and Engineering.