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Video Conferencing


There are many services available for teleconferencing. Johns Hopkins University has chosen Zoom as its teleconferencing service. Information about this is available here. Zoom’s statement on FERPA compliance is here.

While teleconferencing there are a few things to consider…

  • Always, always, always use a password for teleconferences.
  • Do not post links to conferences on publicly accessible websites.
  • Manage your camera and microphone to restrict access to information that must be protected.
  • Ensure that your background doesn’t reveal information about your location if that should remain private.
  • Ensure that other people or devices close by will not hear or see part of your teleconference if the subject matter is sensitive.
  • Use appropriate privacy settings in teleconferencing application to ensure that only approved participants are attending. Helpful tips available at these links from JHSPH, Zoom, and Cornell.