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Department of Biostatistics

2016-2017 Noon Seminar Series

All seminars are held at 12:15 PM in room W2008 of the Wolfe Street BSPH building, unless otherwise noted.

09/12/2016Eric Laber, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University
09/19/2016Biostatistics Grand RoundsBiostatistics Junior Faculty 
09/26/2016Randomized Experiments, Observational Studies and the Distance CorrelationAdin-Cristian Andrei, Department of Surgery, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine
10/03/2016Real-time Prediction of Infectious Disease OutbreaksNicholas G. Reich, Department of Biostatistics, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
10/10/2016Peisong Han, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo
10/17/0216E. Andres Houseman, College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Oregon State University
10/24/2016Expansion of Biological Pathways by Integrative GenomicsJun S. Liu, Department of Statistics, Harvard University
11/07/2016Modeling Restricted Mean Survival Time under General Censoring MechanismsDouglas Schaubel, Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan
11/14/2016Statistical Methods for Single-cell R NA-seq Experiments Christina Kendziorski, Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, University of Wisconsin Madison
11/28/2016Survey Methodology in TransitionFrauke Kreuter, Joint Program in Survey Methodology, University of Maryland
12/05/2016Data RectanglingJenny Bryan, Department of Statistics and Michael Smith Laboratories, University of British Columbia
12/12/2016Eunhee Kim, Office of Biostatistics, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health
12/19/2016On Bias Prevention and Incidental ParametersNicola Lunardon, Department of Economics Business & Statistics, University of Trieste, Italy
01/16/2017Martin Luther King Day/University ClosedNO SEMINAR
01/23/2017Estimating Features of a Social Network Using a Sample
Tyler H. McCormick, Associate Professor Department of Statistics, Department of Sociology, Senior Data Science Fellow, eScience Institute, University of Washington 
01/30/2017Topological Data Analysis for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging DataNicole Lazar, Department of Statistics, University of Georgia
02/06/2017Bayesian Model Calibration and Prediction Applied to (Stochastic) Epidemic SimulationsDavid Higdon, Social Decisions Analytics Laboratory Biocomplexity  Institute of Virginia Tech 
02/13/2017Video PresentationVideo Presentation
02/20/2017Unification of the Instrumental Variable Approach for Causal Inference and Missing Data Eric Tchetgen, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard University
02/27/2017Deep Space! Deep Spatial Learning for Forensic Geolocation with Microbiome DataBrian Reich, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University
03/06/2017Standard Errors for Regression on Relational Data with Exchangeable ErrorsBailey Fosdick, Department of Statistics, Colorado State University
03/27/2017Nonparametric Spatial-Temporal Modelling of the Association Between Ambient Air Pollution and Adverse Pregnancy OutcomesMontserrat Fuentes, Department of  Statistics, Virginia Commonwealth University
04/03/2017Using Surrogate Marker Information to Test for a Treatment EffectLayla Parast, RAND Corporation
04/10/2017On Weighted Estimators for Generalizing Average Treatment Effects from a Trial to a Target PopulationElly Kaizar, Department of Statistics, Ohio State University
04/17/2017C-learning: a New Classification Framework to Estimate Optimal Dynamic Treatment RegimesMin Zhang, Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan *Please note the seminar will begin at 12:00pm (This week only)
04/24/2017Classified Mixed Model PredictionJ Sunil Rao, Division of Biostatistics, University of Miami
05/01/2017Spatial Measurement Error in  Air Pollution EpidemiologyAdam Szpiro, Department of Biostatistics, University of Miami

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