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June 2016

Congratulations to Amanda Mejia (Advisor: Martin Lindquist; Co-Advisor: Brian Caffo) and Jean-Philippe Fortin (Advisor: Kasper Hansen) for being recognized with paper awards and featured presentations at the Statistical Methods in Imaging Conference!

Alumnus, Patrick Heagerty (PhD, '96), Chair of Biostatistics at the University of Washington, has just been named as the inaugural Gilbert S. Omenn Endowed Chair of his Department! Congratulations! We are very proud!

Roger Peng is the honored recipient of the 2016 APHA Mortimer Spiegelman Award! The Award is given to an outstanding public health statistician under age 40. This prestigious award validates all of Roger's outstanding research and success and we are thrilled to have him as a Professor in the Department! Congratulations!

In June, we continued to celebrate our hard-working students. The 2016 recipients of the Kocherlakota Award, which honors outstanding performance by a master’s student on the Biostatistics first-year comprehensive exam was given to Guoqing Wang (Advisor: Richard Thompson) and Boyang Zhang (Advisor: Carol Thompson). Congratulations!

Also honored is Guanghao Qi (Advisor: Ingo Ruczinski), who is the recipient of this year's award honoring outstanding performance by a PhD student on the Biostatistics first-year comprehensive exam! Congratulations to all of our outstanding students!

This year we honored several of our Staff with milestone work anniversaries. Congratulations to Debra Moffitt, our Department Administratior for 20 years of service to Johns Hopkins and Maggie Edwards, Biostatistics Center Administrator, for 15 years of service to Johns Hopkins. We are incredibly lucky to have worked with you so long!

Mark Chiveral also celebrated 30 years with Johns Hopkins in the Fall of this year and Ashley Johnson celebrated 5 years in the Office of the Chair in March of this year. Congratulations on this milestone achievement! Thank you for all you do for the Department!

May 2016

Jacek Urbanek (Advisor: Ciprian Crainiceanu), a postdoctoral fellow in the Department, took first prize in the JHBSPH Research on Aging Showcase poster competition! His poster reported work "Relation between physical performance and accelerometry-derived walking features of elderly adults." Congratulations, Jacek!

Tom Louis along with alumna Kirsten Lum (PhD 2015) published an article with Biometrics about developing methods to study association between menstrual cycle length and fecundity. Their article titled, A Bayesian Joint Model of Menstrual Cycle Length and Fecundity was published in the March 2016 (Volume 72) edition of Biometrics. Congratulations Tom andn Kirsten!

John McGready has done it again! Congratulations to John for again being the recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Large Class. John has been recognized with this prestigious Award on every occasion he has been eligible! A wonderful achievement and testament to your dedication to teach the next generation of students! We are incredibly proud!

Jing Tian has been promoted to the rank of Senior Research Associate! Jing long has been a valued member both of our Biostatistics Center and of the Center on Aging and Health (COAH). We are incredibly fortunate to have her with the Department and look forward to her future successes at Johns Hopkins! Congratulations, Jing!

Jason (Zhicheng) Ji (Advisor: Honkai Ji) a PhD student with the Department, along with Hongkai Ji, an Associate Professor also with the Department, recently published a paper in Nucleic Acids Research discussing a new analysis method and tool fro single-cell RNA-seq data. Their paper titled, "TSCAN: Pseudo-time reconstruction and evaluation in single-cell RNA-seq analysis" is available online.

Congratulations to Tom Louis for his high achievement of being elected for Honorary Life Membership in the International Biometrics Society! We are thrilled for you, Tom!

Nilanjan Chatterjee, a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor jointly with the Department of Biostatistics and Department of Oncology (School of Medicine), was recognized in two journals, JASA and Nature Reviews Genetics, as well as by NBC News.

The first publication from JASA titled, "Constrained Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Model Calibration Using Summary-Level Information From External Big Data Sources" was authored by Nilanjan and alumna Paige Maas (PhD 2015) and is available in the May 2016 issue as well as online. 

Nilanjan's second publication from Nature Reviews Genetics titled, "Developing and evaluating polygenic risk prediction models for stratified disease prevention" discusses the development of models incorporating both genetic and non-genetic (environmental) risk factors for predicting the absolute risk of diseases.

Lastly, Nilanjan was featured in an article by NBC News titled, "Even People With Breast Cancer Risk Genes Can Lower Risk" which discusses the prevention measures white women could incorporate to lower their risk of breast cancer. Those 4 modifiable risk factors include avoiding smoking, drinking very little to no alcohol, maintaining a healthy body weight and avoiding hormone replacement therapy.

Congratulations, Nilanjan on your high profile work!

April 2016

Ingo Ruczinski and Martin Lindquist both Faculty in the Department were recently selected as ASA Fellows! Congratulations to both Ingo and Martin on this wonderful accomplishment!

Our Biostatistics Staff also had an exciting April! Congratulations to Marti Gilbert who has been promoted to Program Coordinator! Marti continues to work in the Office of the Chair but with increased responsibilities of managing the Department's postdoctoral fellows. Way to go, Marti!

Debra Moffitt, our Department Administrator, had a painting showcased at the National Arts Program Exhibit at Turner Concourse. Her painting titled, "Sunrise Solitude" features a sunrise over the water.

Lastly, in honor of the Bloomberg School of Public Health Centennial, the school hosted a Public Health Hero Contest and we are pleased to announce our very own Ashley Johnson, Senior Administrative Coordinator to the Chair, won! Ashley honored Henrietta Lacks as her public health hero and her submission featured a spot-on recreation of the photo of Lacks on the cover of the best-selling book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. We are so proud, Ashley!

March 2016

Congratulations to Ashley Johnson, Senior Administrative Coordinator to the Chair, for celebrating 5 years of service with Johns Hopkins University! We are thrilled to have had you in the Department for the past 5 years, Ashley! Thank you for all the hard work you do!

Nilanjan Chatterjee’s recent publication evaluates the strengths and limitations of methods for genome-wide searches for G-E interaction and joint tests in the presence of exposure misclassification. The title, Tests for Gene-Environment Interactions and Joint Effects With Exposure Misclassification was published in the February issue of American Journal of Epidemiology. Congratulations, Nilanjan!

Michael Rosenblum and his research was featured in comparison to the research of Margaret Merrell (ScD '30) in Spring issue of Johns Hopkins Public Health Magazine! The section titled, Generations, celebrated School of Public Health researchers fulfilling the dreams of their pioneering ancestors. Congratulations, Michael!

Congratulations Huitong Qiu along with Brian Caffo, Fang Han, and Han Liu for their paper, "Joint estimation of multiple graphical models from high dimensional time series" published in JRSS-B!

Jiawei Bai (Advisor: Ciprian Crainiceanu; Co-Advisor: Vadim Zipunnikov), a PhD Student in the Department on received an ENAR Student Poster Award in Spring of 2016. Congratulation, Jiawei!

Congratulations Qing Cai (Advisor: Mei-Cheng Wang; Co-Advisor: Ani Eloyan) a PhD Student in the Department for her paper “Joint Modeling of Longitudinal, Recurrent Events and Failure Time Data for Survivor’s Population" receving the highest rated paper in the Student Paper Award Competition of the Mental Health Section of the ASA!

Jean-Philippe Fortin, Elizabeth Sweeney, John Muschelli and Ciprian Crainiceanu published an article to address inter-subject variability in MRI studies. The article titled, "Removing inter-subject technical variability in magnetic resonance imaging studies" was published in the May 2016 (Volume 132) issue of NeuroImage.

March recognized some of our students with awards for all of their hard work!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Sweeney and Prasad Patil the 2016 recipients of the Jane and Steve Dykacz Award. This award was established by our alumna, Janice Dykacz (PhD 1982-83), and honors her parents through recognition of an outstanding paper by a Biostatistics student in the area of medical statistics.

Also, another congratulations to Prasad Patil as the recipient of the 2016 Helen Abbey Award. This award, established by friends, faculty, colleagues, and former students of Dr. Abbey (ScD, 1951), celebrates her long tenure with the Department of Biostatistics. The award honors a Biostatistics student in the second year or higher who has shown a commitment to teaching after graduation.

February 2016

February was the Centennial month for the Department of Biostatistics! There were several events to honor the Bloomberg School of Public Health’s 100th year and full details can be found on the Biostatistics Centennial Page. Our main event was The Inaugural Ross-Royall Symposium: From Individuals to Populations which was held on Friday, February 26, 2016. We would like to thank all of our speakers, participants, attendees and especially our Centennial events organizing team for making all of the successful events possible.

Several Biostatistics Faculty were recognized for Excellence in Teaching in February. Congratulations to Natalie Blades, Brian Caffo, Constantine Frangakis, John McGready, Elizabeth Ogburn, Roger Peng, Charles Rohde, Michael Rosenblum, Elizabeth Stuart, Mei-Cheng Wang, and Qian-Li Xue for teaching excellence so far in Academic Year 2015-2016.

Elizabeth Stuart gave a Dean’s Lecture on February 9, 2016 titled “From Patients to Populations: Innovative Study Designs for Public Health Policies". To see the highlights, visit the Dean’s Corner under Dean’s Lectures [HERE] and visit the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Youtube channel to view the full length lecture [HERE].

Chen Yue (Advisor: Brian Caffo, Co-Advisor: Vadim Zipunnikov) successfully defended his thesis titled, “Generalizations, Extensions and Applications for Principal Component Analysis” on February 9, 2016. Congratulations, Chen!

Dr. Philip Bourne, Associate Director for Data Science at the National Institutes of Health gave a lecture as part of our Centennial month events. The lecture titled, “The Value of Data Science to the Biomedical Enterprise” was held on February 10, 2016. A full video of the lecture can be found on our Biostatistics Centennial Page [HERE].

Congratulations to Dan Scharfstein and Aidan McDermott for their paper published with The Annals of Applied Statistics, titled, “On the Analysis of Tuberculosis Studies with Intermittent Missing Sputum Data”. The paper analyzes tuberculosis studies to draw inference about treatment effects when assessments are intermittently missing on patients.

The Biostatistics Centennial Museum opened on Tuesday, February 16, 2016. A fascinating display of our Department’s extensive history will be available in the Biostatistics Library (W3513) until March 14th. A preview of the display can be found on our Department’s twitter page [HERE]. Be sure to follow @jhubiostat on Twitter for all the inside details on the Department of Biostatistics!

Elizabeth Sweeney (Advisor: Ciprian Crainiceanu, Co-Advisor: Russell (Taki) Shinohara) successfully defended her thesis titled, “Statistical Methods for Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis” on February 22, 2016. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

Jean-Philippe Fortin (Advisor: Kasper Hansen) successfully defended his thesis titled, “Statistical Methods for Epigenetic Data and Magnetic Resonance Images” on February 22, 2016. Congratulations, JP!

Congratulations Huitong Qiu along with Brian Caffo, Fang Han, and Han Liu for their paper, "Joint estimation of multiple graphical models from high dimensional time series" published in JRSS-B! Job well done Huitong and colleagues!

Ingo Ruczinski gave a Dean’s Lecture on Tuesday, February 23 titled “A Public Health Researcher’s Commentary on Wagner’s Ring”. Congratulations, Ingo! A highlight video and full lecture video will be made available at a later date.

January 2016

Congratulations to Parichoy Pal Choudhury for successfully defending his thesis. Parichoy’s thesis “Statistical Inference with Multiple Data Sources” was presented on January 4, 2016.

Scientific Computing recognizes Fernando Pineda—along with Dani Fallin, Abhi Nellore, Jeff Leek, Ben Langmead, and our Department--for disruptive storage innovations. The article titled, “Pioneering Green, Dirt-cheap Storage for Life Sciences Research” is available HERE. Congratulations, Fernando and colleagues!

Congratulations to Jean-Philippe Fortin (Advisor: Kasper Hansen), the recipient of this year's June B. Culley Award, which honors outstanding achievement by a Biostatistics student on his or her preliminary school-wide examination paper. Jean-Philippe’s winning paper is titled, "Functional Normalization of 450k Methylation Array Data Improves Replication in Large Cancer Studies."

Congratulations to Aaron Fisher (Advisor: Vadim Zipunnikov; Co-Advisor: Brian Caffo) and Amanda Mejia (Advisor: Martin Lindquist; Co-Advisor: Brian Caffo), this year's recipients of the Margaret Merrell Award, established in 1995 by the friends, colleagues, and former students of the late faculty member Dr. Margaret Merrell (ScD, 1930). This award recognizes outstanding research by a Biostatistics doctoral student.

December 2015

Liz Stuart, a joint faculty member, has been named as the new Methods Editor for Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness. JREE is currrently one of the top education Journals and we are very proud to have Liz representing Johns Hopkins Biostatistics as a new Editor. Congratulations, Liz!

Also announced in December was Leanpub's Top Ten Bestselling Books in 2015. Congratulations to Roger Peng and Jeff Leek for their FOUR appearances in the list. A wonderful accomplishment for the both of you and we are excited to see what 2016 will bring for this dynamic duo. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Therri Usher (Advisor: Charles Rohde), a PhD student, as she has been selected as a delegate to the Center of Disease Control Millennial Health Leaders Summit! The Summit gathers a group of men and women who represent the next generation of leaders to help eliminate health disparities. Congratulations, Therri!

Congratulations, Emily Huang (advisor: Michael Rosenblum), a Biostatistics PhD student, who recently won an ENAR Student Paper Award! Her paper titled, "Inequality in treatment benefits: Can we determine if a new treatment benefits the many of the few?" addresses that the primary analysis in randomized controlled trials focuses on the average treatment effect but does not specify if the benefits are widespread or limited. It continues by analyzing the fraction who do benefit from treatment based on randomized trial data. Congratulations, Emily!

November 2015

Congratulations to three of our students for their impressive performances on Biostatistics comprehensive exam. Lu Li (Advisor: Cristian Tomasetti) and Sheng Xu (Advisor: Constantine Frangakis) were co-recipients of the PhD Exam Award and Weixiang Fang (Advisor: John McGready) is the winner of the Kocherlakota Award, honoring outstanding acheivement by a Master’s degree student. Congratulations to all!

November also brought exciting news to the Biostatistics Staff. We are pleased to welcome Melanie Smolter as a new Administrative Coordinator in the Office of the Chair. Melanie has been with us since last March working as a temporary addition with the Department, but we are thrilled to have her with our team full-time. Melanie will work in the office of the Chair with the Department Administrative Coordinators and as an Assistant to Dr. Nilanjan Chatterjee. Congratulations, Melanie!

October 2015

The beginning of October included a very exciting Symposium featuring our very own, Tom Louis. The Symposium titled: “Tomfest! Statistics Making a Difference: A Conference in Honor of Tom Louis” was held on October 2, 2015 at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The Department honored Tom for his many accomplishments and contributions over the years. Many of Tom’s dear friends and colleagues participated as speakers at the Symposium and even added a few exciting performances (that can be found HERE). Many thank-you’s to the organizers of the event, as it was a great success. Congratulations, Tom! We are proud to have you in our Department!

Congratulations to John Muschelli (Advisor: Ciprian Crainiceanu) and colleagues for their paper on the link between stroke location and health published in Stroke. The paper titled “Quantitative Intracerebral Hemorrhage Localization” focuses on a quantitative framework for estimating ICH engagement and its relevance to stroke outcomes. Congratulations John and to all contributors!

Martin Lindquist’s (along with Tor D. Wager's) book titled, Principles of fMRI became available on Leanpub. The book provides an introduction to fMRI and discusses theoretical considerations and practical aspects of conducting fMRI studies. Congratulations, Martin!

Elizabeth Stuart won the 2015 Mid-Career Award from the Health Policy Statistics Section of the ASA. A well-deserved honor for Elizabeth and we are thrilled to have her expertise in our Department. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

Debra Moffitt, our Senior Administrative Manager, was invited to show her School of Public Health Centennial Painting at the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association! Her painting features the front of the School of Public Health building on Wolfe Street, showcasing the Centennial sign on the entrance of the building. Congratulations, Debra on your beautiful work of art!

Staff of the Department have celebrated significant work anniversaries in October. Mark Chiveral celebrated 30 years in our Department as Materials/Office Coordinator and Joyclyn Gilmore celebrated 10 years in our Department as Senior Research Service Analyst. Thank you, Mark and Joyclyn for all you do for our Department! We are very lucky to have both of you and hope to continue for many more years in the future! Congratulations!

We also celebrate John Foster for his recent promotion to Budget Analyst. John works in our Finance office and will continue there with greater responsibilities. A well-deserved honor for John and we are very happy to have him with us! Congratulations!

September 2015

The BMORE Dream Team (Yates Coley, Karthik Rao, Detian Deng Yu Du, Jason Ji, Daisy Zhu, and Zhenke Wu) were top performers in the Prostate Cancer Dream Challenge. The team’s response when asked about their winning approach was, “To predict survival times, we iteratively imputed event times for censored observations and applied ensemble learning methods to complete survival data. This approach likely performed well because it used a variety of machine learning algorithms for prediction and, via imputation, exploited all information in the data while accounting for uncertainty." Congratulations, BMORE Dream Team!

In September, the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health held a Centennial Fun Festival to kick off the School's Centennial celebration. There was food, music, and even a dunk tank in which our very own Chair, Karen Bandeen-Roche, bravely endured chilling waters. Also, Chuck Rohde was honored with an award for 50 years of service to Bloomberg School of Public Health - Thank you Dr. Rohde! The Fun Festival is among the first in a lineup of Centennial celebrations. The Department's Centennial month will take place in February 2016 with the Inaugural Ross-Royall Symposium: From Individuals to Populations.

Department members Jeff Leek, Brian Caffo, Roger Peng and Leah Jager organized the first JHU Data Science Hackathon (DaSH) in September. Data scientists and data scientists-in-training all gathered to hack on real-world problems collaboratively. Featuring data scientists from government, academia, and industry, the group presented challenges in their respective areas with over 100 guests. Congratulations, Jeff, Brian, Roger and Leah for a successful Hackathon!

Executive Data Science Specialization – a new course by Jeff Leek, Brian Caffo and Roger Peng on managing data scientists became available on Coursera. The specialization teaches the user to learn to lead a data science team that generates first-rate analyses in four intensive courses. Congratulations Jeff, Brian, and Roger on your new specialization! We are very proud!

August 2015

One of our Department’s PhD students, Zhicheng (Jason) Ji (Advisor: Hongkai Ji), created an iPad/iPhone app for users to perform common statistical functions. The app, Statistics Toolbox currently offers users three major functions: drawing and calculating pdf and cdf functions of common statistics distributions, performing common statistical tests, and calculating sample size and statistical power. Congratulations, Jason, on your successful app!

Congratulations to Constantine Frangakis, Tianchen Qian (Advisor: Constantine Frangakis, Co-Advisor: Michael Rosenblum), Zhenke Wu (Advisor: Scott Zeger) and Ivan Diaz (Advisor: Michael Rosenblum) on their recent publication with Biometrics. The title, “Deductive derivation and turing-computerization of semiparametric efficient estimation” discusses a proposed computerizable method that can deductively produce semiparametric locally efficient estimators. Well done!

In August, we welcomed a new Staff member to our Finance team. Please welcome Emily Voeglein, our new Budget Specialist. Emily joined our team in late August, having previously worked at Wells Fargo.We are incredibly thrilled to have her talents and enthusiasm in the Department. Welcome, Emily!

July 2015

A very warm welcome to Dr. Nilanjan Chatterjee, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, in the Department of Biostatistics (with joint affiliation in Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Oncology, School of Medicine). Dr. Chatterjee comes from the National Institutes of Health where he served as chief of the Biostatistics Branch of the National Cancer Institute’s Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics. We are very excited to have Nilanjan join our Department in October 2015 and wish him the best of luck as he transitions to Johns Hopkins. Congratulations, Nilanjan!

Congratulations to Michael Rosenblum for his recent promotion to Associate Professor. A well-deserved promotion for Michael who is an asset in our department, with contributions to many of our Departmental Symposiums and producing remarkable publications. We are thrilled for Michael and anticipate many more achievements in his future with our Department. Congratulations, Michael!

June 2015

Congratulations to Emily Huang, as she was recently selected as a Hopkins CERSI Scholar. CERSI Scholars represent the students pursuing training in regulatory science with experience at the FDA. As a CERSI Scholar, Emily will be included in a structured mentoring program and privileged access to the Agency’s staff and scientists. Congratulations, Emily! ​

John Muschelli with Ciprian Crainiceanu and colleagues reported a new method for automatic brain extraction from CT images. Their research titled, “Validated automatic brain extraction of head CT images” was published in the Volume 114, July 2015 issue of NeuroImage. Congratulations to John, Ciprian and colleagues!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Sugar and colleagues for a recent JAMA article to show clinical findings regarding a soy isoflavone asthma intervention. The article published in late May titled, “Effect of a soy isoflavone supplement on lung function and clinical outcomes in patients with poorly controlled asthma: a randomized clinical trial” main objective was “to determine whether a soy isoflavone supplement improves asthma control in adolescent and adult patients with poorly controlled disease”. Among their findings, it was concluded that “while taking a controller medication, use of a soy isoflavone supplement, compared with placebo, did not result in improved lung function”. Congratulations Elizabeth and colleagues on your publication!

Congratulations to Scott Zeger as he was recently named for the Karl Pearson Award (along with Kung-Yee Liang). The Karl Pearson Award recognizes a research contribution that has had profound influence on statistical theory, methodology, practice, or applications.

Scott was also named an honorary doctorate at Lancaster University. Congratulations, Scott, on your many accomplishments!

Congratulations to Yenny Webb Vargas and Fang Han for successfully defending their Ph.D thesis. Yenny's title, “Causal Inference Methods for Measurements Error and Mediation Analysis” was defended on June 10, 2015, and Fang's title, “Large-Scale Semiparametric Inference for Large Complex and Noisy Datasets” was defended on June 11, 2015. Congratulations to Yenny and Fang, we are so proud!

Congratulations to Gayane Yenokyan along with her colleagues for their published findings in the June 2015 issue of BMJ on the prevalence and consequences of delirium in critically ill patients. The full title, “Outcome of delirium in critically ill patients: systematic review and meta-analysis” consisted of 42 studies and concluded that “nearly a third of patients admitted to an intensive care unit develop delirium, and these patients are at increased risk of dying during admission, longer stays in hospital, and cognitive impairment after discharge”. Congratulations, Gayane!

Congratulations to Ciprian Crainiceanu for his appointment as Chair of the NIH Biostatistical Methods and Research Design Study Section. This tremendous achievement reiterates Cirprian’s passion and dedication to his career and research. Congratulations, Ciprian!

Three students were honored with outstanding performance on the Biostatistics first year comprehensive exam. Congratulations to Lu Li and Sheng Xu, the co-recipients honoring outstanding performance by a PhD student and to Weixiang Fang, recipient of the Kocherlakota Award, honoring outstanding performance by a Masters student. Congratulations to all of our stellar students!

May 2015

Early May we celebrated our Biostatistics Students’ achievements at the annual end of the year awards ceremony in which students are given recognition for the awards earned in the current academic year. Four of our students were honored with their outstanding achievements for the 2014-2015 academic year. Francis Abreu was honored with the 2015 Helen Abbey Award, which celebrates a Biostatistics Student in the second year or higher who has shown a commitment to teaching after Graduation. Aaron Fisher was again honored with the 2015 June B. Culley Award recognizing outstanding achievement by a Biostatistics student on his or her school-wide examination paper. This is Aaron’s second year in a row to win the June B. Culley Award. Yifei Sun was honored with the 2015 Jane and Steve Dykacz Award which recognizes an outstanding paper from a Biostatistics student in the area of medical statistics. Lastly, Fang Han was honored with the 2014-2015 Margaret Merrell Award, which celebrates outstanding research from a Biostatistics doctoral student. Congratulations again to all of the winners: Francis, Aaron, Yifei and Fang!

Congratulations to Zhenke Wu for his recent election into Delta Omega! This is a true attest to Zhenke’s dedication and passion to his research and commitment to public health. We are very proud of your incredible accomplishment, as well as excited for your future. Congratulations Zhenke!

Two of our Ph.D students successfully defended their theses this past May and we are honored to congratulate both Shaojie Chen and Jonathan Gellar on this spectacular accomplishment! Dr. Chen (advisor: Brian Caffo) successfully defended his thesis, “Statistical Methods to Analyze Massive High-Dimensional neuroimaging Data” on May 1. Dr. Gellar (advisor: Cirprian Crainiceanu) successfully defended his thesis, “Functional Regression Methods for Densely- Sampled Biomarkers in the Intensive Care Unit”, on May 7. Shaojie now works for Barclays Investment Bank and Jon works for Mathematica. Congratulations to both Shaojie and Jon!

At the commencement ceremony in May, Prasad Patil (Advisor: Jeffery Leek) a Ph.D student within the department was honored with one of two School-wide Teaching Assistant Recognition Awards by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Student Assembly. Congratulations Prasad for excellence in your Teaching Assistantship and commitment to your work. We are very proud of all your achievements!

April 2015

Congratulations to Elizabeth Sweeney (Ph.D student), this year's recipient of the ASA's Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship! This scholarship was established in 1989 to encourage women to enter statistically oriented professions. This is a wonderful accomplishment for Elizabeth and we are thrilled to have her determination, passion and skill sets within our department. Way to go, Elizabeth!

This month in the Biometric Bulletin, Amanda Mejia (Ph.D student) is featured. Amanda (and Taki Shinohara) 's research of image prediction is discussed in the feature, "Predicting the Course of MS: How Statistics and Standard Scans Can Predict Disease and Improve Treatments". Amanda discusses her (and Taki)'s research in which they have "developed a simple statistical model that allows you to get a T1 map for free on top of a standard MRI protocol" which allows for less time for MS patients to remain still in machines as well as additional, and expensive, scans. Congratulations to Amanda on the impact your research will have on public health, as well as your feature story!

Congratulations to Yifei Sun (Advisor: Mei-Cheng Wang) who has successfully defended her Ph.D thesis! We are very proud of Yifei and her accomplishments within and outside the department. We know she will go forward to contribute great things to the world of public health! Congratulations Yifei!

Roger Peng and Jeff Leek remained busy with another paper published with Nature, an international weekly journal of science. The paper titled, "Statistics: P values are Just the Tip of the Iceberg" became available in the end of the April 2015. The paper discusses the intricate stages of a successful study in which the continuous focus on P value to determine the importance of the results of a data analysis may only be focusing on a small part of the issue, rather than the issue as a whole. The two also discuss the importance of data analysis education, apprenticeship, and studying data analysis applications in the real world. Congratulations Roger and Jeff!

March 2015

Congratulations to Ciprian Crainiceanu (professor) for his recent presentation at the invited Deans Lecture Series. Ciprian spoke of Wearable Computing in the lecture in early March titled, "Not Everybody, but Some People Walk Like You: Wearable Computing in Public Health". The lecture consisted of wearable devices associated with public health, such as GPS devices, movement recognition devices, and video cameras. The association between the circadian rhythm of activity and aging along with BMI was also a main focus of discussion. Well done, Ciprian!

Congratulations to Luo Xiao (Post Doctoral Fellow) for accepting a new position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at NC State! Way to go Luo!

Juemin Yang (advisor: Brian Caffo) successfully defended her thesis and will begin a new position with Citibank this summer. Juemin's thesis title was: "Statistical Methods for Brain Imaging and Genomic Data Analysis". Congratulations, Juemin!

The student awards ceremony was held in March in where all of our top students were honored. Francis Abreu is the 2015 recipient of the Helen Abbey Award honoring a Biostatistics student for excellence in teaching. Yifei Sun is the 2015 recipient of the Jane and Steve Dykacz Award honoring outstanding work in the area of medical statistics. Oliver Chen (Biostatistics) and Kathryn Risher (Epidemiology) are the 2015 winners for the Louis I & Thomas D Dublin Award honoring students whose research focuses on the effective use of statistical reasoning and methods in epidemiology. Congratulations to all of our winning students! We are very proud of all of your accomplishments!

February 2015

Roger Peng and Jeff Leek contributed a new paper with PNAS discussing reproducible research. The paper titled, "Opinion: Reproducible Research Can Still Be Wrong: Adopting a Prevention Approach" discusses reproducibility and replicability and the problems that scientists encounter attempting to produce consistent results. It also discusses how data analysis and data science education can prevent problems with reproducibility and replication prior to diminishing the credibility of science. Congratulations Roger and Jeff on another well thought and researched paper!

January 2015

Cristian Tomasetti, a Joint Professor with our Department shared his (and colleagues) new paper published in the journal Science on the television show PBS Newshour. The segment, noted as, "Luck, Not Lifestyle, May Be to Blame for More Cancers Than Previously Thought" elaborates on the study, which evaluated 31 different types of cancer, to explain their findings in which a random DNA mutation during cell division may be the primary factor behind more cancers. Congratulations to Cristian for his appearance on the PBS show and colleagues for all of your excellent research.

Yenny Webb Vargas was honored at the 2015 Joint Statistical Meeting with the 2015 JSM Student Paper Competition Award in the Survey Research Methods, Government Statistics, and Social Statistics Sections. This award emphasizes Yenny's hard work, determination, and passion for the statistical sciences. Congratulations, Yenny!

Alyssa Frazee (Ph.D student) recently accepted a position working with the data team at Stripe in San Francisco! Congratulations, Alyssa!

Jennifer Coughlin, a psychiatrist with Johns Hopkins, discussed a paper during the Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts with Elizabeth Tracey called "Brain Injury and Deficits". The paper consisted of a technique using PET imaging along with a specific tracer to determine the consequences of head injury in NFL players. The paper discussed was written by Jennifer and colleagues, many from within our department of Biostatistics. Congratulations to all contributing authors within and outside the department for your interesting research and sharing it with the school through the podcast.

Dan Scharfstein, Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in Biostatistics, along with Aidan McDermott, Associate Scientist, held a class on missing data called, "Global Sensitivity Analysis of Randomized Trials with Missing Data Workshop". The class was sponsored by Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The focus for the workshop was to analyze repeated measures studies which included missing data and death and to discuss recently developed approaches and open source software for analyzing these studies. Congratulations to Dan and Aidan for a successful workshop!

Our students shared excellent contributions recently and many received distinguished awards. The Joint Statistical Meeting (JSM) was another instance in which our students excelled in awards. Yifei Sun was awarded best paper in the Student Paper Competition of the Section on Risk Analysis. Amanda Mejia was awarded Statistics in Imaging Student Paper Award sponsored by the ASA for her work on shrinkage in fMRI. Congratulations to Yifei and Amanda for their impressive work!

Fang Han is honored with the 2015 recipient of the Margaret Merrell Award. This award recognizes outstanding research by a Biostatistics Ph.D student. Congratulations Fang on your continuous hard work and strive for excellence in your research. We are very proud of you!

Two of our Ph.D students have accepted positions upon completion of their respective theses. Congratulations to Juemin Yang as she begins a career at Citibank in New York City and to Jon Gellar for his new position at Mathematica! We know our students will go on to pursue great things and continue contribute to the world of statistical science for many years to come. Congratulations to Juemin and Jon!

Lastly, but certainly not least, we are pleased to announce that Martin Lindquist has been promoted to full professor. Martin has been with the department since July of 2012 as an Associate Professor and has quickly become a leader within the department. Martin's dedication and passion to his work, as well as excellence in teaching and advising are some of the few qualities we enjoy most with his presense in our department. We are honored to have him with us and excited to be able to share in his future accomplishments. Congratulations, Martin!

December 2014

Congratulations to Jean-Philippe Fortin, the recipient of the best ENAR 2015 Distinguished Student Paper Award! This is an impressive award as well as Jean-Philippe shared an excellent presentation at the 2015 ENAR conference! Way to go Jean-Philippe!

Dr. Charles Rohde published a new book titled, "Introductory Statistical Inference with the Likelihood Function" which teaches the foundations of statistical theory through likelihood modeling. The likelihood function is used for pure likelihood inference throughout the book with inspiration also drawn from material developed in Dr. Rohde's Introductory to Statistical Theory course offered here at Johns Hopkins. Congratulations, Chuck! We have a feeling it will make every top-seller list and we are truly honored to have had you within the Department for many years!

November 2014

Martin Lindquist and colleagues published a new paper mid-November with Nature Communications. The paper, titled, "Separate Neural Representations for Physical Pain and Social Rejection" challenges current theories that pain and social rejection share common neural mechanisms but instead, provide evidence that physical pain and social rejection demonstrate separate neural representations. Congratulations, Martin and colleagues for their interesting research and a wonderful publication!

October 2014

A splendid Happy Birthday for our dear colleague and friend Tom Louis as he celebrated his 70th birthday in early October! We are thankful to have Tom with us at Johns Hopkins Biostatistics and happy to share in celebration of his many accomplishments throughout his time here. Happy 70th Birthday, Tom!

Congratulations to Therri Usher for the honor of winning the prestigious Gordis Teaching Fellowship! The fellowship honors advanced graduate students from the School of Public Health and gives them an opportunity to teach their own undergraduate courses. Therri's course titled, "Introduction to Practical Data Analysis in Medicine and Public Health" will introduce undergraduate public health students to the methodology of data analysis and how to apply it to medical and public health research. The course will focus on developing and implementing methods of data analysis with additional focus on interpreting and evaluating the strengths and limitations of existing data analyses. Congratulations, Therri and we wish you the best of luck in your course for Spring 2015 term!

Luo Xiao and colleagues published a paper with PNAS on regulatory relationships titled, "Learning Regulatory Programs by Threshold SVD Regression". Luo continues to work hard and impress all with his contributions. Congratulations to Luo!

Congratulations to Sarah Khasawinah who recently finished her Biostatistics MHS and Mental Health PhD in late October on cutting edge fMRI and AD Research! Way to go, Sarah!

Richard Thompson was promoted to Senior Scientist for his broad contributions to practice, leadership, and scholarship. Rick shares a contagious passion and devotion to his work and contributes a great deal to our department and school. We are very proud and honored to have Rick and want to wish him a heartfelt congratulations for a well-deserved promotion to an outstanding colleague and friend!

The 2014 recipient for The June B. Culley Award, which honors outstanding achievement by a Biostatistics student on their schoolwide examination paper, was given to Aaron Fisher. Aaron's astonishing performance and dedication to his education and research has influenced many inside and outside the Department and we are extremely proud! Congratulations, Aaron on another outstanding academic year!

September 2014

Hongkai Ji has kept busy by contributing two new papers published in late August. The first, published with Biostatistics in the Oxford Journals is titled "Joint Analysis of Differential Gene Expression in Multiple Studies Using Correlation Motifs" from authors Yingying Wei, Toyoaki Tenzen and Hongkai Ji. The second paper, published in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology is titled, "High-Temporal-Resolution View of Transcription and Chromatin States Across Distinct Metabolic States in Budding Yeast" from authors Zheng Kuang, Ling Cai, Xuekui, Hongkai Ji, Benjamin P Tu and Jef D Boeke. Congratulations Hongkai on all of your hard work!

Steven Salzberg contributed another article with Forbes online titled, "Here's Something You Don't Want To Know About Your Risk of Breast Cancer" citing the arguments of BRCA testing. Thank you for sharing this interesting contribution, Steven! Congratulations!

Amanda Mejia and other members of the SMART group at Johns Hopkins, including Faculty members Ciprian M Crainiceanu, Brian Caffo, and Martin Lindquist and PhD student Haochang Shou published a paper on creating reliable parcellations of individual brains. The paper is titled "Improving Reliability of Subject-Level Resting-State fMRI Parcellation with Shrinkage Estimators". Congratulations to Amanda and all of our Biostatistics Department contributors: Haochang, Ciprian, Brian, and Martin!

We are very pleased to announce the promotion of Ingo Ruczinski, a great friend and colleague, to full professor within the Department! Ingo comes from a rich background of achievements and has a continuous strive for excellence as an educator. We are incredibly proud of the contributions Ingo has made to better his research, the School, and all those around him. We are honored to have him with us and excited to share in his future with Johns Hopkins Biostatistics. Way to go, Ingo!

August 2014

Our Sr. Department Administrator, Debra Moffitt, was featured in an article in the Baltimore Sun for her amazing talent: painting. The article titled, "'Local Color 2014' exhibit at Artists' Gallery Looks at Howard Landscapes" written by Mike Giuliano described the artwork featured in the annual exhibit at Artists' Gallery. The painting on display at the exhibit was a beautifully drawn sailboat tied to a dock that has been drained of water. Congratulatons, Debra!

July 2014

Steven Salzberg, a member of the Department of Biostatistics, contributed an interesting blog post with Forbes Online. The article titled "Should We Stop Teaching Calculus In High School?", Salzberg argues the revamping of Mathematics curriculum to include computer science and statistics courses rather than calculus.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Colantuoni and Elizabeth Sugar who both were recently promoted to Associate Scientist! Their respective contributions and leadership within the department as well as within the statistical world aided in the decision to promote. We are thrilled to have them with the Biostatistics Department and very excited to share in their many accomplishments in the future. Congratulations Elizabeth C and Elizabeth S!

Congratulations to Roger Peng for his contribution of two papers that were published this month. The first, a paper titled, "Estimating the Health Benefit of Reducing Indoor Air Pollution in Randomized Environmental Intervention" which was featured in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society online in July 2014. Peng, listed as first author, contributed work with six other authors: Arlene M. Butz, Amber J. Hackstadt, D'Ann L. Williams, Gregory B. Diette, Patrick N. Breysse and Elizabeth C. Matsui. (Update: paper was again published in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Statistics in Society): Volume 178, Issue 2, Pages 425-443, February 2015). The second, a paper titled, "A Bayesian Multivariate Receptor Model for Estimating Source Contributions to Particulate Matter Pollution using National Databases" was written by Amber J. Hackstadt and Roger D. Peng. Congratulations Roger on your impressive work!

Jeff Leek's Data Analysis class on online educational platform, Coursera, was listed as one of the top 12 free online classes for professionals by Business Insider. The article mentions Jeff's course as a great tool to learn the most effective data analysis methods to solve problems. Congratulations, Jeff for providing a solid education to professionals working toward bettering their specific careers.

June 2014

Congratulations to Ben Langmead, Biostatistics and Computer Science Facutly member, for his National Science Foundation CAREER Award. The award recognizes a high level of promise and excellence in early stage scholars. Read more on Ben Langmead's accomplishments and plans for his award: [Link Here]

Congratulations to Dr. Paige Maas who successfully defended her thesis! Her thesis title: "Synthesizing Data Sources to Develop and Update Risk Models". Paige now continues her career as a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Biostatistics Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the National Cancer Institute. Congratulations Paige on this incredible accomplishment!

Congratulations to Zhicheng Ji, the 2014 recipient of the Kocherlakota Award. This award honors outstanding achievement by a Biostatistics master's degree student on the first-year comprehensive examination. Way to go Zhicheng!

Yu Du received the PhD Examination Award which honors outstanding acheivement by a Biostatistics PhD student on the first-year comprehensive examination. Congratulations, Yu!

May 2014

Congratulations to Hali Hambridge (ScM alum), Nae-Yuh Wan (Faculty) and Brian Caffo (Faculty) for their recent induction into Delta Omega! Delta Omega is a national honors society for public health which was actually founded here at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 1924. This prestigious honor and tremendous accomplishment takes note to each of their hard work and dedication. We are honored to have each of you apart of our department! Congratulations Hali, Nae-Yu, and Brian!

Congratulations to Michael Rosenblum, Han Liu and En-Hsu Yen for their paper entitled "Optimal Tests of Treatment Effects for the Overall Population and Two Subpopulations in Randomized Trials, Using Sparse Linear Programming" which was published in the Journal of the American Statistical Association (JASA).

Elizabeth Colantuoni and Michael Rosenblum's working paper on "Leveraging Prognostic Baseling Variables to Gain Precision in Randomized Trials" was published to Johns Hopkins University Department's site of Working Papers this month. Their paper has also been published in Statistics in Medicine in the April 2014 Issue.

The month of May marks the end of the terms for students and a time to celebrate their commencement from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Congratulations to all of our Biostatistics graduates on their many accomplishments. We know you will go on to produce many great and substantial contributions in the world of public health.

April 2014

Roger Peng's class on Coursera recevied high praise in an article from the April edition of Pacific Standard Magazine in which it was proudly noted as "best class" on data analysis with R. The article titled, "You, Yes You, Can Analyze Data, Too" discusses the importance of data scientists as well as imply it as a lucrative and exciting emerging career. Congratulations, Roger and to all of the Biostatisticians for contributing to all the facinating treasures in the world!

Congratulations to Kasper Hansen who won a Faculty Innovation Award! Kasper continues to impress us with an innovative approach to learning and a striving passion for his research. We are thrilled to share in your success and proud of your accomplishments thus far with an eager anticipation of more to come. Congratulations, Kasper!

Tom Louis represented Johns Hopkins Biostatistics at the inauguration of the Gulf Cooperation Council Statistical Center during the International Forum on Transforming the Statistical System in GCC Countries: Productivity and New Data Challenges Symposium. The Inauguraton Ceremony was attended by leaders all over the world including senior government officials, National Statistical Offices, and diplomatic mission representatives from the GCC member states, as well as our very own, Tom Louis.

An exciting article from Fast Company Magazine, titled "Why the World's Largest Provider of Online Courses Thinks It's the Answer to Getting Ahead in the New Economy" involved our own Jeff Leek and his online Coursera class. The article provides a narrative of a recent college graduate named Andy who decided to continue his education through the help of Coursera, a free online educational platform, and Jeff Leek's Data Analysis course. For more on how Jeff's course helped to shape young Andy's future and the importance of ongoing online education, read the full story here.

Congratulations to Hopkins Biostatistics SMART group co-founders and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Biostatistics Faculty members Ciprian Crainiceanu and Brian Caffo for being named Fellows of the American Statistical Association (ASA). Honorees are nominated and selected based on outstanding professional contributions as well as distinguishsed leadership in the field of statistics science. A true achievement for Ciprian and Brian on being selected among peers as some of the best statistical scientists in the world. We are very proud of all you both have contributed in the biostatistics world, as well as within our school of public health. Congratulations Ciprian and Brian!

Amanda Mejia received honorable mention for the Gertrude M. Cox Scholarship Award. This award honors women in graduate statistics programs to encourage them to enter statistically oriented professions. A wonderful acheivement and honor to receive honorable mention for this scholarship award and we are excited to witness more accomplishments from Amanda in the future. Congratulations!

March 2014

In early March, Dr. Jenna Krall (Advisor: Roger Peng) successfully defended her Ph.D thesis. Her thesis title was "Statistical Methods for Linking the Chemical Composition of Particulate Matter to Health Outcomes". Upon completion, Jenna has entered the Department of Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Lastly, Jenna continued her series of accomplishments by being named The 2014 recipient of The Helen Abbey Award. This award honors a Biostatistics student for excellence in teaching. Congratulations, Jenna for an outstanding performance and we are excited to see more from you in the future!

The ENAR Conference was held in Baltimore this spring where Vadim Zipunnikov held an interesting discussion called, "Making sense of sensors: Statistical Methods for Wearable Computing" and departmental members received awards for their ENAR posters. Congratulations to Elizabeth Colantuoni and Michael Rosenblum, both faculty members, who won an ENAR poster award for their work in estimation of the population average treatment effect. Also, congratulations to Amanda Mejia for her ENAR 2014 Poster Award for her work on improving reliability of re-fMRI parcellation.

A successful conference with many congratulations to our whole Biostatistics department on all of their accomplishments and contributions to ENAR 2014!

Jiawei Bai received another award for his research on accelerometry. Congratulations to Jiawei who won the 2014 Louis I. and Thomas D. Dublin Award along with Kelly Searle from Epidemiology! This award celebrates the collaboration of students whose research focuses on the effective use of statistical reasoning and methods in epidemiology. This is a great accomplishment from Jiawei and we are excited to see more from him!

Dr. Ciprian M. Crainiceanu was a very happy Advisor this year with both of his advisees being the recipients of the 2014 Jane and Steve Dykacz Award. Congratulations to Lei Huang and Elizabeth Sweeney on this incredible accomplishment which recognizes an outstanding paper by a Biostatistics student in the area of medical statistics.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Stuart who has been named to PCORI's new Advisory Panel on Clinical Trials. For more information on the members and the panel, please visit the announcement: [LINK HERE].

February 2014

Congratulations to Ben Langmead on being named a 2014 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Scholar for Computational and Evolutionary Molecular Biology. Members awarded the Research Fellowship are a representation of the most promising, early-career, scientists. This tremendous accomplishment for Ben reiterates his dedication, passion and leadership in the scientific community. Congratulations, Ben!

The February Issue of the Journal of American Medicine Association (JAMA) featured the article, "Effect of Citalopram on Agitation in Alzheimer Disease: The CitAD Randomized Clinical Trial". The feature paper, which can be found here, included our own Constantine Frangakis as one of the co-authors. Congratulations, Constantine!

A hearty congratulations to the newly promoted Associate Professor Jeff Leek! His incredible passion for all things Biostatistics and leadership in the Johns Hopkins community made this promotion all the more appropriate. We are thrilled and honored to have you apart of the Hopkins Biostatistics family and excited for the many more accomplishments you will undoubtably be apart of.

January 2014

Student Science featured an article entitled: "Cool Jobs: Data Detectives" in which our very own faculty member, Brian Caffo was featured. The article, which can be viewed here, explains the wonderful discoveries and valuable information statisticians reveal to the world.

More accomplishments from our Biostatistics department were seen in January. Congratulations to Huitong Qiu who was awarded the 2014 Student/Young Researcher Paper Award sponsored by the ASA Risk Analysis Section. This award recognizes the best paper submitted to the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) in which the student submits his or her paper on new developments in risk analysis methodology or novel ideas for current risk methods. Congratulations, Huitong on this incredible accomplishment!

Also, a congratulations to Fang Han who was awarded the 2014 David P. Byar Young Investigator Travel Award sponsored by the ASA Biometric Section for his paper titled, "Sparse Median Graphs Estimation in a High Dimensional Semiparametric Model" (with co-authors Han Liu and Brian Caffo). This award is given to a young investigator for best paper submitted and presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM). The award honors the late David Byar, an esteemed Biostatistician with an incredible career of achievements, contributions, and mentorship with the National Cancer Institute. Congratulations, Fang on this well-deserved accomplishment!

We launched the Data Science specialization on Coursera in January of 2014, which can be found here. This 100% online educational platform allows anyone from all over the world to take the Data Science specialization course and receive a reconginzed certificate from Johns Hopkins University.

We are thrilled to announce a record number of PhD applications this year for Biostatistics. Our department is growing more than ever and we are excited for the future of stat!

December 2013

We had many award winning students in the month of Decemeber and we could not be more thrilled with their accomplishments! Three students received awards for best perfomance on their first year PhD and Masters exams: Congratulations to Yao Lu, Shili Zhang, and Jean-Philippe Fortin. The 2013 recipient of The June B. Culley Award was given to Juemin Yang (Advisor: Brian Caffo). This award honors a student for outstanding school-wide examaniation paper. The Margaret Merrell Award for outstanding research by a Biostatistics doctoral student went to Yingying Wei (Advisor: Hongkai Ji) for the 2013 year.

Congratulations again to all of our outstanding students!

A wonderful congratulations goes to Michael Rosenblum, who was approved for the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Funding for Methodological Research Project. His project titled, "Innovative Randomized Trial Designs to Generate Stronger Evidence about Subpopulation Benefits and Harms" focuses on the development of adaptive enrichment designs and a software tool to answer specific research questions for investigators to determine treatment benefits and harms for subpopulations. Congratulations, Michael!

November 2013

In the November issue of Amstat News, Brian Caffo, Jeff Leek, and Roger Peng discuss their own experiences teaching via MOOCs as well as their thoughts about the future of statistical education in light of increasing demand for online statistics courses.

Jeff Leek and Roger Peng interview Daphne Koller, Co-Founder of Coursera and Rajeev Motwani Professor of Computer Science at Standford University, discussing the Coursera platform and how it helped to change higher education. The interview can can be found on Jeff and Roger's (as well as Rafa Irizarry's) blog titled Simply Statistics. Congratulations Jeff and Roger on the success with each of their Coursera classes as well as their interesting online interview.

Congratulations to Jonathan Gellar and Huitong Qiu, winners of 2014 ENAR Distinguished Student Paper Awards! Jonathan's winning paper titled "Variable-Domain Functional Regression," and Huitong's, "Joint Estimation of Multiple Graphical Models from High Dimensional Dependent Data." We are thrilled for their accomplishments and excited to see more interesting research and awards come from both Jonathan and Huitong!

October 2013

Congratulations to our staff on their numerous accomplishments! Three staff members have been promoted in recent months: Anna Dent (to Budget Analyst); Ashley Gilliam (to Senior Administrative Coordinator); and Debra Moffitt (to Senior Administrative Manager). Additionally, our staff as a whole earned a perfect rating of 100% for both the last quarter of FY13 and first quarter of FY14 on the most recent Sponsored Composite Report Card for our School, adding to an already-impressive rating of 96% aggregated over the past year.

We appreciate all you do to make us the best we can be!

The September 21-27 issue of the Lancet features an article by Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers including Gayane Yenokyan, "Patterns in coverage of maternal, newborn, and child health interventions: projections of neonatal and under-5 mortality to 2035." In the paper, Gayane and her co-authors estimated historical trends in various well-proven interventions’ "coverage"—the proportion of individuals needing the intervention who actually receive it, and used their estimates to project rates of child and neonatal mortality in 2035 in 74 countries. They concluded that feasible improvements in intervention coverage can achieve substantial reductions in child mortality. Congratulations to Gayane, first author Neff Walker, and their colleagues in the work!

Through a series of articles in recent issues of Amstat News,the American Statistical Association has been attempting to increase interest among statistics students and faculty in NSF and NIH pre-doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships. Acompanion piece�profiled PhD candidate Amanda Mejia, along with several other NSF fellowship recipients.

September 2013

The journal Biometrics recently featured work by PhD graduate Simina Boca on a new decision-theory approach to the analysis of gene sets. The paper addresses a key problem in high-dimensional significance analysis: to find pre-defined sets that show enrichment for a statistical signal of interest such as occurs when genes are differentially expressed. Its results provide an elegant framework for analysis that addresses the key issues of overlapping annotations and difficulty in interpreting p values in both competitive and self-contained tests. Congratulations for this nice contribution to Simina and co-authors Hector Corrada Bravo (former postdoctoral fellow), Brian Caffo and Jeff Leek (current faculty members), and Giovanni Parmigiani (former faculty member)!

We are very pleased to announce that Hongkai Ji has been promoted to associate professor. Our department celebrates the high scientific quality and importance of his work, the broad dissemination of his work in leading journals (along with the impact of his work through widely-used software), his exceptional clarity and skill as a lecturer, and his dedication as a mentor and departmental citizen. Congratulations, Hongkai! You make our whole department better. We are enormously proud of you.

Congratulations to Rick Thompson and his colleagues on their recent receipt of a NIH grant to serve as the Data Coordinating Center for the MISTIE III stroke trial. MISTIE III is 5-year, international, multi-center phase III clinical trial that will investigate a novel minimally invasive neurosurgical technique for the treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). There are currently no proven therapies for ICH, a condition with a one-year mortality rate greater than 40%. In addition, long-term functional impairment for ICH is substantially greater than with ischemic stroke, resulting in disastrous personal, social and economic consequences that impact approximately 100,000 Americans each year. The primary hypothesis of this trial is that rapid reduction of ICH blood clot volume within the first 3 to 4 days post-onset via minimally invasive surgery will result in better functional outcomes in recovering patients when compared to ICH clot resolution through standard of care medical management.

Congratulations also to Rick’s Clinical and Biostatistics collaborators on the project: Daniel Hanley, Professor of Neurology and the Principal Investigator of the Clinical Coordinating Center for MISTIE III, Michael Rosenblum,Gayane Yenokyan, Marie Diener-West, Carol Thompson, Andre Hackman, and Josh Betz.

Congratulations to Leah Jager and Jeff Leek, whose paper "An estimate of the science-wise false discovery rate and application to the top medical literature," has just appeared via advance access in Biostatistics with discussion from an eminent panel including Yoav Benjamini, Andrew Gelman, Steve Goodman, and D. R. Cox. Jeff has posted a superb summary making the paper and all the discussions easily accessible on Simply Statistics. The compendium comprises a read that is both thought-provoking and entertaining. We are extremely proud of this work and the outstanding scientific discourse it has generated.

Postdoctoral fellow Brooke Anderson has been awarded a K99-R00 grant from the NIH to investigate the health effects of climate related disasters in the United States. Her research will develop models to investigate effects of cyclonic storms such as hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical depressions on all-cause morbidity and mortality, and then apply these methods to investigate the effects of cyclonic storms on human health in the United States. Brooke’s grant will support her in completing another 1-2 years of training here with us, and then her initial period as an assistant professor in her first faculty position.

Brooke also has just been named as a runner-up for the 2013 Rothman Prize for her paper "Lights Out: Impact of the August 2003 Power Outage on Mortality in New York, NY," co-authored with Michelle Bell. The Rothman Prize is awarded each year for the best paper in the journal Epidemiology.

Congratulations, Brooke! Congratulations too to her advisor, Roger Peng.

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Jeff Leek, whose online data analysis course was featured in a recentQuartz article on the 10 Coursera courses with the highest enrollment.

Congratulations to Dan Scharfstein & colleagues for being awarded a PCORI Methodology research grant, "Sensitivity Analysis Tools for Clinical Trials with Missing Data." This project aims to address the problem of missing outcome data in clinical trials by: (a) creating unified and coherent methods for global sensitivity analysis of clinical trials with monotone and non-monotone missing data; (b) developing free, open source and reproducible software in SAS and R to implement the methods; (c) demonstrating the methods and software using clinical trial data with patient-centered outcomes; and (d) disseminating the methods and software. The tools to be created will innovatively augment those available to clinical researchers to combat this important problem. Dan's co-investigators in the work to be done are Liz Stuart, Aidan McDermott, and Tianjing Li.

Congratulations to PhD candidate Therri Usher, who has been accepted into the inaugural cohort of the Johns Hopkins Preparing Future Faculty Teaching Academy. Program participants will acquire an overview of pedagogy, explore different educational models, acquire teaching and assessment skills, and work with faculty teaching mentors in a classroom, online course, or laboratory environment. An optional component at the end of the program will offer the opportunity for participants who wish to explore the possibility of contributing to the scholarship of teaching and learning to develop teaching-as-research projects as part of their hands- on teaching experience.

August 2013

We are very pleased to announce that Ciprian Crainiceanu has been promoted to Professor. Ciprian’s accomplishments were outstandingly lauded by those who wrote letters to review his academic record, a panel truly notable as luminaries in our field. Among many impacts of the prolific body of work Ciprian has led, his scholarship is making it possible to conduct rigorous analyses of data acquired through imaging, wearable computing, and other data-intensive measurement modalities with sufficient computational efficiency that the methods can be feasibly applied in epidemiological cohort studies -- a true breakthrough for leveraging these data to improve the public health. Moreover he has contributed to discovery regarding a host of specific health problems, from mapping brain function in older adults with Alzheimer’s disease, to delineating neural changes and brain lesion processes accompanying multiple sclerosis, to characterizing sleep quality and determining its effects on health outcomes, to understanding patterns of activity in older adults using accelerometers, to quantifying measurement error in observational studies. Finally he is an exceptionally energetic and effective teacher and mentor and a valued colleague. Ciprian makes us better in so many tangible and intangible ways. Congratulations, Ciprian!

Faculty members Brian Caffo, Ciprian Crainiceanu, and Martin Lindquist have written a nice editorial for the Huffington Post on theneed for statisticians in neuroimaging.

July 2013

The July 22 issue of the New York Times highlights recent work by O. Joseph Bienvenu et al, with statistical contributions from Biostatistics PhD candidate Jonathan Gellar, ScM alumnus Ben Althouse, and Assistant Scientist Elizabeth Colantuoni. It is estimated that 35% of patients surviving ICU stays for critical illness present with PTSD symptoms within the first two years after the ICU stay. The NYT article provides several disturbing personal accounts of PTSD symptoms along with highlighting the need for physical AND mental health evaluations in ICU survivors.

Congratulations to PhD candidate Jonathan Gellar, who won the best student paper award at the Statistical Modeling Society's 28th International Workshop on Statistical Modeling (IWSM). Our department was also represented by ScM graduate and incoming PhD candidate Elizabeth Sweeney and PhD candidate Jiawei Bai, both of whom gave excellent presentations and made a huge impression on the organizers. The IWSM is one of Europe's most important statistics conferences and was attended by more than 200 researchers from the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Ireland, Brazil, Chile, and the UK.

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Jeff Leek, who has been awarded an NIH R01 grant to develop methods for characterizing and addressing biological and technical variation in RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) data, and software by which to implement them. RNA seq has become the method of choice for making measurements of gene expression. However statistical methods are needed to ensure the interpretability of these data. Dr. Leek’s proposal will tackle three key challenges: to estimate and remove hidden artifacts in the data, to create methods that can account for differential expression but do not require annotation or genome assembly, and to develop methods to correct ambiguous, variable and unidentifiable assemblies. Dr. Leek’s work will create a modular, integrated pipeline which promises to increase researchers’ capacity to exploit RNA seq data to discover the molecular architecture of diseases and develop prognostic signatures through which at-risk patients can be identified and treated.

Assistant Scientist Gayane Yenkoyan, in collaboration with lead author Mark Riddle and others, has been selected to receive the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry's Elaine Schlosser Lewis Award for best paper on ADHD appearing in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry over the past year. Their paper, entitled "The Preschool Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment Study (PATS) 6-Year Follow-Up," appeared in the March issue of the JAACAP. The award is scheduled to be presented at the AACAP's annual meeting in October. Congratulations, Gayane and colleagues!

June 2013

Congratulations to Jean-Philippe Fortin, the recipient of this year's award honoring outstanding performance by a PhD student on the Biostatistics first-year comprehensive exam. Congratulations also to Yao Lu and Shilu Zhang, co-recipients of the Kocherlakota Award, which honors outstanding performance by a master’s student on the Biostatistics first-year comprehensive exam. Jean-Philippe, Yao, and Shilu will be presented with their awards at an upcoming ceremony in the fall—date to be announced.

Congratulations to PhD candidate Fang Han, who was recently awarded a 2013 Global Google PhD Fellowship (one of only 15 students from the US and Canada). The program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students from around the world who are pursuing work in computer science, related disciplines or promising research areas.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Martin Lindquist, who has been awarded an NIH R01 grant to develop a basic framework for causal inference in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) research. Researchers use techniques such as fMRI to study effects of external stimuli on human brain function and causal relations among different brain regions. The concern with causal issues has prompted much work; however, in this work associations frequently have been interpreted as effects, often inappropriately. This is a major problem for a field where causation occupies center stage. In addition to the development of a rigorous causal framework fMRI research, Dr. Lindquist's work will also extend the statistical literature on mediation, leading to a body of methods for causal inference with high dimensional data.

May 2013

Congratulations to Marie Diener-West, who has been named by the Student Assembly for the 2013 Golden Apple Award for teaching excellence, large class size. The Golden Apple is the highest teaching recognition of our School, reserved to individuals in four class size / type categories per year. This is Marie’s 7th (!) instance of receiving the award. The department is grateful to Marie for the excellence she brings to the department. For all of us who work with her, it is truly our privilege. Way to go, Marie!

In work recently appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Assistant ProfessorHongkai Ji, with PhD graduate Yang Ning and others, addresses an emerging problem in functional genomics—how multiple types of high-throughput genomic data can be analyzed jointly to reveal differences between cell types, disease states, or other biological conditions. His methodology provides a unique solution to this problem by integrating unsupervised pattern discovery, dimension reduction and statistical tests into a single framework. The authors illustrate the broad utility of their work by predicting how transcription factors differentially regulate their target genes.

The journal Biometrics recently featured work by Associate ProfessorCiprian Crainiceanu, with PhD graduateJeff Goldsmith and former postdoctoral fellow Sonja Greven, on a method for obtaining correct curve estimates by accounting for uncertainty in functional principal components (FPC) decompositions.

The New England Journal of Medicine recently published work by Associate ProfessorMartin Lindquist, with co-authors, on possible uses of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in pain assessment.

Assistant Scientist Elizabeth Colantuoni and Research Associate Amy Wozniak were part of the research team whose work on the follow-up evaluation of an NHLBI study on acute lung injury appeared in a recent issue of the journal BMJ.

PhD candidate Fang Han will receive the International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA)'s Student Paper Award at the ICSA/International Society for Biopharmaceutical Statistics (ISBS) 2013 Joint Conference, to be held in June. Fang's winning paper is entitled "Optimal Sparse PCA in High Dimensional Elliptical Model" and was written in collaboration with our adjunct faculty member Han Liu.

We congratulate all these colleagues on their notable contributions to scholarship this spring!

April 2013

The Huffington Post recently featured an article by faculty member Tom Louis, with colleage Rod Little, on the work of the Census Bureau. Besides being a Professor of Biostatistics, Tom also serves as Associate Director for Research and Methodology as well as Chief Scientist at the Census Bureau.

Congratulations to postdoctoral fellow Guy Mahiane, who was awarded the French Statistical Society's Prix du Docteur Norbert Marx for his 2010 article "Mathematical models for coinfection by two sexually transmitted agents: the human immunodeficiency virus and herpes simplex virus type 2 case" (Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series C Applied Statistics).

March 2013

The Departments of Biostatistics and Epidemiology are pleased to announce that the winning proposals for this year's Louis I. and Thomas D. Dublin Award are from Jenna Krall from the Department of Biostatistics and from Andrew Azman from the Department of Epidemiology. While there were many strong applications, the award committee chose their proposals (“Estimating Health Effects of Particulate Matter Sources Using Factor Analysis When Data Are Censored Below the Detection Limit,” and “Heterogeneity in Cholera Transmission and Its Implications for Reactive Vaccination,” respectively) as best exemplifying the award's goal of fostering research and education at the interface of biostatistics and epidemiology.

Congratulations to PhD student Jiawei Bai (advisor:Vadim Zipunnikov), this year's recipient of the Jane and Steve Dykacz Award, which was established by our alumna, Janice Dykacz (PhD 1982-83), to honor her parents through recognition of an outstanding paper by a Biostatistics student in the area of medical statistics. Jiawei ’s winning paper is entitled “Normalization and Extraction of Interpretable Metrics from Raw Accelerometry Data.”

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Jeff Leek and jointly-appointed faculty member Steven Salzberg, whose commentary on sequestration has appeared in a recent issue of Genome Biology.

Fang Han has won a 2013 AISTATS Notable Paper Award for work he submitted together with Adjunct Faculty member Han Liu and Zhaoran Wang. AISTATS is one of the leading conferences on Machine Learning in Computer Science. At the conference, to occur later this year, Fang will provide an oral presentation of his winning paper "Sparse Principal Component Analysis for High Dimensional Multivariate Time Series." Among 211 paper submissions, only 24 were selected for oral presentation, and just 6 were selected as "Notable Papers." We congratulate Fang and his co-authors on their excellent work!

Congratulations to Steven Salzberg, who has been named the recipient of the 2013 Benjamin Franklin Award for Promoting Open Access in the Life Sciences. In the award citation, Dr. Salzberg was lauded for his many contributions to open access bioinformatics software, spanning packages for bacterial gene finding, whole-genome alignment, next-generation sequencing analysis, and genome assembly. The citation also noted Dr. Salzberg’s public advocacy for greater sharing of data and against software and gene patents. More information may be found here. Dr. Salzberg is a jointly-appointed professor in the department as well as Professor of Medicine.

Congratulations to this year's recipients of the Helen Abbey Award for Excellence in Teaching: Kirsten Lum, Therri Usher, and George Wu.

Congratulations to Postdoctoral Fellow Sherri Rose, whose article "Mortality risk score prediction in an elderly population using machine learning” has been selected as the Editor's Choice in the current issue of theAmerican Journal of Epidemiology (AJE). In the article, SuperLearner--an ensemble approach that produces a prediction function from among multiple candidates--was found to outperform other algorithms for predicting mortality in older adults.

Congratulations to Associate Professor Ingo Ruczinski, his mentee Shelley Herbrich, and their colleagues, who have just published work challenging the standard paradigm for analyzing proteomic experiments based on isobaric labeling methods with reporter fragment ions. Such experiments typically include a common reference standard, in which protein relative abundance is estimated and combined across multiple experiments ("masterpool"). The new work shows that using such a reference standard is counterproductive - one can obtain more precise estimates of protein relative abundance by processing the available biological data instead through a random intercept model. You can check it out in the December, 2012 issue of the Journal of Proteome Research.

February 2013

Congratulations to Shanshan Li (Advisor:Mei-Cheng Wang; Co-Advisor:Brian Caffo), this year's recipient of the Margaret Merrell Award, established in 1995 by the friends, colleagues, and former students of the late faculty member Dr. Margaret Merrell (ScD, 1930). This award recognizes outstanding research by a Biostatistics doctoral student.

January 2013

Kudos to Biostatistics student Hilary Parker, whose data-informed reflections on the demise in popularity of her name have been picked up by New York Magazine. In the piece, originally posted on her blog, Hilary compares the precipitous decline in the frequency of "Hilary" as a choice of baby name occurring in 1993 to other female names most dramatically declining in popularity in the US over the last 132 years. You can check out her findings here. Congratulations, Hilary!

Congratulations to Professor Constantine Frangakis, who has been awarded a four-year NIH R01 grant to develop designs and methods to accurately estimate survival in programs such a PEPFAR. Dropout poses a severe challenge for such estimation. Professor Frangakis has previously developed designs in which a subset of those dropping out are targeted and intensively pursued, termed "double sampling" designs. The current work will develop methods to estimate survival from an existing double sampling design as well as create new double-sampling designs optimizing accuracy subject to cost constraints and that best target clinical goals. Professor Frangakis will lead a team of collaborators including former student Ming An in the work.

In work recently appearing in the Journal of the American Statistical Association(107:1297-1309, 2012) Associate Professor Martin Lindquist has published methodology allowing for the application of structural equations models (SEMs) with functional data analysis. The work specifically evaluates mediation, that is, a treatment-to-outcome causal effect mechanism that operates partly through intermediate variables. Dr. Lindquist's work allows a mediating variable to be a continuous function rather than a scalar measure and supplies sufficient conditions for identifying the average causal effects of the functional mediators using the extended SEM. The work has potential to illuminate brain connectivity, as a specific example, and to the best of our knowledge, provides the first extension of SEM and application of causal inference to the FDA framework

Professor Mei-Cheng Wang and student Shanshan Li have developed a new tool for evaluating the predictive accuracy of biomarkers using tree-based classification rules. Their research extends the conceptual framework, methods and properties of Receiver Operating Curve (ROC) analysis from the assessment of single markers at a time to a multivariate marker setting. The new procedures are useful for evaluating predictive accuracy based on different choices of markers as well as for evaluating different and-or combinations in classifiers. The work recently appeared in Biometrics.

We are pleased to announce that Brian Caffo has been promoted to the rank of Professor. Our department celebrates Brian’s many research achievements, excellence as an educator, generous contributions to better the School, profession, and all of us, and outstanding recognition for the same. Congratulations, Brian: we're very proud of you!