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The Inaugural Ross Royall Symposium: From Individuals to Populations

Friday, February 26, 2016 - Wood Basic Sciences Auditorium​

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of Biostatistics is pleased to announce the inaugural Ross-Royall symposium to be held on Friday February 26, 2016.  The goal is to highlight recent advances in statistical methods for making population inferences in public health, and will honor the contributions made in this area by Alan Ross and Richard Royall, both former faculty in the JHBSPH Department of Biostatistics, and will be held in conjuction with the School's Centennial celebrations.  There will be a particular focus on innovative methods that allow for valid population inferences despite the lack of formally representative data sources, or for enhancing inferences by combining multiple data sources.

The symposium will feature 3 sessions with leading researchers in the field as well as a concluding panel discussion.  Talks will cover topics ranging from how internet surveys can be used to answer questions about populations, as well as how we can learn more about the effectiveness of interventions at a population level.  An emphasis will be on how recent statistical advances can help improve public health.

The Ross-Royall Symposium is the kickoff event for the Johns Hopkins Department of Biostatistics Ross-Royall Initiative, a program which aims to support scholarship in the Ross-Royall tradition.  The Initiative fosters a critical mass of Johns Hopkins faculty, students, and post-doctoral fellows in advancing the next generation of scholarship on population-based estimation and inference in public health.  It does so by supporting the education of trainees and salary of junior faculty pursuing such scholarship as well as pilot research needed to obtain grant funding for further research programs and events such as today's.  It has been made possible through a generous donation by a Johns Hopkins Statistics alumnus.  The Department is deeply grateful for this gift and the opportunities it makes possible.

The Ross-Royall Symposium Video is now available! Also, please check out the "Meet the Speakers" section for all of the presentation slides. 


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