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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Mindy Graham

" I was interested in conducting biomedical research that was relevant to public health. Johns Hopkins not only offers a graduate degree in biochemistry and molecular biology in a school of public health, but also has a well-established reputation for training quality scientists. There's an incredible amount of resources and opportunities available at the university, and students attending the Bloomberg School of Public Health would agree that the Hopkins community is a collegial and supportive environment."
Mindy Graham, current BMB PhD Student

Mike Estrella

“The faculty and staff are central to the Department's strength, which is to provide a supportive environment. They set the tone for scientific excellence and professional rigor   along with with a friendly and collaborative atmosphere for students. This makes science fun and creates an environment in which you can thrive professionally.”  
Mike Estrella, current BMB PhD Student  

Lauren Matthews

I chose to come to BMB because of the high level of faculty interaction with students.  The faculty are extremely approachable and really go out of their way to support students and their research. One of the highlights of being a student in the BMB department is being located in the School of Public Health.  In addition to all of our core basic science classes, we are also able to take public health classes These classes have been invaluable in expanding my thinking as a scientist and I am able to think very broadly about the public health relevance of my research.”
Lauren Matthews, current BMB PhD Student

Nick Sapp

"BMB faculty create an environment that encourages young scientists to become  
autonomous and investigate topics that have a broader impact on society,  
with their training and guidance available when needed."  

Nick Sapp, current BMB PhD Student  


Val Olmos

“BMB offers the best of both worlds.  A small department where you get to know and learn from all the faculty, students, and postdocs set in a collegiate world-class institution with all of those resources at your disposal.” 
 Val Olmos, BMB PhD Alum


Katherine Reiter

“When you walk down the hallways of BMB, everyone knows your name. The friendly   atmosphere and plethora of techniques used across the department makes training and collaborating as easy as walking across the hall.”  
Kaherine Reiter, current BMB PhD Student   

Ray Enke

“I chose Johns Hopkins because of its reputation for being an outstanding basic science and clinical research institution. While at BMB, I had the opportunity to work on a wide array of research projects ranging from clinical-based studies dealing directly with patients to molecular-based projects in animal and plant models of disease and development.” 
Ray Enke, BMB PhD Alum

Kate Laws

“BMB combines the benefits of a small department with the resources of a much larger   community. We have an enthusiastic Chair and faculty with fairly diverse research interests,   which students are encouraged to explore.”  
Kate Laws, current BMB Student  

Xin Sun

“BMB provides an intimate environment. The “open door” policy means that the faculty are always willing to discuss scientific questions and give an abundance of help with just a knock on their door. The collegial nature of the department means there is always help, not just with ideas, but with help in using equipment and reagents from other labs. Although BMB is a small department, it sits within the large Johns Hopkins community so we benefit from all that has to offer including seminars, collaborations and core facilities.”
Xin Sun, current BMB PhD Student