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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Support for Our Students and Trainees

An important and exciting aspect of the BMB mission is to educate and train the next generation of biochemists, public health researchers and professionals through its vibrant master’s, PhD and postdoctoral training programs.

The Department has developed a number of enrichment activities, held on a regular basis, to enhance the experience of its trainees. Additionally, the Department has sought to maintain the facilities that are essential for the success of its trainees. Examples of the latter include computer facilities, study rooms, support for attending scientific meetings and multi-user equipment.

Trainees in BMB stand to benefit tremendously from gifts targeted to support these crucially important endeavors.

Elsie EntwisleA recent example of a gift that made a difference is the PhD student computer suite. The gift was made in the memory of Ms. Elsie Entwisle (pictured at right), who had a close to 40-year long career at Hopkins that culminated in her assuming the position of department administrator, starting in 1976 until her retirement in 2000. The nurturing of students and trainees always was a high priority for Elsie, who passed away in 2011 after a long and happy life.

The gift, therefore, was very much in keeping with who she was and what she valued. The Department recognized the tremendous legacy of Ms. Elsie Entwisle in a special reception held on November 16, 2012. The event, which is related in pictures below, was a tremendous success.

The PhD computer suite is but one among many examples of how BMB can directly benefit from gifts aimed at creating an environment that supports the success of its students and trainees. The recognition of trainees for outstanding achievements, for instance, represents an area of continuous need. Please contact our chair Pierre Coulombe with questions relative to these needs.

You can also contact the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology to learn more.