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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Recently Recruited Faculty

Jiou WangJiou Wang

  Rank: Assistant Professor
  Joined BMB: November 1, 2009
  Upbringing: China

  Previous Position: Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Arthur Horwich,
  HHMI/Yale University;  Dr. David Borchelt, Johns Hopkins University

Jiou Wang ResearchResearch interests: We aim to understand the basic mechanisms of neurodegeneration and protein quality control. Our goal is to describe at the molecular and cellular levels how specific neurons degenerate, how protein folding and misfolding operate in the cell, and how protective systems fail in neurodegenerative diseases. Using molecular, cellular and biochemical approaches, including C. elegans and mice, we are seeking key genes and pathways to better elucidate human neurodegeneration.

“Neurodegeneration is a poorly understood biomedical phenomenon and a major public health challenge in our increasingly aging society. Hopkins is a special place for basic science research that has a bearing on health. Since I was a graduate student here, the excellent academic environment has always excited me.The BMB faculty, students, postdocs and staff are the most supportive colleagues that I have ever seen."
- Jiou Wang