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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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First online offering now available


The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has long been at the forefront of online education, and is one of the finest centers for teaching and learning in the country.

In academic year 2013-2014, the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology proudly joined the JHSPH ranks that provide online education offerings, with an online version of Course 120.620, Fundamentals of Reproductive Biology, co-directed by Terry Brown and Barry Zirkin. It includes modules taught by Janice Evans and Bill Wright. The course is composed of online lectures and LiveChat sessions, and attracts students from on-campus degree programs as well as those in multiple distance education programs.

This first BMB online offering ushers in a new era for BMB educational initiatives, and allows BMB to add to the JHSPH mission of global outreach, touching students far beyond our campus walls in Baltimore. There are nearly 150 online courses in the JHSPH portfolio, although the representation of course offerings in the biomedical sciences is modest. With Course 120.620 running in its second year, BMB aspires to add more to the online arena.

The syllabus for the “120.620 Fundamentals of Reproductive Biology” course can be found here.

Additional information about activities in BMB that are relevant to reproductive biology can be found here.