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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

BMB Master of Science (ScM)

The Master of Science (ScM) is a two-year program that is perfect for students who wish to obtain a blend of coursework with rigorous training in laboratory research. Typically, ScM graduates continue their training in healthcare, or advanced PhD graduate research study, or obtain positions in industry or government.

In the first year, the ScM program includes most courses of the Master of Health Science (MHS) program, which is focused around biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, reproductive biology, and the biology of disease and public health, combined with an additional laboratory component. The first-year laboratory component acquaints ScM students with basic research in the biomedical sciences through work under the guidance of a faculty member and introduces hands-on experience in laboratory research. In the second year, under the guidance of a faculty mentor, ScM students conduct independent, original research, which culminates in an ScM thesis. Students are also required to present their findings at a departmental retreat and/or national meetings. Additionally, ScM students have the opportunity to publish their results in peer-reviewed journals.

Admission to the second year of the ScM is based upon the student's academic performance and on the student’s ability to secure a lab placement. MHS students interested in transferring to the ScM are strongly encouraged to enroll in the MHS Student Research course (Course number = 120.821) or Advanced MHS Student Research (Course number = 120.825) during their MHS year. Lab placements are limited, and previous bench research experience is preferred.


All applications should be submitted through SOPHAS. The application deadline is June 1. For details on how to apply for the ScM, please visit Apply to a BMB Master’s Program.

Financial Aid

MHS and ScM students can be supported by student loans and work-study programs. Additional information on financial aid for MHS and ScM students is available from the Office of Student Affairs within the Bloomberg School.