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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

BMB 2018 Research Photo Contest Awardees

Provost's Office Research Team Photo Contest


Winner: Dr. Aravinthkumar Jayabalan 

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Leung Lab

“Hijacking at the Cellular Level”:  Upon infection, viruses usually seize and utilize host cellular resources to replicate their own genomes. The captured image shows one cell that has been infected by chikungunya virus (cell with yellow foci). Cells were stained with antibodies that recognize G3BP, a cellular protein (red), and nsP3, a viral protein (green). nsP3 efficiently sequesters G3BP to promote viral replication complex formation.  Blocking the association nsP3 with G3BP is an active target for antiviral development.


JHSPH Dean’s Photo Contest



Winner: Justin Jacob

PhD Candidate in the Coulombe - Matunis Lab

“Keratins are Going Nuclear”:  Recently discovered nuclear keratin proteins (red, green; yellow where they overlap) can play many roles within the cell nucleus (blue), such as gene expression, DNA damage sensing and repair, and nuclear architecture, which may have implications for the development of novel treatments to prevent cancer and other diseases.


The winning photos can be viewed at and they will be published in the next edition of the Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine and will be displayed on the Wall of Wonder. 

Sincere Congratulations to Aravinth and Justin for their fine work!