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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Next Generation of Faculty Leaders

Faculty is both the heart and brain of academia.

Faculty LeadersThis department is extremely fortunate in that it successfully recruited an astounding nine outstanding scientists, with many at the junior level, to its faculty since 2008. Such recruitments have enabled the department and the school to strenghten their research expertise and teaching competencies in several important areas, including structural biology and the fight against malaria (Scott Bailey and Jürgen Bosch), stress response biology, metabolic disease and cancer risk (Pierre Coulombe, Val Culotta, Fengyi Wan and Anthony Leung), protein misfolding and the risk for chronic neurodegenerative diseases (Jiou Wang) and reproductive and stem cell biology (Daniela Drummond-Barbosa and Philip Jordan). More can be learned here about these individuals, their backgrounds, and their research interests.

The department is also a pipeline for the next generation of leading researchers and educators in medicine and public health. Our alums are now pursuing independent careers in academia, government agencies and the private sector. Please visit the sections entitled Academic Programs and For Students and Postdocs for more information about relevant programs and opportunities.

Photo Caption: Recently recruited BMB faculty relaxing and catching up with one another on the front steps of the Bloomberg School building. Informal interactions are one way through which the powerful collaborative and collegial sprit that prevails at the School and throughout Johns Hopkins University is manifested. Clockwise from top left: Scott Bailey (wearing an orange sweater), Fengyi Wan, Jiou Wang, Anthony Leung, Jürgen Bosch, and Daniela Drummond-Barbosa.