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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Multidisciplinary Research Teams

A team approach represents the most effective strategy to tackle complex research issues as well as educate and train the next generation of leaders in public health and biomedical research.

Research TeamsOur laboratories are headed by faculty members leading research teams made up of Master’s and Predoctoral (PhD) degree students, postdoctoral fellows, and professional staff whom work closely together to enact the mission of the laboratory.

Through formal collaborations and a myriad of informal consults and relationships, research laboratories are part of a broader network within and beyond the Department that enhances the pace of progress and also enriches the experience we have as individuals. Learn more about educational and training opportunities in BMB.

Photo Caption: Recent picture of William (Bill) Wright, front center and back, a Professor in the Department, surrounded by four Master’s degree students pursing research projects in his laboratory. Since this picture was taken in 2011 these students have all graduated with ScM degrees and are now pursuing new opportunities as follows (clockwise from left): Eyden Sayah is a medical student in California; Ben Smith is a laboratory staff in the Boston area and is bound for medical school; Carla Chen is a laboratory staff in the laboratory of Dr. Anthony Leung, a recent recruit to the BMB faculty, and Dolly Singh stayed on in Dr. Wright’s laboratory where she is currently pursuing a PhD degree.