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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

A Winter Wonderland in BMB

The Department celebrated the season with the annual holiday party on December 13. This year’s theme was “Winter Wonderland,” and festivities a coat drive and a challenge to labs and offices across the department to create the best gingerbread and snowman creations.

The coat drive collected over 100 items of warm clothing, including 70 coats, plus hats, gloves, boots, and more. The donated clothing will be distributed by The Men and Families Center, a SOURCE community-based partner organization.

There were 11 entries to the gingerbread and snowman contest. The gingerbread contest winner was the Bailey Lab’s A Very Crispr Christmas, a gingerbread model of a bacterial cell fighting off a phage infection using Crispr. The snowman contest winner was the Jordan Lab’s snowmouse.

Check out the photos in our slideshow below!