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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

2015 Achievement Awards 

BMB announced the winners of the 2015 Achievement Awards in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The awards recognize past pioneers of our Department, and are made possible because of the generosity of the BMB faculty and, importantly, of the family of the late John Scocca, a long-term member of our faculty who retired in 2008. 

John Scocca Award


John Scocca Achievement Award is presented to Dr. Casey Daniels (Leung lab) 

The 2015 John Scocca Award for excellence in research on the part of a Ph.D. graduate student is awarded to Casey Daniels. Casey has successfully established a method to map sites of poly-ADP-ribosylation on proteins, a long-awaited tour-de-force that that was published last year in a beautiful paper that appeared in the J of Proteome Research.  


Lawrence Grossman Award


Larry Grossman Achievement Award is presented to Dr. Ryan Hobbs (Coulombe lab)

The 2015 Lawrence Grossman Award for excellence in research on the part of a postdoctoral fellow is awarded to Ryan Hobbs. Ryan has leaded a long-haul effort in the Coulombe laboratory to expand on the observation that the expression of select keratins, in this case Keratin 17, in tumor keratinocytes impacts the course of tumorigenesis in skin via a modulation of the expression of genes encoding inflammatory and immune response mediators. These findings were published in a paradigm-shifting paper that appeared in Nature Genetics.

Sharon Krag Award

chynnaSharon Krag Achievement Award is presented to Ms. Chynna Broxton (Culotta lab)

The 2015 Sharon Krag Award for outstanding leadership on the part of a Ph.D. graduate student or postdoctoral fellow is awarded to Chynna Broxton. Chynna is a natural leader and is dedicated to the Baltimore community youth and, specifically, to individuals from underrepresented minority and disadvantaged backgrounds. She co-leads the departmental journal club and is also a key contributor to a new forum designed to enhance the professional development of PhD students.


Sincere Congratulations to Chynna, Ryan and Casey on receiving these very special honors!

2nd Annual Achievement Awards Ceremony was held on January 12, 2016. 




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