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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

logoLogo BMB Centennial Celebration

MARCH, 2016

On behalf of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, we wish to extend a warm thank you for your participation in our Centennial Celebration during the month of March. We hope that you found our celebration informative and enlightening. As one of the School’s founding departments, our primary goal was to celebrate the past, present and future of the department. Our Centennial program included several events and activities that showcased the Department’s rich history as well as the cutting-edge research we’re performing today. We focused on BMB alums, the Bloomberg school community and the city of Baltimore! We hope that the month's speakers, panelists and activities provided insight into our department. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Centennial 100 Kilos of Food and Hygiene Products Challenge! The winning department closest to 100 Kg was Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) who donated 85.18 Kg! Kudos to EHS! We would like to thank everyone who participated. Together we made a difference by donating a cumulative total of 397.51 Kg of food and hygiene products, of which BMB donated 155.54 Kg.

The winner of the “Guess that Molecule” contest was Meng Xu, who was a MPH/MBA student at the School.  In addition to Meng, 47 others had the correct answers and received certificates to recognize their proficiency in biochemistry. 

Your participation helped to make this event a great success and your enthusiasm and positive spirit made the month of March a memorable time. 

Pierre A. Coulombe
EV McCollum Professor and Chair (2009-2017)
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Kick-off Lecture

Dr. Roger McMacken, February 29, 2016

In celebration of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s 100th year, the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology presented a special historical perspective seminar given by Dr. Roger McMacken.

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) is proud to trace its roots back to 1917 as one of the founding departments in the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Our Centennial celebration included several events and activities that showcased the Department’s past and current accomplishments, and placed a special focus on alums of the department, the Bloomberg school community, and the city of Baltimore! The five main events that made up the BMB campaign during March 2016 were: 

centennialFriday, March 11, 2016 – BMB Centennial Day

The Department celebrated its own Centennial with an exciting full-day program that includes an oral symposium, panel discussions, a poster session, lab tours, and special presentations. Keynote addresses were given by Nobel laureates and JHU colleagues, Drs. Peter Agre and Carol Greider. Invited alums had an opportunity to share their BMB experience and comment on a broad array of career path. Learn more.

We honored Dr. Pien-Chien (PC) Huang for 50 years of Service on the Hopkins Faculty. Learn more.

bmb_history Did you know…

The series was an engaging campaign relating the rich history of BMB and the major accomplishments of its past and present members. You learned compelling facts you might not know about BMB through e-posters on display throughout the school and on the BMB website throughout the month of March.  Learn more. 

Guess that Molecule


You had a fun and unique opportunity to test your biochemistry acumen through a web-based contest, “Guess that Molecule”. Participants were asked to identify five chemicals that range from the most simple to the complex (clues will be provided!). Prizes were awarded for winning entries from participants with, and without, science credentials. Learn more.


BMB Food Drive

The Department was leading a schoolwide “Food and Personal Hygiene Products” drive throughout the month of March to benefit a local Baltimore charity. Learn more.