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2007-08 Global Field Experience Fund Winners


Victoria Chou
My study aims to analyze adolescent pregnancy by evaluating age and its relationship to maternal and infant health in rural Nepal.


Suffia Dadabhai
My study establishes the circumstances and prevalence of HIV-1 in Viwandani (a slum in Nairobi, Kenya), as well as determining whether risk profiles in migrants are different than those of non-migrants who remain in the city.


Jessica Fehringer
The purpose of my study is to use ESM (Experience Sampling Method) to collect data on sexual activity, mood and social context of three hundred 24 year-old men and women in Cebu, Philippines.


Sean Fitzwater
In this study, I am developing a technique for detection of maternal transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi, the causitive agent of Chagas disease.


Veena Goud
My aim in this study is to assess the barriers to human papillomavirus (HPV) screening and treatment in rural India.


Emily Holman
For my study, I will be traveling to Mozambique to design the formative research protocal for a national social norms intervention on HIV/AIDS risk behavior.


Amithat Kalaichandran
The overall goal of my study is to advance the uderstanding of
risk factors for omphalitis (a bacterial infection
 prevalent in premature infants).
The study aims to provide evidence for future newborn health programming.


Heather Ariel Haq Lawrence
In my study I will be joining the Uganda Health Communication Partnership (HCP) team in Kampala to work on several of their ongoing health communications program; I will devote most of my time there to the Young, Empowered and Healthy (YEAH) initiative that seeks to promote sexual and reproductive health among youth and adolescents.


Sachiko Ozawa
This project will examine the role of trust among households, providers, the government and health financing organizations in pooling funds for healthcare and facilitating utilization of care in Cambodia.


Erica Rosser
For my study, I will be joining the Child Survival Program for the World Relief Corporation, where I will have the opportunity to work on an important element of promoting appropriate care-seeking behaviors for diarrhea.


Nirali Shah
I am travelling on a group Service Learning Trip to Cuba to develop a first-hand understanding of the Cuban health system.


Huei-Woan Shu
The purpose of this internship through the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is to aid in designing, promoting and coordinating health services for children of migrants and refugees in Ibarra, Ecuador.


Deborah Sitrin
The purpose of this internship is to create a documentation project with Save the Children in Malawi and the Umoyo Network, which provides HIV/AIDS services such as Voluntary Counseling and Testing.


Allison Stone
The purpose of my internship is to participate in the documentation of the practical steps, strategies, and mechanisms necessary for starting, managing, and sustaining the Community-based Health Planning and Services Initiative, or CHPS, in Nkwanta, Ghana.


Catherine Gayle Sutcliffe
The overall purpose of this project is to evaluate a rural pediatric antiretroviral treatment program, in terms of the factors that affect treatment initiation and response, among HIV-1 infected children in Macha, Zambia.


Kristen Vannice
The aim of my study is to assist Judith Stephens at the University of Ghana, on a project looking at malaria in pregnancy.


Amanda Vogel
The overall goals of my study are to evaluate the ten-year sustainability and impact of a group of service-learning programs in health professions and to develop a conceptual framework for the sustainability and impact of service-learning in the health professions.


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