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School of Public Health Expert Insights

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The Hill | June 17, 2021

COVID-19 long-haulers press Congress for paid family leave

Priya Duggal is quoted.

The New York Times | June 15, 2021

U.S. Nears 600,000 Virus Deaths Despite Progress From Vaccines

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

Associated Press | June 15, 2021

More evidence suggests COVID-19 was in US by Christmas 2019

Keri Althoff is quoted.

The Philadelphia Inquirer | June 15, 2021

With the pandemic easing, Philadelphia employers are boosting mental health resources as they bring workers back to the office

Daniele Fallin is quoted.

WYPR | June 14, 2021

After More Than A Year Of Social Distancing, Is It Time To Shake Hands?

Keri Althoff is quoted.

Associated Press | June 12, 2021

‘Space race’ level attack on future public health crises

Anita Cicero is quoted.

USA Today | June 11, 2021

What is the new coronavirus Delta variant, and should Americans be worried?

Bhakti Hansoti is quoted.

Axios | June 10, 2021

Lab risks face scrutiny amid COVID origins controversy

Anita Cicero is quoted.

NPR | June 10, 2021

States Say Large Amounts Of J&J Shots May Be Wasted If Not Used Soon

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

WJZ | June 9, 2021

New Research Finds Thousands Of COVID Deaths May Be Linked To Reduced Use Of Convalescent Plasma

Arturo Casadevall is quoted.

The Washington Post | June 9, 2021

Coronavirus herd immunity is within reach, but what happens if we fall short?

Amber D'Souza is quoted.

Today | June 8, 2021

How to safely host a 4th of July party this year

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

The Washington Post | June 8, 2021

Washington announces cannabis giveaway in state-approved ‘joint for jabs’ vaccine campaign

Rupali Limaye is quoted.

Reuters | June 8, 2021

Top Japanese virologist warns of risks of Tokyo Games during pandemic-paper

Tara Kirk Sell is quoted.

WYPR News | June 7, 2021

To Shake Or Not To Shake: Coming To Grips With Handshaking

Keri Althoff is quoted.

ABC News | June 6, 2021

Full FDA approval could drive COVID-19 vaccinations, but experts advise against waiting

Bill Moss is quoted. 

The Hill | June 5, 2021

Biden, Harris to break out of COVID-19 'bubble' with international trips

Eric Toner is quoted.

ABC News | June 3, 2021

Why experts say COVID-19 contact tracing may be more valuable than ever

Joshua Sharfstein is quoted. 

The Baltimore Sun | June 3, 2021

Maryland ramps down mass COVID vaccination sites, with locations set to close over next six weeks

Joshua Sharfstein and Bill Moss are quoted. 

NPR | June 3, 2021

Why Contact Tracing Couldn't Keep Up With The U.S. COVID Outbreak

Crystal Watson is quoted.

Newsy | June 1, 2021

Why The U.S. Has More COVID Vaccines Than People Who Want Them

Monica Schoch-Spana is quoted.

NPR | June 1, 2021

Why Americans Should Care That Other Countries Are Still Struggling With COVID-19

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

Rolling Stone | June 1, 2021

Understanding the Covid-19 Lab-Leak Theory

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

CNN | May 31, 2021

WHO's new naming system for coronavirus variants uses Greek alphabet

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

Verywell Health | May 28, 2021

FDA: Don't Use Antibody Tests to Check if Your COVID Vaccine Worked

Gigi Gronvall is quoted.

Editorji | May 28, 2021

Blood clots to vaccines: experts answer all your questions

Anita Shet is quoted.

The Washington Post | May 28, 2021

As Olympic opposition intensifies, Japan extends coronavirus state of emergency until late June

Tara Kirk Sell is quoted.

Scientific American | May 28, 2021

Why Deadly ‘Black Fungus’ Is Ravaging COVID Patients in India

Arturo Casadevall is featured.

Politico | May 27, 2021

One way that Covid’s origin doesn’t matter

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

ABC News | May 26, 2021

US health agencies will decide if COVID-19 booster shots are needed – not vaccine companies

Anna Durbin is quoted.

Condé Nast Traveler | May 26, 2021

Some Destinations Are Offering COVID Vaccines to Visitors. Should You Travel to Get It?

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

The Washington Post | May 26, 2021

How Native Americans launched successful coronavirus vaccination drives: ‘A story of resilience’

Victoria O'Keefe is quoted.

VeryWell Health | May 25, 2021

Mixing COVID Vaccine Brands Appears Safe, But More Likely to Cause Side Effects

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

WJZ | May 24, 2021

Marylanders Are Excited To See Things Get Back To Normal As More People Get Vaccinated

Justin Lessler is quoted.

U.S. News & World Report | May 24, 2021

Corporations Encourage Employee Vaccination, but Stop Short of Mandates

Joanne Rosen is quoted.

CNN | May 24, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine boosters may be necessary. Here's what you need to know

Bill Moss is quoted.

The Washington Post | May 22, 2021

Explaining HIPAA: No, it doesn’t ban questions about your vaccination status

Josh Sharfstein is quoted.

U.S. News & World Report | By Reuters | May 21, 2021

'Anxiety and Stress' as Vaccine Shortfall Hits Africa's Inoculation Drive

Tolbert Nyenswah is quoted.

NBC News | May 20, 2021

Will we need a Covid-19 vaccine booster? Fauci says 'the bottom line is we don't know'

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

INSIDER | May 19, 2021

When medical diagnoses miss the mark and their families don't believe them, some COVID long-haulers turn to online groups for help.

Shruti Mehta is quoted.

New York Magazine | May 19, 2021

New Research Suggests Number of Kids Hospitalized for COVID Is Overcounted

Stefan Baral is quoted. 

Salon | May 18, 2021

Hugs are back! But do you even want one?

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

TIME | May 18, 2021

George Washington's Lesson for COVID-19 Vaccine Skeptics

Tara Kirk Sell is quoted.

The Hill | May 17, 2021

CDC mask update sparks confusion, opposition

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

Vox | May 17, 2021

Should the Olympics play on in a pandemic?

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

The Wall Street Journal | May 14, 2021

Covid-19 Variant From India Threatens U.K. Plans to End Lockdown

Gigi Gronvall is quoted.

The Washington Post | May 14, 2021

The golden ticket for kids 11 and younger is a spot in a covid vaccine trial

Kawsar Talaat and Amanda Debes are quoted.

Scientific American | May 13, 2021

Adolescents Can Finally Get Vaccinated against COVID

Kawsar Talaat is quoted.

NBC News | May 13, 2021

Here’s the science that convinced the CDC to lift mask mandates

David Dowdy is quoted.

Associated Press | May 12, 2021

Schools ditch student mask requirements in growing numbers

Gigi Gronvall is quoted.

The New York Times | May 12, 2021

Scientists warn U.S. lawmakers about the continued threat of coronavirus variants.

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

ABC News | May 12, 2021

What India's 2nd COVID-19 wave may mean for countries in Africa

Tolbert Nyenswah is quoted.

Forbes | May 11, 2021

Covid Vaccine Equity - Developing Countries Need Our Help

Eric Toner is quoted.

The Washington Post | May 10, 2021

FDA authorizes Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for adolescents 12 to 15 years old

Kawsar Talaat is quoted.

The Guardian | May 9, 2021

How harm reduction models can save US lives in the pandemic

Susan Sherman is quoted.

The New York Times | May 8, 2021

Covid-19: Hopes for ‘Herd Immunity’ Fade as Virus Hurtles Toward Becoming Endemic

Amesh Adalja and Jennifer Nuzzo are quoted.

Associated Press | May 8, 2021

States scale back vaccine orders as interest in shots wanes

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

Thomson Reuters | May 7, 2021

As a US doctor battling COVID, my father in India was worried. Now, it's my turn to be tormented [Opinion]

Anita Shet is quoted.

C-SPAN's Washington Journal | May 6, 2021

Dr. Chris Beyrer on U.S. and Global COVID-19 Response

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

The Washington Post | May 5, 2021

CDC says coronavirus could be under control this summer in U.S. if people get vaccinated and are careful

Justin Lessler is quoted.

The Boston Globe | May 5, 2021

Will Mass. achieve herd immunity against the coronavirus pandemic? Maybe, experts say, but it could be difficult

David Dowdy is quoted.

The Hill | May 4, 2021

How the US can help the COVID crisis in India [Opinion]

Amita Gupta, David Peters, and Brian Wahl wrote the piece.

MSNBC | May 3, 2021

Examining the ‘herd immunity’ question: How the U.S. can get back to normal

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The Washington Post | May 3, 2021

More than a year into the pandemic, we’re still figuring out what risks we’re willing to take

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

The New York Times | May 3, 2021

F.D.A. Set to Authorize Pfizer Vaccine for Adolescents by Early Next Week

Jennifer Nuzzo and Rupali Limaye are quoted.

Politico | May 3, 2021

Feds rethink vaccination strategy as slowing demand reveals stark divide

Eric Toner is quoted.

The Wall Street Journal | May 3, 2021

As Covid-19 Testing Moves Center Stage, U.S. and U.K. Approaches Differ

Gigi Gronvall is quoted.

WebMD | April 30, 2021

How Geography Affects the Health Care of Minorities

Tanjala Purnell is quoted.

ABC News | April 30, 2021

So you missed your 2nd COVID shot. Now what?

Anna Durbin is quoted.

ABC News | April 28, 2021

Pandemic fatigue, variants and gatherings lead to uptick in COVID-19 hospitalizations among young people: Experts

Rupali Limaye is quoted.

The New York Times | April 28, 2021

Help! If There’s a Chance That I Could Endanger Others, Should I Still Travel?

Amber D'Souza is quoted.

Huffington Post | April 28, 2021

When Should You Get A COVID-19 Test Once You're Vaccinated?

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

USA Today | April 28, 2021

India's crushing COVID caseload the result of a 'perfect storm' of factors, experts say

Amita Gupta is quoted.

Popular Science | April 26, 2021

The CDC is set to update its outdoor mask guidance

Bill Moss is quoted.

The Hill | April 26, 2021

With public health experts facing harassment, we must embrace science to return to normal

Paulani Mui wrote the piece.

NPR | April 23, 2021

In Many Parts Of The World, Pandemic Conditions Remain Dire

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

STAT | April 23, 2021

U.S. lifts pause on use of J&J’s Covid-19 vaccine

Naor Bar-Zeev is quoted.

Associated Press | April 22, 2021

J&J vaccine ‘pause’ latest messaging challenge for officials

Alice Payne Merritt is quoted.

USA Today | April 22, 2021

Many older teens only have access to one vaccine: The hardest one to roll out in rural America

Amber D'Souza is quoted. 

The Baltimore Sun | April 21, 2021

COVID vaccine appointments are more widely available in Maryland, but officials say demand remains high

Bill Moss is quoted.

The Atlantic | April 21, 2021

We Are Turning COVID-19 Into a Young Person’s Disease

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The New York Times | April 21, 2021

Covid-19: Johnson & Johnson to Resume Its Vaccine Rollout in Europe

Lisa Cooper is quoted.

MedCity News | April 20, 2021

What will be the pandemic’s mental health legacy?

Daniele Fallin is quoted.

The Hill | April 20, 2021

Women turning out more than men for COVID-19 vaccines

Rosemary Morgan is quoted.

The Wall Street Journal | April 18, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccines and Rare Blood Clots: Are Women at Greater Risk?

Sabra Klein is quoted.

Roll Call | April 16, 2021

Tribes see progress in COVID-19 fight

Laura Hammitt is quoted.

NPR | April 16, 2021

Biden Administration To Spend $1.7 Billion To Track Spread Of Coronavirus Variants

Gigi Gronvall is quoted.

The Baltimore Sun | April 16, 2021

‘Deeply concerning’: Baltimore City emerging as a COVID hot spot; officials urge vigilance

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

CNN | April 15, 2021

So far, 5,800 fully vaccinated people have caught Covid anyway in US, CDC says

Kawsar Talaat is quoted.

Politico | April 14, 2021

'Long Covid’ mystery sparks a research revolution

Bryan Lau is quoted.

Rolling Stone | April 14, 2021

Why Are Women Bearing the Brunt of Vaccine Side Effects?

Sabra Klein is quoted.

Forbes | April 13, 2021

Why The Government Can Easily Hit Pause On The J&J Vaccine

Bill Moss is quoted.

The New York Times | April 13, 2021

Did Spotlighting a Rare Potential Vaccine Side Effect Put More at Risk?

Rupali Limaye is quoted.

ABC News | April 12, 2021

UK COVID variant more transmissible but may not be more deadly, new studies indicate

Gigi Gronvall is quoted.

The Washington Post | April 11, 2021

Coronavirus vaccine technology is paving the way for a whole new approach to flu shots

Andy Pekosz is quoted.

Associated Press | April 10, 2021

More Black Americans open to vaccines after outreach efforts

Lisa Cooper is quoted.

USA Today | April 10, 2021

Women report more side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine than men. Health experts explain why.

Rosemary Morgan is quoted.

Vox | April 8, 2021

3 possible futures for Covid-19 in the US — with hope for a return to normal

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

NPR | April 8, 2021

The Vaccine Passport Debate Actually Began In 1897 Over A Plague Vaccine

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

Inside Higher Ed | April 8, 2021

Vaccine Mandates: The Next Political Battlefront

Joanne Rosen is quoted.

WAMU | April 6, 2021

Vaccine Mandates: Do We Need Vaccine Passports?

Nancy Kass is quoted.

AARP | April 6, 2021

COVID-19 Ranks as Third Leading Killer of Americans

Justin Lessler is quoted.

Refinery29 | April 6, 2021

What Happens If You Get COVID Between Vaccine Doses?

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

The Lily | April 5, 2021

Can the vaccine make your period worse? These women say yes.

Anna Durbin is quoted.

WBAL | April 4, 2021

11 TV Hill's stories of trailblazing women

Ellen MacKenzie is quoted.

WABE | April 3, 2021

A 4th COVID-19 Surge May Be Starting. How Bad Could It Get?

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The Baltimore Sun | April 2, 2021

Maryland to preregister those 16 and up for COVID vaccine, plans to accelerate schedule of who’s eligible when

Andy Pekosz is quoted.

The Atlantic | April 1, 2021

The Pandemic’s Wrongest Man

Kawsar Talaat is quoted.

Axios | April 1, 2021

The race between COVID vaccines and emerging variants

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

AARP | March 31, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Are Stronger in Women

Rosemary Morgan is quoted.

TIME | March 31, 2021

Is the U.S. Entering a Fourth Wave of COVID-19?

Justin Lessler is quoted.

The Philadelphia Inquirer | March 31, 2021

Stigma is COVID-19′s silent complication. It has changed since the pandemic’s early days.

Laura Murray is quoted. 

WHYY | March 31, 2021

Getting ready to reopen: vaccine passports and social anxiety

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

Los Angeles Times | March 29, 2021

Biden warns ‘we’re in a life-and-death race’ with COVID-19

Eric Toner is quoted.

Market Watch | March 29, 2021

'If a student chooses to come to an institution, they agree to abide by the rules': Can colleges be forced to mandate COVID-19 vaccines?

Joanne Rosen is quoted.

KERA News | March 28, 2021

Why Pandemics Give Birth To Hate: From Bubonic Plague To COVID-19

Nancy Kass is quoted.

The New York Times | March 26, 2021

The Covid Testing Slump

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

United Press International | March 25, 2021

Masks, social distancing may be part of 'new normal' for a while, experts say

Keri Althoff and Liz Stuart are quoted.

Verywell Health | March 25, 2021

Feeling Guilty After Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine? Here's How to Cope

Rupali Limaye is quoted.

Poynter | March 25, 2021

Journalists, stop scaring people by misreporting vaccine efficacy

Naor Bar-Zeev is quoted.

The Hill | March 24, 2021

It's time for a US strategy to combat health-related misinformation and disinformation [Opinion]

Tara Kirk Sell is quoted.

Marketplace | March 23, 2021

When will there be enough herd immunity to return to the workplace?

Gigi Gronvall is quoted.

PBS News Hour | March 23, 2021

AstraZeneca scrambles to address concerns about vaccine efficacy data

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The New York Times | March 23, 2021

Vaccines and Travel: What You Need to Know

Crystal Watson is quoted.

The Atlantic | March 22, 2021

America Is Now in the Hands of the Vaccine-Hesitant

Dan Salmon is quoted.

The Washington Post | March 22, 2021

AstraZeneca’s U.S. trial shows coronavirus vaccine is 79 percent effective

Naor Bar-Zeev is quoted.

The Huffington Post | March 22, 2021

Experts Predict What Summer 2021 Will Be Like With The COVID-19 Pandemic

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

NPR | March 19, 2021

Groceries And Rent Money: Why Support For COVID Isolation Is More Important Than Ever

Crystal Watson is quoted.

Nature | March 18, 2021

Has COVID peaked? Maybe, but it’s too soon to be sure

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

WJZ | March 18, 2021

Majority Of Americans Supports Measures That Could Stop Spread Of COVID-19, Johns Hopkins Survey Finds

Collen Barry, study-lead, is quoted.

ABC News | March 18, 2021

Experts urge caution as 15 states see uptick in COVID-19 infections

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

NBC News | March 18, 2021

When will it be over? 3 key numbers scientists are watching to track the pandemic

Justin Lessler is quoted.

TIME | March 16, 2021

Why Countries Around the World Are Suspending Use of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 Vaccine

Anna Durbin is quoted.

The New York Times | March 16, 2021

Europe’s Vaccine Suspension May Be Driven as Much by Politics as Science

Naor Bar-Zeev is quoted.

Eater | March 15, 2021

Is Indoor Dining Safe Now That I’m Vaccinated?

David Dowdy is quoted.

The Washington Post | March 15, 2021

Unmasked spring breakers are descending on Florida. Officials are begging them to behave.

Eric Toner is quoted.

The New York Times | March 15, 2021

Should You Be Concerned About Blood Clots, Bleeding and the AZ-Vaccine?

Jennifer Nuzzo and Dan Salmon are quoted.

STAT | March 15, 2021

For the first time in decades, vaccines are having a moment. Will it last?

Rupali Limaye and Ruth Karron are quoted.

The Associated Press | March 12, 2021

Governors applaud Biden’s vaccine timeline, but need supply

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

New York Magazine | March 11, 2021

COVID Vaccine Side Effects: Everything You Need to Know

Bill Moss and Sabra Klein are quoted.

The New York Times | March 11, 2021

The Status of the Pandemic, in Three Charts

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

Next Question with Katie Couric | March 11, 2021

The pandemic anniversary: What we’ve learned about health care, science, and ourselves [Podcast]

Keri Althoff is interviewed.

Scientific American | March 10, 2021

So, What Can People Actually Do after Being Vaccinated?

Bill Moss and Kate Grabowski are quoted.

NPR | March 9, 2021

Many Health Experts Believe Worst Of The Coronavirus May Be Over [Radio]

Jennifer Nuzzo is interviewed.

The Washington Post | March 9, 2021

Maryland’s Hogan lifts caps on dining, retail and religious establishments

Eric Toner is quoted. 

WIRED | March 9, 2021

The Pandemic Can’t End While Wealthy Nations Hoard Shots

Ruth Faden and Ruth Karron are quoted. 

The Wall Street Journal | March 8, 2021

What You Can and Can’t Do if You’ve Been Vaccinated: Travel, Gatherings, Risk Factors, What You Need to Know

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

The New York Times | March 8, 2021

Women Report Worse Side Effects After a Covid Vaccine

Sabra Klein and Rosemary Morgan are quoted.

The New York Times | March 5, 2021

The Pandemic Needs Its Smokey Bear

Alfred Sommer is quoted.

The Today Show | March 5, 2021

Can I choose which COVID-19 vaccine I get?

Bill Moss is quoted.

The Baltimore Sun  | March 5, 2021

Where does Maryland stand a year after COVID arrived? Pandemic may end soon, but keep your mask on.

Justin Lessler and Jennifer Nuzzo are quoted. 

STAT | March 4, 2021

The short-term, middle-term, and long-term future of the coronavirus

Caitlin Rivers and Anna Durbin are quoted. 

The New York Times | March 4, 2021

One and Done: Why People Are Eager for Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine

Darrell Gaskin and Rupali Limaye are quoted. 

The New York Times | March 3, 2021

Plan to Ditch the Mask After Vaccination? Not So Fast.

Sabra Klein is quoted.

Politico | March 3, 2021

The low-tech path back to normalcy

Lisa Cooper is featured.

The Baltimore Sun | March 2, 2021

Hogan doubles down on Baltimore COVID vaccine comments as data reveals most city doses going to noncity residents

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

The New York Times | March 2, 2021

Texas Drops Its Virus Restrictions as a Wave of Reopenings Takes Hold

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted. 

KUNR | March 1, 2021

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Brings Flexibility To Chaotic Rollout

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

Associated Press | March 1, 2021

States easing virus restrictions despite experts’ warnings

Amesh Adalja and Justin Lessler are quoted.

The Washington Post | February 27, 2021

FDA authorizes Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot coronavirus vaccine, adding to the nation’s arsenal against the pandemic

Eric Toner is quoted. 

The 74 Million | February 26, 2021

What Do Predictions of ‘Herd Immunity’ Mean For Schools?

Sara Johnson is quoted.

VOA | February 25, 2021

Biden Plans Campaign to Fight Disinformation About COVID Vaccine

Alain Labrique is featured. 

The New York Times | February 25, 2021

The Coronavirus Is Plotting a Comeback. Here’s Our Chance to Stop It for Good. 

Stefan Baral is quoted. 

The Washington Post | February 25, 2021

Pfizer, Moderna or maybe J&J? Right now, the best vaccine for you is the one you can get.

Bill Moss is quoted.

The Atlantic | February 25, 2021

You Got the Vaccine! What Can You Do Now? 

Tara Kirk Sell is quoted.

The Washington Post | February 24, 2021

When will travel be safe again? 5 experts weigh in. 

Eric Toner is quoted. 

NBC News | February 23, 2021

As spring break approaches, public health experts urge caution

Amber D'Souza is quoted. 

Scientific American | February 23, 2021

7 Ways to Reduce Reluctance to Take ­COVID Vaccines

Rupali Limaye is quoted.

The Wall Street Journal | February 22, 2021

Some Covid-19 Tests Can Help Flag U.K. Variant

Gigi Gronvall is quoted.

USA Today | February 20, 2021

'Don't waste vaccine!' After early confusion, experts say it's always better to use leftover shots than toss them.

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

The TODAY Show | February 19, 2021

Yes, you can still get COVID-19 after being vaccinated. Experts explain why

Bill Moss is quoted.

The Atlantic | February 19, 2021

A Quite Possibly Wonderful Summer

Ruth Faden is quoted. 

The Baltimore Sun | February 19, 2021

Maryland health experts urge public to continue safety measures, get vaccinated as coronavirus variants move in

Andy Pekosz and Gigi Gronvall are quoted. 

ABC News | February 18, 2021

Pfizer launches COVID-19 vaccine trial in pregnant women

Anna Durbin is quoted. 

STAT | February 17, 2021

The myth of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Covid vaccines: Why false perceptions overlook facts, and could breed resentment

Anna Durbin is quoted. 

The New York Times | February 17, 2021

C.D.C. Announces $200 Million ‘Down Payment’ to Track Virus Variants

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

New York Magazine | February 17, 2021

How COVID Vaccines Will Be Upgraded to Fight New Variants

Kawsar Talaat is quoted.

WEAA | February 16, 2021

The Vaccination Hesitation Conversation Series with Dr. Purnell [Radio]

Tanjala Purnell is quoted.

USA Today | February 16, 2021

'It's like we're trying our best to help the virus': A fourth wave is looming if US fails to contain COVID-19 variants, experts say

Gigi Gronvall is quoted. 

Associated Press | February 16, 2021

Vaccine delays leave grocery workers feeling expendable

Bill Moss is quoted.

USA Today | February 15, 2021

There's not a 'giant national campaign' for COVID-19 vaccine education. Why? Experts say there's a better way.

Dan Salmon is quoted.

Wired | February, 13, 2021

We Need a Global Outbreak Investigation Team—Now

Tom Inglesby is quoted.

The New York Times | February 12, 2021

C.D.C. Draws Up a Blueprint for Reopening Schools

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted. 

CNN | February 11, 2021

America's biggest cities face racial inequities in vaccine distribution

Monica Schoch-Spana is quoted.

WBAL | February 11, 2021

What you need to know about Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine [Video]

Ruth Karron is featured.

The Atlantic | February 10, 2021

The Unlikeliest Pandemic Success Story

Jennifer Nuzzo is interviewed. 

NBC News | February 10, 2021

CDC updates: Double masking and best mask guidelines

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

Los Angeles Times | February 10, 2021

What if my second vaccine dose is early or delayed? Here's what the CDC says

Diane Griffin is quoted. 

The Washington Post | February 9, 2021

Want to travel after getting vaccinated? Precautions are still needed, experts say.

Crystal Watson is quoted.

WBUR | February 8, 2021

COVID-19 Update: New Variants And Vaccines [Radio]

Tom Inglesby is interviewed.

NBC News | February 8, 2021

Experts advise caution as states lift restrictions despite unknown impact of Covid-19 variants

Justin Lessler is quoted.

CNN | February 8, 2021

Biden team says it sees first signs of improvement in fight against pandemic but it's a 'daunting challenge'

Eric Toner is quoted. 

NPR | February 6, 2021

COVID Cases Finally Are Falling. Experts Worry Variants Could Erase That Fast [Radio]

Jennifer Nuzzo is interviewed. 

Fast Company | February 5, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is going to create a massive waste management problem

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

The New York Times | February 5, 2021

How Does a City Host a Super Bowl in a Pandemic?

Tara Kirk Sell is quoted.

Kaiser Health News | February 5, 2021

The State of Vaccine Supply: ‘Opaque.’ Unpredictable. ‘Hard to Pin Down.’

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

Eater | February 3, 2021

The New Risks of Dining Out

David Dowdy is quoted.

USA Today | February 3, 2021

Cutting, bribing, stealing: Some people are getting COVID-19 vaccines before it's their turn

Bill Moss is quoted.

The New York Times | February 3, 2021

Help! I’m Vaccinated, But What Do I Need to Know to Protect Others?

Keri Althoff is quoted.   

The Washington Post | February 2, 2021

U.S. response to coronavirus variants emphasizes masks and vaccines instead of lockdowns

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

Politico | February 1, 2021

These states had big plans for addressing Covid disparities. They’re still struggling.

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace | January 31, 2021

Coronavirus variants are ‘something that we all need to be taking seriously’: Dr. Tom Inglesby  [Video]

Tom Inglesby is featured.

CNN | January 30, 2021

Can the arrival of new coronavirus variants scare Americans into better pandemic behavior?

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

National Geographic | January 29, 2021

How COVID-19 vaccines may lead to new shots for other deadly viruses

Anna Durbin is quoted. 

The Washington Post | January 29, 2021

Why America is ‘flying blind’ to the coronavirus mutations racing across the globe

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

Scientific American | January 28, 2021

Biden Elevates Science in Week One Actions

Eric Toner is quoted. 

STAT | January 28, 2021

Novavax says its Covid-19 vaccine is 90% effective, but far less so against one variant

Anna Durbin is quoted. 

The New York Times | January 28, 2021

E.U. Vaccine Shortages Snowball Into a Crisis

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted. 

NPR | January 27, 2021

Will Biden's Science-Based COVID-19 Approach Be Enough To Regain Public Trust? [Radio]

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

Elemental | January 27, 2021

How to Get Vaccinated ASAP (When It’s Your Turn)

Tara Kirk Sell is quoted.

Associated Press | January 26, 2021

VIRUS TODAY: US vaccine appointments canceled amid shortages

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

Associated Press | January 26, 2021

US virus numbers drop, but race against new strains heats up

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

Morning Consult | January 25, 2021

About a Quarter of Health Care Workers Have Considered Leaving Their Job Since the Onset of the Pandemic

Albert Wu is quoted.

CNN | January 25, 2021

A pandemic playbook for a new year

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted. 

CBS News | January 24, 2021

Doctor explains the challenges of vaccinating the American population [Video]

Ruth Karron is featured.

USA Today | January 21, 2021

Takeaways from Biden's COVID-19 executive orders: Experts celebrate plan, warn 'a lot of work' is left

Tara Kirk Sell is quoted.

ABC News | January 21, 2021

Cities, states face 'a lot of uncertainty' as they exhaust vaccine allotments

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

NPR | January 21, 2021

The Current, Deadly U.S. Coronavirus Surge Has Peaked, Researchers Say

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

Independent | January 20, 2021

Biden’s Covid plan: How top health experts want the incoming administration to address the pandemic

Bill Moss is quoted.

The TODAY Show | January 19, 2021

Could 100 days of mask-wearing change the course of the pandemic in the US?

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

The Wall Street Journal | January 18, 2021

Does Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine Stop You Spreading It? Scientists Don’t Know Yet.

Anna Durbin is quoted. 

WBUR | January 18, 2021

Governors Frustrated With Slow COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout [Radio]

Bill Moss is interviewed.

STAT | January 14, 2021

Covid-19 deaths are the highest they’ve ever been — and the more infectious variants could make things much worse

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

The Washington Post | January 13, 2021

Coronavirus cases among lawmakers who sheltered in lockdown show one vaccine dose may not immediately protect against infection

Naor Bar-Zeev is quoted.

Fast Company | January 12, 2021

How will you actually know when it’s your turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Tara Kirk Sell is quoted.

The New York Times | January 12, 2021

One Mask Is Good. Would Two Be Better?

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted. 

The Wall Street Journal | January 11, 2021

Can You Still Spread Covid-19 After You Get Vaccinated?

Anna Durbin is quoted. 

WBUR - Here and Now | January 11, 2021

As Vaccines Rollout, Should Age, Health Conditions Be Prioritized? An Epidemiologist Weighs In [Podcast]

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted. 

CNN | January 11, 2021

Jails and prisons were hit hard by Covid-19 and experts say they need to be prioritized for the vaccines

Crystal Watson is quoted.
report by the Center for Health Security is cited.

Reuters | January 8, 2021

Older Americans scramble for COVID-19 shots as some U.S. states broaden access

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

NBC News | January 8, 2021

As U.K. variant spreads in U.S., scientists warn that country isn't doing enough to track Covid strains

Gigi Gronvall is quoted. 

The Wall Street Journal | January 8, 2021

Can Covid-19 Vaccines’ Second Dose Be Delayed?

Anna Durbin is quoted. 

New York Magazine | January 7, 2021

Could the Capitol Riot Become a Superspreader Event?

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted. 

The Atlantic | January 7, 2021

The Next Phase of Vaccination Will Be Even Harder

Eric Toner is quoted. 

Scientific American | January 7, 2021

The Best Evidence for How to Overcome COVID Vaccine Fears

Rupali Limaye is quoted.

The Washington Post | January 6, 2021

CDC foresees spread in U.S. of highly contagious coronavirus variant

Jennifer Nuzzo and Kate Grabowski are quoted. 

AXIOS | January 6, 2021

Why the coronavirus vaccine rollout is behind schedule

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

The New York Times | January 5, 2021

Warning of Shortages, Researchers Look to Stretch Vaccine Supply

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

Reuters | January 4, 2021

Most U.S. COVID-19 vaccines go idle as New York, Florida move to penalize hospitals

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

The Wall Street Journal | January 3, 2021

‘It’s a Desperate Time’: Crush of Covid-19 Patients Strains U.S. Hospitals

Eric Toner is quoted. 

CBS This Morning | January 2, 2021

January may be “one of the more deadly months” of pandemic, doctor warns [Video]

Amesh Adalja is featured. 

The Washington Post | January 1, 2021

Pregnant women agonize over whether to get coronavirus vaccine

Ruth Karron and Ruth Faden are quoted. 

Kaiser Health News | December 22, 2020

Health Officials Fear Pandemic-Related Suicide Spike Among Native Youth

Teresa Brockie is quoted.

ProPublica | December 22, 2020

How COVID-19 Hollowed Out a Generation of Young Black Men

Roland Thorpe is quoted.

USA Today | December 22, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine plan means some states will lag in getting shots to highest-risk groups

Jeffrey Kahn is quoted.

CBS Evening News | December 21, 2020

U.S. yet to decide on U.K. travel ban as nations close borders

Caitlin Rivers is featured at the :24 mark.

Associated Press | December 20, 2020

Strained health agencies push do-it-yourself contact tracing

Emily Gurley is quoted.

MSNBC |  December 20, 2020

People Across the Nation Begin to Receive Coronavirus Vaccine [Video]

Lisa Cooper is interviewed.

Wired | December 17, 2020

Vaccines Are Here. We Have to Talk About Side Effects

Eric Toner is quoted. 

TIME | December 17, 2020

What Makes COVID-19 Different From the Flu?

Andy Pekosz is quoted.

CNN | December 17, 2020

What you need to know about the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines [Video]

Bill Moss is featured at the 1:51 mark.

CNN | December 16, 2020

Monoclonal antibodies: A Covid-19 treatment people might not know about

Gigi Gronvall is quoted. 

Voice of America | December 15, 2020

While First COVID-19 Vaccines Arrive, Much of the World Will Have to Wait

Anthony So, study-lead, is quoted. 

The New York Times | December 15, 2020

Moderna Vaccine Is Highly Protective Against Covid-19, the F.D.A. Finds

Rupali Limaye is quoted.

The Hill | December 14, 2020

COVID-19 deaths hit hardest in rural America

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

ABC News | December 14, 2020

Wear a sticker saying you got the COVID-19 vaccine? The CDC thinks it could help

Dan Salmon is quoted.

MSNBC | December 14, 2020

Explaining vaccine Mistrust in Minority Communities

Lisa Cooper is featured.

The New York Times | December 12, 2020

Young People Have Less Covid-19 Risk, but in College Towns, Deaths Rose Fast

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The Atlantic | December 11, 2020

The Next Six Months Will Be Vaccine Purgatory

Eric Toner is quoted. 

Science Magazine | December 10, 2020

FDA panel backs Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, paving way for emergency use in the United States

Ruth Karron is quoted.

NPR | December 10, 2020

Many Americans Are Expected To Travel For Holidays. Is There Any Way To Make It Safe? [Radio]

Keri Althoff is quoted.   

The Washington Post | December 10, 2020

Now that there’s a coronavirus vaccine, how do you persuade people to take it?

Rupali Limaye is quoted.

Morning Consult | December 9, 2020

As States Prioritize Who Gets COVID-19 Vaccines, Essential Worker Groups, Businesses Make Their Case

Eric Toner is quoted. 

The New York Times | December 9, 2020

The U.K. says people with severe allergies should not take the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine while two reactions are under investigation.

Naor Bar-Zeev is quoted.

The TODAY Show | December 8, 2020

What is a 'COVID-19 passport'? Concept raises both hope and concern

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

USA Today | December 8, 2020

'Never expected this to happen in the US': How the COVID-19 pandemic exploded from March to December

Monica Schoch-Spana is quoted.

Ruters | December 8, 2020

Explainer: I just got a COVID-19 vaccine. Now what?

Anita Shet is quoted.

NBC News | December 7, 2020

Demand for Covid vaccines expected to get heated — and fast

Rupali Limaye is quoted.

NPR | December 5, 2020

Initial Distribution Of COVID-19 Vaccine Won't Include Pregnant People [Radio]

Ruth Faden is interviewed. 

The New York Times | December 4, 2020

The Virus Is Devastating the U.S., and Leaving an Uneven Toll

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

ABC News Radio | December 4, 2020

What to know about children and COVID-19 vaccines

Anna Durbin is quoted. 

NBC News | December 3, 2020

Which people get the Covid-19 vaccine first? States will determine your place in line

Eric Toner, lead author on a report mentioned in the article, is quoted. 

The Washington Post | December 3, 2020

‘Absolutely normal’: Covid vaccine side effects are no reason to avoid the shots, doctors say

Bill Moss is quoted.

MSNBC | December 2, 2020

UK Becomes First Country To Approve Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine, US Still Waiting [Video]

Tom Inglesby is featured.

NPR | December 2, 2020

CDC Shortens Its COVID-19 Quarantine Recommendations

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

BBC | December 1, 2020

Why cities are not as bad for you as you think

Shima Hamidi is quoted.

C-SPAN | December 1, 2020

Dr. Chris Beyrer on COVID-19 Vaccine Development [Video]

Chris Beyrer is featured.

Salon | November 30, 2020

Moderna requests emergency use authorization for its coronavirus vaccine. Here's what that means

Justin Lessler is quoted.

The Washington Post | November 30, 2020

The Health 202: Obese Americans could be prioritized for coronavirus vaccine

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

The Atlantic | November 30, 2020

Sorry to Burst Your Quarantine Bubble

Keri Althoff and Meghan Moran are quoted.

STAT | November 29, 2020

How much did Thanksgiving contribute to Covid-19 spread? It’s wait and see for now

Amber D'Souza is quoted. 

CBS News | November 27, 2020

What is a coronavirus testing desert? [Video]

Jennifer Nuzzo is featured.

NPR | November 25, 2020

CDC Likely To Recommend Shortening Coronavirus Quarantine Period

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The Associated Press | November 24, 2020

Keep the mask: A vaccine won’t end the US crisis right away

Bill Moss is quoted.

The Washington Post | November 24, 2020

The Health 202: Coronavirus survival rates in the United States haven't improved since the summer

David Dowdy is quoted.

The New York Times | November 23, 2020

Small Social Gatherings Aren’t Driving the Virus Surge (So Far)

Tom Inglesby and Jennifer Nuzzo are featured.

NPR | November 23, 2020

Rural Areas Send Their Sickest Patients To The Cities, Straining Hospital Capacity

Justin Lessler is quoted.

NBC News | November 20, 2020

Will the Covid vaccine be safe? What the scientists want to see

Dan Salmon is quoted.

The Associated Press | November 19, 2020

Heading into holidays, US COVID-19 testing strained again

Gigi Gronvall is quoted. 

MSNBC | November 19, 2020

Covid-19 Vaccines and Pregnant Women [Video]

Ruth Faden is interviewed. 

The Washington Post | November 19, 2020

What will Inauguration Day look like amid a pandemic?

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

TIME | November 19, 2020

The U.S. COVID-19 Outbreak Is Worse Than It’s Ever Been. Why Aren’t We Acting Like It?

William Moss is quoted. 

NPR | November 18, 2020

As U.S. Reaches 250,000 Deaths From COVID-19, A Long Winter Is Coming

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

CBS News | November 17, 2020

Will Thanksgiving cause an increase in COVID-19 cases? It did in Canada.

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

Elemental | November 16, 2020

The U.S. Is in a Pandemic Freefall. Why Isn’t There a Federal Lockdown?

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

STAT | November 16, 2020

Hopeful Covid-19 vaccine data won’t help hospitals that are overstretched now, experts say

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

Science Magazine | November 16, 2020

‘Just beautiful’: Another COVID-19 vaccine, from newcomer Moderna, succeeds in large-scale trial

Ruth Karron is quoted.

The New York Times | November 14, 2020

'It's Traumatizing': Coronavirus Deaths are Climbing Once Again

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

CNBC | November 13, 2020

California, Oregon and Washington issue Covid travel advisory urging 14-day quarantine

Keri Althoff is quoted.   

CNN | November 13, 2020

'We expect this to get harder.' For the NFL, it's Super Bowl or bust as the pandemic rages

Tara Kirk Sell is quoted.

NBC News | November 13, 2020

'Breakthrough finding' reveals why certain Covid-19 patients die

Sabra Klein is quoted.

WJLA | November 12, 2020

Traveling for Thanksgiving? Start your COVID-19 quarantine now [Video]

Keri Althoff and Amesh Adalja are featured.

The Washington Post | November 10, 2020

The next wave

Eric Toner is quoted. 

STAT | November 10, 2020

Restaurants and gyms were spring ‘superspreader’ sites. Occupancy limits could control Covid, new study predicts

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

Time | November 10, 2020

Contact Tracing Apps Were Big Tech's Best Idea for Fighting COVID-19. Why Haven't They Helped?

Jeffrey Khan is quoted.

USA Today | November 10, 2020

'Like watching a train wreck': Experts say America is behind on COVID-19 vaccine messaging, call for honest, straight talk

Dan SalmonEric Toner and Monica Schoch-Spana are quoted.

The Wall Street Journal | November 9, 2020

How Long Do I Need to Quarantine If I’m Exposed to Covid?

Justin Lessler is quoted.

PBS | November 9, 2020

What Biden can do to fight COVID-19 before Inauguration Day

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

Reuters | November 9, 2020

Why Pfizer’s ultra-cold COVID-19 vaccine will not be at the local pharmacy any time soon

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

The Washington Post | November 8, 2020

Record-breaking wave of coronavirus cases continues to sweep the nation

Tom Inglesby is featured.

Time | November 7, 2020

Biden's Real COVID-19 Challenge Is Restoring a Nation's Trust in Science

Eric Toner is quoted. 

The Baltimore Sun | November 5, 2020

‘Wear the damn masks’: Maryland Gov. Hogan sounds alarm as COVID-19 metrics rise, stops short of new restrictions

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The New York Times | November 5, 2020

Nasal Spray Prevents Covid Infection in Ferrets, Study Finds

Arturo Casadevall is featured

The Washington Post | November 4, 2020

Coronavirus updates: United States tops 100,000 new virus cases in a day for first time

Caitlin Rivers is quoted

Roll Call | November 3, 2020

Next president will need to repair trust in health agencies

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

NPR - WBUR | November 3, 2020

COVID-19 Testing Questions, Answered [Radio]

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

ABC News | November 3, 2020

How to combat 'COVID fatigue': Medical experts on what works -- and doesn't

Elizabeth Stuart is quoted. 

CBS This Morning | November 2, 2020

Voting in a Pandemic [Video]

Tom Inglesby is featured.

Time | November 1, 2020

1 Million Women Healthcare Workers Have Been Drafted to Fight COVID-19 in India — for as Little as $40 a Month

Smisha Agarwal is quoted. 

The New York Times | October 31, 2020

How Are Americans Catching the Virus? Increasingly, ‘They Have No Idea’

Crystal Watson is quoted.

USA Today | October 31, 2020

Hospitals overwhelmed: Exhausted staffs, surging COVID-19 cases push nation's limits

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

USA Today | October 29, 2020

Do you trust FDA on COVID-19 vaccines? States and a Black medical group form review boards for second opinion

Monica Schoch-Spana and Lois Privor-Dumm are quoted. 

STAT | October 29, 2020

It may be time to reset expectations on when we’ll get a Covid-19 vaccine

Anna Durbin is quoted. 

The Wall Street Journal | October 29, 2020

How Many Have Recovered From Covid-19 Cases? No One Knows.

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The Washington Post | October 28, 2020

Biden faces challenges in quickly combating the pandemic

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

The Associated Press | October 27, 2020

Venezuelans brave COVID wing to bathe, feed sick loved ones

Paul Spiegel is quoted. 

CNN | October 26, 2020

US averaging nearly 69,000 new Covid-19 cases per day [Video]

Tom Inglesby is featured at the 1:57 mark.

Morning Consult | October 26, 2020

Gaps in Health IT Capabilities Threaten to Undermine Coronavirus Vaccine Rollout

Tara Kirk Sell is quoted.

VICE | October 26, 2020

The Race for a Vaccine Is ‘Going to Get Ugly’ in Hard-Hit Brazil

Anna Durbin is quoted. 

The New York Times | October 23, 2020

U.S. Sets Coronavirus Case Record Amid New Surge

Tom Inglesby is quoted.

USA Today | October 23, 2020

Half a million deaths by the end of February? Current COVID-19 strategies have the US headed in that direction, experts say

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

CNN | October 22, 2020

The preliminary success of reopening New York City schools and what it may mean for other districts

Anita Cicero is quoted.

The New York Times | October 22, 2020

Can I Safely Send My Kid to Day Care? We Asked the Experts

Justin Lessler is quoted.

The Wall Street Journal | October 21, 2020

Federal Health Authorities Update Covid-19 Close-Contact Definition

Crystal Watson is quoted.

USA Today | October 20, 2020

'Still killing us': The federal government underfunded health care for Indigenous people for centuries. Now they're dying of COVID-19

Laura Hammitt is quoted.

The Atlantic | October 19, 2020

The Vaccine News That Really Matters

Ruth Karron is quoted.

STAT | October 20, 2020

Why this week’s meeting of an FDA advisory panel on Covid-19 vaccines matters

Ruth Karron is quoted.

The Baltimore Sun | October 19, 2020

Meet some of the Baltimore women driving the national response to the coronavirus pandemic

Emily Gurley, Lisa Cooper, Jennifer Nuzzo, Crystal Watson and Caitlin Rivers are quoted. 

The New York Times | October 19, 2020

5 Ways Families Can Prepare as Coronavirus Cases Surge

Eric Toner is quoted. 

NPR | October 19, 2020

Coronavirus Cases Rise To Highest Level Since Late July

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

Rolling Stone | October 17, 2020

Life as a Covid-19 Long-Termer

Laura Murray is quoted. 

STAT | October 16, 2020

Health experts’ Thanksgiving advice in the time of Covid: plan, plan, plan

Crystal Watson is quoted.

NPR | October 14, 2020

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Workforce Barely 'Inching Up' As Cases Surge

Crystal Watson is quoted.

The New York Times | October 14, 2020

3 Covid-19 Trials Have Been Paused for Safety. That’s a Good Thing.

Anna Durbin is quoted. 

Salon | October 14, 2020

Facebook bans anti-vax ads — but anti-vax groups remain safe on the platfor

Monica Schoch-Spana is quoted.

Fortune | October 14, 2020

A key COVID metric has surprisingly reversed course

Shima Hamidi, study-lead, is quoted.

The Undefeated | October 13, 2020

New poll shows Black Americans see a racist health care system setting the stage for pandemic’s impact

Lisa Cooper is featured.

CBS News | October 12, 2020

Patients getting slammed by surprise costs related to COVID-19

Matthew Eisenberg is quoted. 

The Atlantic | October 12, 2020

Can We Hang Out Inside Yet?

Caitlin Rivers and Tara Kirk Sell are quoted.

The Wall Street Journal | October 11, 2020

Lessons for the Next Pandemic—Act Very, Very Quickly

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

CNN | October 9, 2020

Coronavirus Crisis [Video]

Caitlin Rivers is featured at the 2:09 mark

The New York Times | October 8, 2020

How Will We Know a 2nd Virus Wave Has Arrived in N.Y.C.?

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The Washington Post | October 7, 2020

Playgrounds are an essential escape for kids, especially now. Here’s how to visit them safely.

Stefan Baral is quoted. 

Science | October 7, 2020

Calm down about political ‘mischief’ around COVID-19 vaccines, scientists say

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

NBC News | October 7, 2020

Some states plan to vet Covid-19 vaccines themselves. Bad idea, experts say.

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

Time | October 7, 2020

Why This Year's Flu Vaccine Will Be So Vital in the Fight Against COVID-19

Dan Salmon is quoted. 

Teen Vogue | October 6, 2020

A Negative COVID-19 Test Doesn't Always Mean You Don't Have the Virus

Justin Lessler is quoted.

GQ Magazine | October 6, 2020

How COVID Affected the NBA Playoffs

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

NPR | October 5, 2020

White House Outbreak Highlights Dangers Of Test-Only Strategy To Prevent Infections

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The Washington Post | October 5, 2020

Is it safer to fly or drive during the pandemic? 5 health experts weigh in.

Crystal Watson is quoted.

Fox News | October 4, 2020

Dr. Inglesby: Recent updates on Trump's coronavirus condition 'encouraging' [Video]

Tom Inglesby is featured.

The New York Times | October 3, 2020

Help! I’d Like to Ride the Train. Is it Safe?

Tanjala Purnell is quoted.

NowThis News | October 1, 2020

Americans Are Drinking More As Pandemic Worsens Mental Health, Studies Find

Elizabeth Stuart is quoted. 

NPR - 'On Point' | October 1, 2020

A Look At The Global Impact Of Coronavirus [Radio]

Alain Labrique is interviewed. 

The New Yorker | October 1, 2020

What Will Cold-and-Flu Season Mean for the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Justin Lessler, Emily Gurley and Eric Toner are quoted. 

The Associated Press | October 1, 2020

In NYC and LA, returning pupils face battery of virus test

Gigi Gronvall is quoted. 

Bloomberg QuickTake | September 29, 2020

What you need to know about Trump’s and Biden’s health care plans | The Most Important Election Ever [Video]

Lisa Cooper is featured.

STAT | September 28, 2020

New document reveals scope and structure of Operation Warp Speed and underscores vast military involvement

Tom Inglesby is quoted.

ProPublica | September 28, 2020

The Students Left Behind by Remote Learning

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The Baltimore Sun | September 28, 2020

How will coronavirus change Halloween in Maryland? What to know about haunted houses, trick-or-treating and more.

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

The New York Times | September 26, 2020

Movies and Museums Are Coming Back. Should You Go?

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

NBC News | September 25, 2020

Africa has held off the worst of the coronavirus. Researchers are working to figure out how.

Shaun Trulove is quoted. 

The Hill | September 24, 2020

Rising coronavirus cases spark fears of harsh winter

Andy Pekosz are quoted.

The New York Times | September 24, 2020

Virus Cases Surged in Young Adults. The Elderly Were Hit Next.

Tom Inglesby is quoted.

Associated Press | September 23, 2020

‘Unfathomable’: US death toll from coronavirus hits 200,000

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

NPR | September 23, 2020

Why Tens Of Thousands Of People Are Key To Testing A COVID-19 Vaccine

Ruth Karron is quoted.

STAT | September 22, 2020

The Road Ahead: Charting the coronavirus pandemic over the next 12 months — and beyond

Tom Inglesby and Kawsar Talaat are quoted. 

The Washington Post | September 22, 2020

The pandemic proves we all should know ‘psychological first aid.’ Here are the basics.

George Everly is quoted. 

WBAL | September 21, 2020

Indoor dining capacity expands at restaurants, but patrons prefer outdoors [Video]

Chris Beyerer is featured.

USA Today | September 21, 2020

Is 6 feet enough? CDC walks back its walkback on airborne transmission of COVID-19

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

ABC News | September 17, 2020

How to stay safe when hitting the polls this election season

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

Associated Press | September 17, 2020

Gulf between White House’s words, Trump’s actions on masks

Tom Inglesby is quoted.

The New York Times | September 16, 2020

Party Selfies and Hazmat Suits: How N.Y.’s Worst Campus Outbreak Unfolded

Anita Cicero is quoted.

National Geographic | September 16, 2020

To find a vaccine for COVID-19, will we have to deliberately infect people? [Paywall]

Jeffrey Khan is quoted.

WYPR | September 15, 2020

The Daily Dose [Radio]

Laura Murray is interviewed. 

The New York Times | September 14, 2020

Political Appointees Meddled in C.D.C.’s ‘Holiest of the Holy’ Health Reports

Josh Sharfstein is quoted. 

NPR | September 14, 2020

General Public Won't Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Until Mid To Late 2021, Doctor Predicts [Radio]

William Moss is interviewed. 

STAT | September 11, 2020

The ethics of pausing a vaccine trial in the midst of a pandemic: a conversation with Ruth Faden

Ruth Faden is quoted. 

Associated Press | September 10, 2020

Return of football renews fears over more virus spread

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

The Wall Street Journal | September 10, 2020

Several Covid-19 Vaccines Could Join Winner’s Circle

Eric Toner is quoted.

Time | September 10, 2020

COVID-19 Has Killed Nearly 200,000 Americans. How Many More Lives Will Be Lost Before the U.S. Gets It Right?

Colleen Barry is quoted. 

C-SPAN  | September 10, 2020

Dr. William Moss on COVID-19 Vaccine Development  [Video]

William Moss is featured.  

Fox5 News | September 9, 2020

What is behind health disparities [Video]

Lisa Cooper is featured.

The Atlantic | September 9, 2020

America Is Trapped in a Pandemic Spiral

Monica Schoch-Spana is quoted.

CNN | September 8, 2020

Experts predicted a coronavirus pandemic years ago. Now it's playing out before our eyes

Monica Schoch-Spana is quoted.

The New Yorker | September 7, 2020

Who Gets to Vote in Florida?

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

Newsy | Spetember 7, 2020

Tourism Industry Shows Slight Improvements Over Labor Day Weekend [Video]

Jennifer Nuzzo is featured.

Politico | September 5, 2020

Colleges’ dilemma: Fight outbreaks or send sick kids home

Tom Inglesby is quoted.

The New York Times | Sepetmeber 4, 2020

Russians Publish Early Coronavirus Vaccine Results

Naor Bar-Zeev is quoted.

The Associated Press | September 2, 2020

Health officials worry nation not ready for COVID-19 vaccine

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

MSNBC - MTP Daily | September 2, 2020

Labor Day could see virus spikes, similar to Memorial Day and the July Fourth [Video]

Tom Inglesby is featured

USA Today | September 1, 2020

Fact check: CDC's data on COVID-19 deaths used incorrectly in misleading claims

Justin Lessler is quoted.

The New York Times | September 1, 2020

These Scientists Are Giving Themselves D.I.Y. Coronavirus Vaccines

Jeffrey Kahn is quoted.

Salon | August 31, 2020

Why the “6%” meme stating COVID-19 deaths are exaggerated is wrong

Alfred Sommer and Justin Lessler are quoted. 

NBC News | August 31, 2020

Coronavirus missteps from CDC and FDA worry health experts

David Dowdy is quoted.

The Washington Post | August 29, 2020

Months into the pandemic, still no easy answers on coronavirus testing

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

USA Today | August 28, 2020

Trump's RNC speech lacked some coronavirus safeguards. That might have been the point

Shelley Hearne is quoted. 

The New York Times | August 28, 2020

Top U.S. Officials Told C.D.C. to Soften Coronavirus Testing Guidelines

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The Baltimore Sun | August 28, 2020

Mental health of young adults and those with no previous issues is suffering during pandemic, Hopkins experts say

Elizabeth Stuartand Johannes Thrul are quoted.

Fox News | August 27, 2020

The Story with Martha MacCallum [Paywall] [Video]

Gigi Gronvall is featured at the 20:43 mark.

The New York Times | August 26, 2020

Why Does the Coronavirus Hit Men Harder? A New Clue

Sabra Klein is quoted.

The TODAY Show

How your zip code affects your health as a Black woman

Lisa Cooper is quoted.

USA Today | August 25, 2020

COVID-19 tracking apps, supported by Apple and Google, begin showing up in app stores

Emily Gurley is quoted. 

The Washington Post | August 25, 2020

The FDA must stand up for itself and for science, not politics [Opinion]

Josh Sharfstein coauthored the piece.

ABC News | August 24, 2020

Between COVID-19 and shootings, a question emerges: What to do with classroom doors?

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

The Washington Post | August 23, 2020

Trump touts FDA’s emergency authorization of convalescent plasma as historic breakthrough, but scientists are doubtful

Arturo Casadevall is featured

NPR | August 22, 2020

Rural Hospitals Are Sinking Under COVID-19 Financial Pressures

Ge Bai is quoted. 

Axios | August 20, 2020

What's needed to prevent a COVID-flu nightmare

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

CNN | August 20, 2020

These variables affect whether you live, die or get help during the pandemic

Lisa Cooper is quoted.

NPR | August 20, 2020

How To Tell A Real COVID-19 Contact Tracer's Call From A Scammer's

Crystal Watson is quoted.

CNBC | August 19, 2020

Scientists warn it may be years before students can return to school without masks, social distancing

Daniel Salmon is quoted.

WBAL | August 19, 2020

Test allows swabbing for coronavirus on surfaces, designed to help determine risks [Video]

Andy Pekosz is featured.

The Washington Post | August 18, 2020

Cellphone apps designed to track covid-19 spread struggle worldwide amid privacy concerns

Jeffrey Kahn and Alain Labrique are quoted.

The Huffington Post | August 17, 2020

What Should We Still Be Cleaning And Disinfecting To Prevent COVID-19?

David Dowdy is quoted.

NBC News | August 17, 2020

COVID-19 spikes in South Africa, Melbourne offer America clues ahead of winter 2020

Jennifer Nuzzo and Matthew Shearer are quoted.

CNN | August 17, 2020

Researchers hope this old-fashioned treatment will work for coronavirus

Arturo Casadevall is quoted.

ProPlublica | August 17, 2020

Near Misses at UNC Chapel Hill's High Security Lab Illustrate Risk of Accidents with Coronaviruses

Gigi Gronvall is quoted.

Fortune | August 13, 2020

Hospitals want to reduce racial and socioeconomic disparities in health. Let’s start measuring their progress [Opinion]

Josh Sharfstein and Rachel Thornton coauthored the piece.

CNN | August 13, 2020

More than half of Mumbai's slum residents might have had Covid-19. Here's why herd immunity could still be a long way off

David Dowdy is quoted.

The TODAY Show | August 12, 2020

TODAY All Day town hall discussion on coronavirus and the classroom

Jennifer Nuzzo is featured at the 6:50 mark.

Baltimore Magazine | August 2020

The Two Pandemics

Lisa Cooper is featured.

The New York Times | August 11, 2020

‘This Is All Beyond Stupid.’ Experts Worry About Russia’s Rushed Vaccine

Daniel Salmon is quoted.

Associated Press | August 11, 2020

Health officials are quitting or getting fired amid outbreak

Tom Inglesby is quoted. 

The New Yorker | August 10, 2020

Rural Hospitals Are Sinking Under COVID-19 Financial Pressures

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted. 

Meet the Press | August 9, 2020

Full Inglesby: 'I don't think we're doomed to this fate' [Video]

Tom Inglesby is featured.

NBC Nightly News | August 9, 2020

How Hard-Hit Navajo Nation Is Flattening Its Coronavirus Curve [Video]

Laura Hammitt is featured at the 1:00 mark. 

The New Yorker | August 7, 2020

How Did I Catch the Coronavirus?

Emily Gurley, Justin Lessler and Crystal Watson are quoted.

The TODAY Show | August 6, 2020

Should I get the flu shot early this year?

Justin Lessler is quoted.

The Boston Globe | August 6, 2020

As bad as the spread of the coronavirus is, there’s reason to believe it will get worse [Opinion] [Paywall]

Jennifer Nuzzo authored the piece. 

The Wall Street Journal | August 5, 2020

Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Have a Problem: Minority Groups Don’t Trust Them

Kawsar Talaat is quoted.

NBC News | August 4, 2020

NIH launches clinical trials for COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatment

Gigi Gronvall is quoted.

STAT | August 4, 2020

The DRC needs an Ebola survivor program to truly quell its outbreak [Opinion]

Tolbert Nyenswah authored the piece. 

NBC News | August 3, 2020

'Hit us at our core': Vulnerable Navajo Nation fears a second COVID-19 wave

Laura Hammitt is quoted. 

The Los Angeles Times | August 3, 2020

How scientists revived an old-school treatment for a 21st century pandemic

Arturo Casadevall is quoted. 

The Atlantic | August 3, 2020

How the Pandemic Defeated America

Caitlin Rivers and Sarah Dalglish are quoted. 

Politico | August 3, 2020

U.S. lacks plan for getting vaccine to communities of color devastated by virus

Monica Schoch-Spana is quoted.

The New York Times | July 30, 2020

Native Americans Feel Devastated by the Virus Yet Overlooked in the Data

Allison Barlow is quoted.

NPR | July 28, 2020

Pandemic is Overwhelming U.S. Public Health Capacity in Many States. What Now?

Jennifer Nuzzo and Caitlin Rivers are quoted.

The Telegraph | July 26, 2020

Risk, Uncertainty, and Fear of Failure: Why Scientists Aren't Celebrating a Coronavirus Vaccine Yet

Naor Bar-Zeev is quoted.

The New York Times | July 25, 2020

Your Used Mask Needs to Make It to the Trash Can

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

The Atlantic | July 24, 2020

A Vaccine Reality Check

Ruth Karron is quoted.

The Hill | July 21, 2020

Are we prepared for the next health crisis? Maybe [Opinion]

Ellen MacKenzie and Shelley Hearne coauthored the piece.

MSNBC | July 16, 2020

The Coronavirus Crisis [Paywall]

Josh Sharfstein is interviewed at the 20:46 mark.

Navajo Times  | July 16, 2020

Johns Hopkins: ‘This virus is not going away’

Laura Hammitt is quoted.

PBS News Hour | July 16, 2020

How COVID-19 is highlighting racial disparities in Americans’ health

Lisa Cooper is featured.

Baltimore Sun | July 15, 2020

Experts alarmed by coronavirus surge among young adults in Maryland. Some are saying bars should be closed.

Tom Inglesby and Josh Sharfstein are quoted.

The New York Times | July 15, 2020

Citing Educational Risks, Scientific Panel Urges That Schools Reopen [Paywall]

Caitlin Rivers and Jennifer Nuzzo are quoted.

The Washington Post | July 14, 2020

Global surge in coronavirus cases is being fed by the developing world — and the U.S. [Paywall]

Alain Labrique is quoted.

The New York Times Magazine  | July 14, 2020

Why We're Losing the Battle With COVID-19

Shelley Hearne is quoted. 

Fox News | July 12, 2020

How to Fix the COVID-19 Dumpster Fire in the U.S.

Amesh Adalja, Crystal WatsonTom Inglesby and Caitlin Rivers are quoted.

Fox News | July 12, 2020

Infectious Disease Expert on U.S. Response to New Surge of Coronavirus Cases

Tom Inglesby is featured.

The New York Times | July 11, 2020

How to Reopen Schools: What Science and Other Countries Teach Us

Josh Sharfstein is quoted.

The Washington Post | July 10, 2020

The College Football Season is in Trouble

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

CBS This Morning | July 10, 2020

Coronavirus Gender Gap: Scientists Try to Explain Why Men Are Much More Likely to Die of COVID-19

Sabra Klein is featured.

The Baltimore Sun | July 9, 2020

Maryland's Prince George's County is Among the Nation's Wealthiest Black Communities, But it Leads State in Coronavirus Cases

Tanjala Purnell is quoted.

BBC Radio | July 9, 2020

Why Are COVID Cases Dramatically Increasing in Some U.S. States Where Rates Had Been Low?

Josh Sharfstein is interviewed.

Sports Illustrated | July 9, 2020

'We're Definitely Heading the Wrong Way': As Virus Cases Spike, Hurdles to a College Football Season Mount

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

The Washington Post | July 9, 2020

CDC Feels Pressure from Trump as Rift Grows Over Coronavirus Response

Tom Inglesby is quoted.

PBS | July 8, 2020

Why is the U.S. Struggling to Test Everyone Who Needs It?

Jennifer Nuzzo is featured.

The Atlantic | July 7, 2020

The Pandemic Experts Are Not Okay

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

Politico | July 7, 2020

How the White House Can Build Public Trust and End the Coronavirus Crisis

Tom Inglesby is quoted.

The New York Times | July 5, 2020

The Fullest Look Yet at the Racial Inequality of Coronavirus

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

Nepali Times | July 4, 2020

The Long Journey Back to Nepal

Seema Subedi coauthored the piece.

The New York Times | July 3, 2020

Coronavirus Cases in U.S. are Rising, Even as Death Rates Trend Down

Caitlin Rivers is featured.

The New York Times | July 1, 2020

Focus on Opening Schools, Not Bars [Paywall]

Jennifer Nuzzo and Josh Sharfstein co-wrote the op-ed.

NBC News | June 30, 2020

‘We are getting clobbered’: Six months into COVID-19, doctors fear what comes next

Crystal Watson is quoted.

NPR | June 29, 2020

‘I Will Kill You’: Health Care Workers Face Rising Attacks Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Leonard Rubenstein is quoted.

Associated Press | June 28, 2020

Experts see no proof of child-abuse surge amid pandemic

Elizabeth Letourneau is featured.

CNN | June 27, 2020

Science by press release: When the story gets ahead of the science

Kate Grabowski is quoted.

The Atlantic | June 25, 2020

The School Reopeners Think America Is Forgetting About Kids

Jennifer Nuzzo and Josh Sharfstein are quoted.

Reuters | June 23, 2020

What is a second wave of a pandemic, and has it arrived in the U.S.?

Eric Toner is quoted.

The Washington Post | June 22, 2020

Perspective | No, more testing doesn’t explain the rise of covid-19 cases in the U.S.

Jennifer Nuzzo wrote the piece.

The Baltimore Sun | June 21, 2020

Some people think face masks are dangerous. Can that be true?

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

The New York Times | June 21, 2020

The Pandemic’s Mental Toll: More Ripple Than Tsunami

Emma Beth McGinty is quoted.

USA Today | June 21, 2020

‘There’s no such thing as safe’: How to lessen the risk of summer activities amid COVID-19

Caitlin Rivers is quoted. 

The New York Times | June 21, 2020

N.Y.C. Hired 3,000 Workers for Contact Tracing. It’s Off to a Slow Start.

Crystal Watson is quoted. 

The Washington Post | June 21, 2020

Democrats, public health experts decry Trump for saying he asked officials to slow down coronavirus testing

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

STAT | June 17, 2020

Rising Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations underscore the long road ahead

Tom Inglesby is quoted.

NPR | June 17, 2020

New Coronavirus Outbreaks: Is It The 2nd Wave?

Amesh Adalja is interviewed. 

STAT News | June 12, 2020

Dearth of disability-related COVID-19 data can confound response efforts

Bonnielin Swenor wrote the article. 

The New Yorker | June 12, 2020

Can Coronavirus Contact Tracing Survive Reopening?

Crystal Watson and Tolbert Nyenswah are quoted. 

The Today Show | June 12, 2020

Contact tracing: Epidemiologist explains how it prevents coronavirus spread

Emily Gurley is interviewed. 

C-Span | June 12, 2020

Dr. Robert Bollinger on the Coronavirus Pandemic [Video]

Robert Bollinger is interviewed. 

The Washington Post | June 11, 2020

Political and health leaders' embrace of Floyd protests fuels debate over coronavirus restrictions

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

CNN | June 11, 2020

Moderna, Johnson & Johnson advance human vaccine trials in U.S. [Video]

Bill Moss is interviewed. 

VOA News | June 11, 2020

Coronavirus Poses Leadership Test for Africa's Heads of State

Tolbert Nyenswah is quoted. 

CNN | June 11, 2020

12 states see rising COVID-19 hospitalizations as Arizona asks hospitals to activate emergency plans

Hemalkumar Mehta is quoted. 

The Baltimore Sun | June 10, 2020

Maryland coronavirus hospitalizations reach two-week streak of declines as health experts warn lawmakers of potential surge in cases

Sherita Hill is quoted. 

The Baltimore Sun | June 10, 2020

Maryland coronavirus hospitalizations reach two-week streak of declines as health experts warn lawmakers of potential surge in cases

Sherita Hill is quoted. 

The Washington Post | June 10, 2020

Hogan announces wave of reopenings, including day cares and gyms, as region lifts more restrictions

Caitlin Rivers and Joshua Sharfstein are quoted. 

The Washington Post | June 9, 2020

Are asymptomatic people spreading the coronavirus? A WHO official's words spark confusion, debate

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted. 

The Washington Times | June 8, 2020

Coronavirus gives scientists a frustrating puzzle

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

Vox | June 8, 2020

These 7 countries have the most worrying COVID-19 outbreaks

Chris Beyerer and David Celentano are quoted. 

The Washington Post | June 8, 2020

Shutdowns prevented 60 million coronavirus infections in the U.S., study finds

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted. 

The New York Times | June 6, 2020

How to Have Friends Over

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted. 

STAT | June 5, 2020

How the world can avoid screwing up the response to COVID-19 again

Amesh Adalja and Caitlin Rivers are quoted. 

US News & World Report | June 3, 2020

A Hazardous Moment for Black Health

Lisa Cooper is quoted. 

Reuters | June 1, 2020

U.S. Health Experts, Officials Warn Protests May Add to Virus Spread

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

The New York Times | June 1, 2020

Is America's Pandemic Waning or Raging? Yes

Tom Inglesby is quoted. 

Bloomberg News | June 1, 2020

Coronavirus, Kids, and Reopening Schools

Josh Sharfstein is interviewed. 

C-SPAN | May 30, 2020

Dr. Caleb Alexander on COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Addiction

Caleb Alexander is interviewed. 

Bloomberg News | May 29, 2020

Antibody Tests Don't Tell if Protected from Reinfection: Johns Hopkins

Andrew Pekosz is interviewed. 

STAT News | May 29, 2020

Contact tracing could help avoid another lockdown. Can it work in the US?

Crystal Watson and Emily Gurley are quoted. 

The Washington Post | May 28, 2020

As restaurants reopen, here's what you should know about air conditioning, air flow and the coronavirus

Amesh Adalja is quoted. 

Politico | May 28, 2020

What is safe to do during the pandemic?

Elizabeth Stuart is quoted and 14 other JHSPH experts are included on the panel. 

NPR | May 27, 2020

In The Battle Against COVID-19, A Risk of 'Vaccine Nationalism'

Nancy Kass is quoted.

The Chicago Tribune | May 26, 2020

Officials see signs COVID-19 is contained at Cook County Jail, while experts caution measures need to remain in place

Chris Beyrer is quoted.

Reuters | May 26, 2020

Mexican coronavirus probe finds dozens of unlicensed retirement homes

Antonio Trujillo is quoted.

The New York Times | May 22, 2020

Will the Pandemic Lead to Outbreaks of Other Maladies? [Opinion]

Anita Shet wrote the op-ed.

The New York Times | May 22, 2020

Trump Suggests Virus Death Count Is Inflated. Most Experts Doubt It. 

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

The Baltimore Sun | May 22, 2020

Controlling coronavirus cases will take effort, cooperation as states reopen, Johns Hopkins and MIT experts say

Tom Inglesby and Crystal Watson are quoted.

The Wall Street Journal | May 22, 2020

What It Takes to Become a Contact Tracer on the Trail of the Coronavirus

Joshua Sharfstein is quoted.

CNBC | May 20, 2020

States are hiring thousands of coronavirus contact tracers—here's what to know about the job

Emily Gurley is quoted.

The Washington Post | May 20, 2020

In some nations, government isolation centers helped reduce coronavirus infections. The US has resisted the strategy. 

Eric Toner is quoted.

The Atlantic | May 20, 2020

America's Patchwork Pandemic is Fraying Even Further

Justin Lessler, Caitlin Rivers, and Crystal Watson are quoted.

The Seattle Times | May 20, 2020

Why you might now get a phone call to tell you you've been exposed to the coronavirus

Graham Moody is quoted.

The New York Times | May 18, 2020

Where Chronic Health Conditions and Coronavirus Collide

Caitlin Rivers is quoted.

The Washington Post | May 18, 2020

Moderna's coronavirus vaccine shows encouraging early results

Daniel Salmon is quoted.

USA Today | May 18, 2020

3 reasons coronavirus testing is not a magic wand for businesses looking to reopen safely

Josh Sharfstein co-wrote the op-ed.

CBS News | May 15, 2020

What is a coronavirus "super spreading" event?

Justin Lessler is quoted.

WIRED | May 15, 2020

I Enrolled in a Coronavirus Contact Tracing Academy

Emily Gurley is quoted.

NBC News | May 14, 2020

Can herd immunity help stop the coronavirus? Experts warn it's not that easy. 

David Dowdy is quoted.

ABC News | May 14, 2020

How social media undermined the COVID-19 response

Rupali Limaye is quoted.

PBS | May 14, 2020

How to ease the stressors of living in a multigenerational household during the pandemic.

Monica Schoch-Spana is quoted.   

ABC News | May 14, 2020

How social media undermined the COVID-19 response

Rupali Limaye is quoted.   

The Washington Post | May 12, 2020

This course will train an army of contact tracers. You can take it, too. 

The Bloomberg School is featured.   

The Wall Street Journal | May 12, 2020

Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.? Hint: It Isn't COVID-19 [Paywall]

Keri Althoff is quoted.   

The New York Times | May 9, 2020

Taiwan's Weapon Against Coronavirus: An Epidemiologist as Vice President

Chen Chien-jen is an alum of the School.   

The Wall Street Journal | May 8, 2020

COVID-19 Raises Questions About the Value of Personalized Medicine [Paywall]

Arturo Casadevall is featured.   

Axios | May 7, 2020

U.S. still has a gun violence problem despite coronavirus lockdowns

Daniel Webster is quoted.   

CBS News | May 7, 2020

Finding coronavirus' patient zero; and a guilty bat

Chris Beyrer is quoted.   

The Hill | May 6, 2020

What we can learn from the First Peoples of the United States in the era of COVID-19

Allison Barlow and Laura Hammitt co-authored the op-ed.  

WBAL | May 6, 2020

Maryland pediatricians worry as parents cancel child checkups, vaccinations

William Moss is quoted.  

Rolling Stone | May 5, 2020

COVID-19 Is Traumatizing All of Us. How Will We Cope After It's Over?

Monica Schoch-Spana is quoted.   

CNN | May 3, 2020

How to talk to your neighbors about social distancing

Monica Schoch-Spana is quoted.  

Washington Post | May 2, 2020

Boom-and-bust federal funding after 9/11 undercut hospitals' preparedness for pandemics

Eric Toner is quoted. 

Bloomberg News | May 1, 2020

COVID-19: Johns Hopkins Sees 'Great Hope' in Antibodies Research

Andy Pekosz is featured. 

WTOP News | April 30, 2020

Researchers from Johns Hopkins say contact tracing crucial for safely reopening states

Emily Gurley and Crystal Watson are mentioned. 

Business Insider | April 30, 2020

Should gyms, stores, and restaurants ban air-conditioning?

Ana María Rule is quoted.

FiveThirtyEight | April 30, 2020

Why Are More Men Than Women Dying of COVID-19?

Sabra Klein is featured.

The Atlantic | April 29, 2020

Why the Coronavirus is so Confusing

Tom Inglesby is mentioned.

Baltimore Sun | April 28, 2020

Baltimore should close some streets for walking, biking during pandemic

Keshia Pollack Porter and MPH student Eli Pousson co-wrote the Op-Ed.

C-Span | April 28, 2020

Tolbert Nyenswah on Contact Tracing and the COVID-19 Pandemic [Video]

Tolbert Nyenswah is interviewed.

The New York Times | April 25, 2020

Here's How You Can Change Lives in a Pandemic

The Center for American Indian Health was one of five organizations chosen to be part of "Nick Kristof's C-9 Impact Initiative"

The Guardian | April 25, 2020

Why is coronavirus taking such a deadly toll on black Americans?

Lisa Cooper is quoted. 

Stat News | April 25, 2020

The success of a COVID-19 vaccine will hinge on its delivery

Lois Privor-Dumm, Naor Bar-Zeev, and Maria Deloria Knoll wrote the article.

Baltimore Sun | April 24, 2020

Maryland Gov. Hogan outlines three-stage plan to reopen businesses when coronavirus abates

Tom Inglesby is quoted.

Fox45 News | April 24, 2020

Local doctors working on a cure or treatment for COVID-19 [Baltimore]

Anthony Leung is featured.

USA Today | April 24, 2020

Where can I get a COVID-19 antibody test and is it reliable? Here's everything you need to know. 

Tolbert Nyenswah is featured.

Associated Press | April 22, 2020

Cuomo outlines plans for 'tracing army' to tame outbreak

The Bloomberg School is mentioned.

USA Today | April 22, 2020

The other COVID-19 risk factors: How race, income, ZIP code can influence life and death

Otis Brawley is quoted.

New York Magazine | April 22, 2020

Medical Workers' Looming Mental-Health Crisis

Albert Wu is quoted.

CNN Business | April 21, 2020

It's foolish to worry about privacy when data can help fight coronavirus

Alain Labrique wrote the piece.

New York Times | April 21, 2020

How Scientists Could Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Starts

Amesh Adalja is quoted

The TODAY Show | April 20, 2020

Coronavirus batters the Navajo Nation, and it's about to get worse

Allison Barlow is quoted

The Hill | April 17, 2020

Johns Hopkins has a new map breaking down coronavirus statistics by race

Lisa Cooper is quoted. 

AARP | April 17, 2020

Older Adults Are Encouraged to 'Shelter in Place' as States Start to Reopen

Caitlin Rivers is quoted. 

NPR | April 17, 2020

An Epidemiologist Answers What Is Needed to Reopen the Country

Caitlin Rivers is featured. 

The New Yorker | April 16, 2020

What have Epidemiologists Learned About the Coronavirus 

Justin Lessler returns for his second interview. 

Consumer Reports | April 15, 2020

Doctors on the Front Lines are Testing New Therapies to Treat COVID-19

Ruth Karron is quoted. 

Mother Jones | April 15, 2020

Inside One Family's Desperate, Hopeful, Facebook-Fueled Search for Plasma

Arturo Casadevall is quoted. 

Los Angeles Times | April 15, 2020

So much is unknown about the pandemic because the government keeps a lid on it

Jeffrey Kahn quoted. 

The Atlantic | April 14, 2020

Our Pandemic Summer

Caitlin Rivers, Crystal Watson, and Monica Shoch-Spana are quoted. 

USA Today | April 13, 2020

At least 2,300 nursing homes have coronavirus cases—and the reality is likely much worse

Justin Lessler is quoted. 

NPR | April 13, 2020

Contact Tracing Could Be Key to Easing Social Distancing Rules

Crystal Watson is interviewed.

The New Yorker | April 13, 2020

The Quest for a Pandemic Pill

Amesh Adalja is quoted, a report by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security is mentioned

STAT News | April 10, 2020

Searching for an effective COVID-19 treatment: promise and peril

Caleb Alexander co-authored the op-ed. 

WBAL | April 9, 2020

Johns Hopkins experts offer new insight about coronavirus

Caitlin Rivers is quoted. 

VOA News | April 9, 2020

Addressing the needs of vulnerable populations in a pandemic

Paul Spiegel is interviewed. 

The Baltimore Sun | April 8, 2020

When will the coronavirus peak in Maryland? Here's what to know about the predictions

Tom Inglesby is quoted. 

The Washington Post | April 4, 2020

Indian Country, Where Residents Suffer Disproportionately From Disease, is Bracing for Coronavirus [Paywall]

Laura Hammitt is quoted. 

NPR | April 3, 2020

As Jails and Prisons Reduce Populations, Advocates Call on ICE to do the Same [Audio]

Chris Beyrer is featured. 

Scientific American | April 3, 2020

Why the Coronavirus Slipped Past Disease Detectives

Tom Inglesby is quoted. 

The Wall Street Journal | April 1, 2020

Coronavirus Survivors Keep up the Fight, Donate Blood Plasma to Others [Paywall]

Arturo Casadevall is featured. 

The New York Times | March 30, 2020

Testing is Just the Beginning in the Battle Against COVID-19

Josh Sharfstein and Melissa Marx wrote the op-ed.

The Washington Post | March 27, 2020

Those Covid-19 Death Figures are Incomplete [Paywall]

Keri Althoff is quoted. 

Washington Post | March 27, 2020

Blood from people who recover from coronavirus could provide a treatment

Arturo Casadevall is mentioned.

The Hill | March 26, 2020

From opioids to coronavirus—Medicaid is a crisis response program

Brendan Saloner co-wrote the op-ed.

The Atlantic | March 25, 2020

How the Pandemic Will End

Lauren SauerTom Inglesby, and Monica Schoch-Spana are quoted.

The Baltimore Sun | March 25, 2020

Meet the seven people who are helping Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan make coronavirus decisions

Tom Inglesby is featured.

NBC News | March 23, 2020

New York will be first state to test treatment of coronavirus with blood from recovered patients. 

Arturo Casadevall is quoted.

USA Today | March 21, 2020

Coronavirus can live on surfaces for days. But it can't travel through the mail, experts say. 

Amesh Adalja is quoted.

USA Today | March 19, 2020

4 reasons America needs a new coronavirus crisis insurance program based on Medicare

Joshua SharfsteinJennifer Nuzzo, and Gerard Anderson wrote the op-ed.

The Washington Post | March 18, 2020

This is the nightmare scenario facing U.S. hospitals

Tom Inglesby and Eric Toner are featured.

FOX News | March 18, 2020

Jennifer Nuzzo & Tara Kirk Sell: Here’s how to help protect elderly from coronavirus

Jennifer Nuzzo and Tara Kirk Sell wrote the op-ed.

USA Today | March 17, 2020

To protect inmates and the nation from COVID-19, release offenders who pose no threat

Brendan Saloner and Sachini Bandara wrote the op-ed.

Forbes | March 15, 2020

How Bad Will the COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic Get in the U.S.? Health Experts weigh in.

Tom Inglesby, Rupali Limaye, and Andy Pekosz are quoted.

USA Today | March 16, 2020

Schools close to contain coronavirus. Will it work? Depends on what we do with our kids.

Elizabeth Stuart, Keri Althoff, Justin Lessler and Craig Pollack wrote the op-ed.

NBC News | March 13, 2020

Doctors push for treatment of coronavirus with blood from recovered patients

Arturo Casadevall is featured.

Washington Post | March 12, 2020

Coronavirus will linger after the pandemic ends. But it won't be as bad.

Justin Lessler wrote the piece.

The New York Times | March 11, 2020

Please, Listen to Experts About the Coronavirus. Then Step Up.

Caitlin Rivers and Tom Inglesby are featured.

CBS News | March 10, 2020

Does vaping make you more susceptible to coronavirus?

Joanna Cohen is quoted.

PBS | March 10, 2020

How effective are U.S. communications around coronavirus?

Josh Sharfstein is quoted.

Associated Press | March 10, 2020

AP Fact Check: Trump’s Rosy Take on Govt’s Handling of Virus

Jennifer Nuzzo is quoted.

WBAL | March 8, 2020

Protecting Yourself from Coronavirus

Emily Gurley is interviewed

The Hill | March 8, 2020

From Ebola to COVID–19—The Importance of Trust in Authorities and Disease Response

Tolbert Nyenswah is quoted

Globe and Mail | March 8, 2020

How Can We Prepare for Coronavirus? Learn from Liberia’s Experience with Ebola

Op-ed co-authored by Tolbert Nyenswah  

60 Minutes | March 8, 2020

COVID–19 Coronavirus: How U.S. hospitals are preparing, and what leading health officials say about the virus

Tom Inglesby of the Center for Health Security is featured

New York Times | March 7, 2020

Anyone Who Wants a Coronavirus Test Can Have One, Trump Says. Not Quite, Says His Administration

Josh Sharfstein is quoted

C-SPAN | March 6, 2020

Johns Hopkins Experts Provide Coronavirus Briefing for Capitol Hill Officials in Washington, D.C.

Tom Inglesby of the Center for Health Security is featured

FOX News | March 5, 2020

Drs. Amesh Adalja and Jennifer Nuzzo: End Coronavirus Health Worker Quarantines

New York Times | March 2, 2020

How to Confront the Coronavirus at Every Level

Op-ed by Tom Inglesby and Anita Cicero

Wall Street Journal | February 27, 2020

How a Boy’s Blood Stopped an Outbreak: A School Physician’s Approach to Measles in 1934 has Lessons for the Coronavirus [Paywall]

Op-ed by Arturo Casadevall