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In Summer Institutes and Summer Term AY 21–22, courses with section .01 and .11 will be taught virtually (synchronously online, typically via Zoom).

For the 1st and 2nd terms, the School is expecting to primarily offer onsite courses (section .01) and traditional online courses (.81). However, according to the Johns Hopkins University Guidance, onsite courses with expected enrollment above 50 will be primarily taught virtually (i.e., synchronously online, typically via Zoom); these courses will have a section number of .71.

Some onsite courses, however, will be taught in a hybrid modality – both onsite and remote concurrently at the same time. These hybrid courses will be identified by the two section numbers for the same course – .01 for the onsite and .41 for the remote online. To account for limited classroom capacity and technology setup for remote teaching, students must register for the appropriate section (either .01 or .41). In CoursePlus, students in the remote section .41 will be merged into the onsite section (.01).

Courses with section number .81 and .71 (mentioned above) can be registered now (via SIS). Courses with section .01 and .41 will be open for registration at the latest by June 21.

Given fluctuations in enrollment numbers and room availability, course modality may be changed prior to the beginning of the terms. Students are advised to review course modality prior to the start of the term. Add period extends one week into the term; drop period extends 2 weeks into the term.

Last modified June 3, 2021



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