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The SAS Statistical Package: a Survey for Statisticians

East Baltimore
3rd term
3 credits
Academic Year:
2021 - 2022
Instruction Method:
Synchronous Online with Some Asynchronous Online
Class Times:
  • Tu Th,  1:30 - 2:50pm
Auditors Allowed:
Yes, with instructor consent
Grading Restriction:
Letter Grade or Pass/Fail
Course Instructor:
Aidan McDermott

140.651 or 140.652


Introduces students to the SAS statistical package using the SAS Studio interface. Using examples of public health data students learn to write programs to summarize data and to perform statistical analyses. Using the interactive matrix language introduces computation within a matrix environment and the development of modular programming techniques.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Write and execute programs using SAS syntax
  2. Read and transform data in preparation for statistical analysis
  3. Create tabular and graphical displays of data
  4. Perform simple statistical analyses such as linear regression
  5. Utilize the SAS matrix language to perform matrix computations
  6. Employ optimization procedures and functions to maximize simple likelihoods
Methods of Assessment:

This course is evaluated as follows:

  • 5% Participation
  • 80% In-class Exercises
  • 15% Problem sets

Instructor Consent:

Consent required for all students

Consent Note:

All students must obtain consent

For consent, contact: