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Spatial Analysis Lab 1

4th term
Online Programs for Applied Learning
2 credits
Academic Year:
2019 - 2020
Auditors Allowed:
Grading Restriction:
Course Instructor s:
Timothy Shields

Spatial Analysis for Public Health (601.731.86), Spatial Data Technologies for Mapping (601.732.86), Introduction to Epidemiology (600.701.86). Prior or concurrent enrollment in Public Health Statistics 1 (600.711.86).


Expands on GIS concepts and skills previously learned with more hands-on practice with epidemiological applications. Focuses on translating an epidemiological problem or getting into a set of spatial objectives that align with our spatial science paradigm. Surveys and summarizes the literature on spatial applications in public health. Prepares students to design a protocol to help identify a public health problem and accompanying data for their MAS Integrative Activity.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Perform a GIS based analysis appropriate for investigating a specific epidemiological research question
  2. Communicate the limitations of a GIS based analysis in both epidemiological and biostatistical terms
  3. Summarize the literature to gain an understanding of the wide-ranging use of spatial science in public health applications
  4. Design a protocol for identifying potential projects to be used for their MAS Integrative Activity
Methods of Assessment:

GIS problem sets: 40%; Journal reviews: 40%; Integrative activity protocol: 20%

Enrollment Restriction:

Restricted to students enrolled in the MAS in Spatial Analysis Program

Instructor Consent:

No consent required