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Critiquing the Research Literature in Maternal, Neonatal, and Reproductive Health

East Baltimore
2nd term
Population, Family and Reproductive Health
4 credits
Academic Year:
2019 - 2020
Instruction Method:
Class Times:
  • Tu Th,  8:30 - 10:20am
Auditors Allowed:
Undergrads Allowed:
Grading Restriction:
Letter Grade or Pass/Fail
Course Instructor:
Donna Strobino

Discusses the sources of data and analytic and conceptual basis for methodological approaches to the study of maternal, neonatal, and reproductive health. Critically evaluates selected research articles in maternal, neonatal, and reproductive health.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the usefulness and limitations of data from routinely collected records and major national surveys for studying maternal, neonatal and reproductive health
  2. Use the analytic and conceptual basis of various methodological approaches for studying pregnancy, maternal, newborn, and reproductive health as a guide to evaluating research
  3. Evaluate measures of pregnancy, maternal, newborn, and reproductive health
  4. Evaluate measures of social and biological factors and their relation to maternal, newborn, and reproductive health
  5. Critically evaluate studies related to maternal, newborn and reproductive health and identify valid inferences from the studies
Methods of Assessment:

Student evaluation based on oral presentations and written summaries and critiques of research articles and class participation.

Enrollment Restriction:

Undergraduates must obtain instructor consent.

Instructor Consent:

Consent required for all students

Consent Note:

Instructor consent needed for all students

For consent, contact: