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315.700.81 Health Information Systems: Design to Deployment

Health Policy and Management
3rd term
3 credits
Academic Year:
2019 - 2020
Auditors Allowed:
Grading Restriction:
Letter Grade or Pass/Fail
Ed Bunker
Course Instructor :

Introduction to Online Learning and 315.707.81


Reviews health information systems, such as patient records, patient monitoring, imaging, public health, educational, bioinformatics and scholarly systems. Teaches the core architectures and technologies of these core systems, focusing on commonalities and differences and design.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Define what is meant by an "extensible" EHR system
  2. Discuss how high-performing health care organizations leverage their EHR systems to improve the quality and safety of the care they provide
  3. Demonstrate the use of graphical and narrative techniques such as flow charts, state diagrams, and case descriptions
  4. Apply comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) systems in complex clinical settings
  5. Enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of best-of-breed vs. integrated EHR systems and explain why best-of-breed EHR systems do not work well across the continuum of care in large or complex health care organizations
Methods of Assessment:

Student Evaluation is based on homework assignments, final examination and participation in live-talks.

Instructor Consent:

No consent required

Special Comments:

This is the same course as SOM 600.900