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221.702.11 Introduction to Gender Analysis Within Health Systems Research in Lmic Settings


International Health
Summer Inst. term
2 credits
Academic Year:
2019 - 2020
East Baltimore
Auditors Allowed:
Yes, with instructor consent
Grading Restriction:
Letter Grade or Pass/Fail
Rosemary Morgan
Course Instructor :

Interested in learning how to incorporate gender analysis into your health systems research?

Health systems are not gender neutral and gender analysis is increasingly becoming an important requirement of health systems research (HSR). Gender analysis in HSR entails seeking to understand gender power relations and norms and their implications in health systems – learn practical ways in which you can incorporate gender analysis into your HSR.

Introduces gender analysis as an integral part of health systems research (HSR). Focuses on training students on how to incorporate gender analysis into HSR in LMIC settings. Explores how gender analysis can be incorporated into: (1) HSR content, i.e. the substantive focus of HSR – through the use of sex disaggregated data, gender frameworks and gender analysis questions; (2) HSR process – how HSR itself is imbued by power relations during data collection and analysis; and 3) HSR outcomes – how gender inequities in health systems can be transformed progressively or at least not exacerbated.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Analyze how gender inequities affect health systems and health systems research.
  2. Use gender analysis frameworks within health systems research.
  3. Develop gender analysis questions relevant for health systems research.
  4. Explain how the health systems research process is imbued with gender power relations, and how it can progressively transform gender inequities.
  5. Incorporate gender analysis into their health systems research projects.
Methods of Assessment:

Participation (10%)
Project (90%)
Gender analysis of health systems study (max 5000 words)

Enrollment Restriction:

Summer Institute participants and other JHSPH postgraduates. Students with knowledge or experience of HSR methods, such as participation on a research methods course, or involvement within a HSR project in any capacity.

Instructor Consent:

Consent required for some students

Consent Note:

Students without health systems research knowledge or experience.

For consent, contact: