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330.854.81 A Brief Introduction to Public Health for Mental Health Clinicians


Mental Health
2nd term
1 credit
Academic Year:
2017 - 2018
Auditors Allowed:
Yes, with instructor consent
Grading Restriction:
Ramin Mojtabai
Course Instructor:

Introduction to Online Learning is required prior to participating in any of the School's Internet-based courses.


Introduces social workers, psychiatrists and psychiatric residents and other mental health professionals to public mental health topics that are of most interest to this audience.

Learning Objectives:

Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Discuss basic research designs in epidemiology, including time-space, case control and cohort designs and the main study designs and methods used to investigate genetic epidemiology of mental disorders and recent findings in this area
  2. Discuss the history of evidence-based practice in psychiatry and psychology and distinguish between efficacy and effectiveness studies as well as translational research and dissemination
  3. Describe the origins and the development of the consumer movement in community mental health
  4. Discuss financing of mental health services and the basics of cost analysis and cost-effectiveness, cost-utility and cost-benefit analysis
  5. Describe the phenomenon of drug craving and its relationship to substance disorders
  6. Discuss the theoretic underpinnings of the Integrated-Family Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy as applied to individuals with substance disorders and HIV risk groups
  7. Discuss the history and aims of pharmaco-epidemiology of psychiatric medications and recent developments in prescription of antidepressant medications
Methods of Assessment:

Final paper

Enrollment Restriction:


Instructor Consent:

No consent required